Tuesday, March 13, 2012

【生活点滴】 Hey! Back in Hong Kong from Hainan. :)

Finally back in HK yesterday, and tomorrow I will be going Macau tomorrow. :)

Awesome aunts and uncles and relatives that treat us wonderfully, treat us awesome Dim Sum and Hong Kong cuisine. MY GOSH! HK is HEAVEN!

Hainan is so mad disgusting, long story to tell. :( I only had my best food (Hainanese Chicken and Coffee) from a Petrol Station, which @meatballonline took the pic (like a #boss for me). My aunt and uncle even quarrel with the tourist guide, which you never wanna know. 

Okay, back to HK, Imma very happy. I'm gonna share some snap shots via BB phone. :) 


Meitzeu blogged from HK. ;)


  1. wow, so far away and yet, U r updating!! wow.. ^_^.v..

  2. You really have a good trip huh...:-) have fun and enjoy yourself dear.

  3. I suppose Hong Kong is still the better destination, based on your description and experience.

  4. Thinking of going to Hainan from Shenzhen later on in the year. Worth the trip?

    1. Well~ Hainan is okay, My trip to there is bad because of the local tour we get.