Tuesday, March 20, 2012

【沙巴游】 亚庇 : 菲律宾夜市 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Filipino Night Market

They often say that you never visit KK if you didn't visit KK very own Filipino market. :) 

Previously, I've blogged about Sunday Walk with Filipino Market (The Day version) and this time, it's about the random meet up with KK awesome bloggers by a casual date of three - together with Ah Bing (the handsome food blogger #ahem and #Inoticedthat) and Hayden a.k.a Chan (the Health Conscious Buddy).

- Well Organised Division Stalls of Daily Products -

First of all, I would like to clarify that my prejudgement about the Filipino Market of how it is dirty and dangerous to be visited are all wrong, and do noticed that, no matter where we are, we are suppose to be careful. ;)

A short walking distance from Warisan Square to Filipino Night Market and we arrived there - The well known Filipino Market, it was an eye opener when I personally saw the neat and well organised by local authority namely DBKK, the market has been divided into a few division from Dry Foods, Fruits and Vegetables, Poultry, Barbeque of Seafood and all time favourite by many of you - the Chicken Wings, Stalls of freshly prepared Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles) and more!

And here is some outcomes of our exploration before we had our dinner there : -

- Baby Lobsters and Tiger Prawns -

Gosh! The tiger prawns were HUGE which cost RM10.00 each while in other hand, I can't recall how much was each baby lobster cost. However, I'm sure it is much cheaper we could afford if compared with high class restaurants in town and serving the same quality of taste.

- Barbeque Seafood -

It was hard to imagine when the lady boss told us that, every stick (maybe left one or two) they were selling will be finished before the closing time of the night market each night. No left over for second day... means fresh seafood served daily. :)

- Meet Ah Bing for the first time -

Three words to describe - Gentleman, Funny and Smart.

O_O Wa Lau... your shirt Ah Bing..... -_- I didn't noticed that until I'm describing you here. Luckily you are not standing beside Chan. :D

- Local Delicacies -

- Dried Sea Horse for medication -

It was a random snap after we saw both of the sea horse lying at one of the stall.

- Meet Hayden -

Understandable and nice blogger which you will often find us tagging around in KK with other mutual bloggers/ friends.

- Makan-makan (Eating) Division/ Seats Division -

Have a seat, order your food and eat! Same goes to us, we found a nice breezy space for three of us and did what others have done.

- Bakso (Javanese BeeHun Soup) and Mee Goreng -

Me and Hayden tried Bakso while Ah Bing tried their Fried Noodle. :) Fried noodles smell and tasted good like Indo Mee Goreng, however, it was otherwise for the Bakso that we had. Beef broth taste like normal beef soup with additional beef meatballs and rice vermicelli was not cooked (it was hard to bite). Besides, it was not tasted like the Javanese Bakso that I once had from my dad ex-colleague's wife that consist of various ingredients which were well mixed together. Oh my~

- Cendol and ABC Mango -

Like Ah Bing's said, 3/10 for this one. The dessert stall we sat at was disappointing, we didn't finish it and it reminded me the best juice and ABC I had from Stall No. 6 at Tanjung Aru. :D

- Meet the Gang! -

Nice meet up with both of you! Till we meet again on next exploration! ;) Luckily, my tummy wasn't upset on the next day! :D

So now, check out Hayden's version and the epic version of Ah Bing's (as usual happy go lucky) Filipino Night Market exploration! :D

Location :

Opposite Le Meridien Hotel or simply ask people around, they certainly know about that tourist spot! 

**For more tour inquiries - Please find Tropical Holidays Paradise.


  1. Wow so awesome to be able to meet up with other bloggers and explore new stuff!

    1. Yup! Make sure all of them are trusted before going out too. :)

  2. Very nice place to explore and I am drooling over the grilled seafood. Though I have never been here before but when I head to KK, I don't miss on the seafood for its so much cheaper compared to KL, all the more they are fresh in taste.

    1. hehe :) I make you craving for fresh seafood! haha :D

  3. Welcome back to home sweet home :-). The cendol and ABC really make my mouth watering now hehehe...hope we can meet up too :-)


  4. I m interested of d baby lobster......
    I m planning to visit Sabah... Should I visit tawau or kk?
    Where I could eat really cheap n fresh seafood?

    1. Both places have their own specialties. :)

      Maybe you could ask further questions with THP - http://www.facebook.com/TropicalHolidaysParadiseKK

  5. I always want go there n try their foods cause I am a type who love to go night market like I used to be when study in KL but all my KK prefer going to air-con place to have their meals =="

    By the way, is this a typo error " the Javanese Bakso that I had before from my dad's wife"? Hehehe. Please dun marah me for that

    1. Mana will marah u? You are correcting my typo errors. haha :D

  6. your blog certainly makes me wanna visit KK. Hmmm...this shall be my next target. Been to Sibu...now must go KK

  7. this is such a good outing. exploring something new and been able to mete up with other bloggers. awesome!

  8. the foods make me drool!!! XD I love ur header!

  9. quite fun to be hanging out with the bloggers at a night market ah..
    i've never done that before.. hehe :P

    1. hehe :D It was my first time touring at night. hehe

  10. OMG! those foods are so tempting and delicious by just looking!

  11. OMG....those seafood !!! *drools*

  12. aduh punya besar itu udang..ya dulu time kerja di KK selalu makan saya. mcm setiap minggu akan makan di sana..hehe banyak pilihan itu ikan2..:)

  13. seems like Hayden is always around when any1 comes to KK lol

  14. I'm still gripped by the pic of the dried seahorse!

  15. Wow! A Filipino market in the heart of KK! Wish I could visit that too. Thanks for the virtual tour my dear.

  16. the baby lobster looks huge actually! :) a well-organized market indeed

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