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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who inspire who? Are you the one? It's an answer to seek for.

Hmm... How am I going to start this... :/

Maybe I should I ask, am I INSPIRING to you?

Months after months/ years after years, I have seek my passion with blogging, some how I have found a way to express myself with it and it's a norms that I share memorable exciting moments that people will be happy of. Maybe it is true that I talk to my blog more than people around. 

I do enjoy reading comments by readers who got the clicks of what are my message within words and I felt honoured to have all all of them. :) Thank you. You have taught me something realistic for sure.

However, I often ask myself, why do I blog? Did I inspire others to view things or places from different angle. I wonder.

Inspiring or no, it's arguable.

Tell me what do you think about it by expressing below with words OR click "like" on this post, if I make you happy with previous updates and future while words are undefinable by you. 
Happy Weekend all. :)

Uniting the People - EARTH HOUR 2012 - 8.30PM (M'sia)

Once again, it's another year of Earth Hour.

If tonight I'm at home, I will make sure I switch off the lights at home (of course all the unnecessary one, unless wanna get myself into problem by falling down) -_-. And if I'm out from home, I guess I will be hanging around with friends at some cafe in town to support the campaign.

- Earth Hour 2011 -

This is last year while supporting the same campaign at Bella Italia (Bella Restaurant), Jesselton Hotel.

- Earth Hour 2012 -

So, are you going to support it tonight?

For only one hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. :)

Together we sustain the life of our Planet.

p/s : We should be switching off the unnecessary electric appliances at all time, not only during Earth Hour.


Monday, March 26, 2012

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 - 怡豐叻沙 Food in Kota Kinabalu - Yee Fung Laksa, Gaya Street

=P Totally missed this one with withinmeitzeu watermarked below and only realised it while I was browsing through my photo albums for blogging purpose.

Yee Fung Laksa has been a well recognised coffee shop at Gaya Street for years and there are so many customers on daily basis, especially on Sunday when Sunday Market was held. As one of many KKian, I'm quite ashamed that I think I only visited this restaurant for once or twice but heard about most of the time.

- Yee Fung Laksa (怡豐叻沙) -

On one fine Sunday, along with Dad and Meatball-Online, we visited the restaurant for brunch. I saw tourists were capturing photographs with the food and gosh, majority were worldwide tourists there. Convenient location where it is easily found by foot and non the less, by words of mouth after tourists went back to their countries.

- Yee Fung Laksa (怡豐叻沙) -

Various beverages and a few signature dishes shown and hanged for customers to select. Good way to ease the difficulty of tourists when they don't even understand a bit of the local language.

Reasonable pricing in the middle of the city. And how about the food tasted?

- Yee Fung Laksa (怡豐叻沙) @ RM5.00 -

I think their Laksa has been over-rated, not my kind of Laksa that I could go "WOW" with. It DOES NOT taste spicy (although some may say Laksa is not meant to be spicy) with it Curry Soup. It's seem like an average Laksa that I have tried before while I was studying back then with more Coconut milk, and how unattractive when the presentation looks like that. :(

- Yee Fung Ngau Chap (怡豐牛杂) -

I didn't try this one. But comment from Meatball, it tasted ordinary too. :)

- Teh Tarik Ping (拉茶) -

I'm a bit disappointed with their Teh Tarik Ping which is nothing tasted like tea but more taste like milk. :( No mamak taste of Teh Tarik.

There's my review on Yee Fung Laksa (怡豐叻沙), no matter how I described the food I had, the best way to indulge it, is when a person actually sit there and enjoy. I'm sure they could prepare their Laksa better than that, maybe it tasted different when the shop is crowded with people. :)

Gaya Street with huge signboard of Yee Fung Laksa (怡豐叻沙). :)

Have a great day all!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taiwan : TaiChung - Homemade 18°C Ice Cream and Dawn Cakes!【台湾食】台中 - 自家做之18°C 雪糕 与 日出蛋糕好吃哦!

 Part 4 (The End) of Road Trip to Nan Tou (南投), Taiwan.

Finally, it's the last entry about trips and what I did/ visited at Taichung area - Feng Jia and Nantou. :)

Before we headed to the Chocolate Factory of tempting ice cream and the outlet of yummy Cheese Cakes and Pineapple Tarts, Brother Zhang (the Driver) brought us to 酒乡埔里 (Wineyard PuLi ) to have a look, unfortunately it was approximately 30 minutes before their closing time, therefore we had a quick look only.

We always heard about all kind of Taiwan must know, talking about nice desserts, 18巧克力工房 (18 Degree Chocolate Factory) and 日出土凤梨酥 (DawnCake) are the one I love and most recommended one, non the less, 一福堂老店 (Yi Fu Tang Lao Dian) for Taiwanese Snacks too.

18巧克力工房 (18 Degree Chocolate Factory) -

I don't know why it was named Chocolate Factory, but it definitely selling chocolate too. :) I had it and the dark chocolate truffles just heart melting. There's a story behind this shop that involving Father and Son relationship. Sweet, doesn't it? 

Every bites running through the throat were just too good to be true, the ice cream, sorbet, gelato, truffle and etc. :) Creamy and fruity with full ingredients in their preparation.


The fruits shown makes our saliva automatically felt the taste. LOL :D

Seriously, long queue of people does make the ice cream taste even good. 

- Showing off what we had -

- Coffee Machine -

Even the coffee taste good there and it's for free! :) How I wish I will have one in my future home, coffee whole day long, serving friends and family easily. :) Nice Nice Nice!

- Once again, I'm feeling Eighteen -

Yea~ People thought I was 18 during my Taiwan. To happy or not to be happy?

**Location :
545 南投縣埔里鎮慈恩街20號
(No. 20號, Cí'ēn Street, Puli Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 545)

Proceeding the the next place and we were almost back to the suite...

- The Sunset just beautiful with Round Salted Egg Yellow Sun -

Before night, Brother Zhang drove us to see Bitter Nut girls and they were mad hot with transparent clothing (sexy night wear). My Gosh! And Brother Zhang even treat us nice to let us take a look of them (bought bitter nuts) with a very very close distance, which... I have those photos, but I can't share. He even told us that when the night getting darker, those girls will get naked with a thin layer of fabric or a blazer to cover up. 

I see guys went "eye eating ice cream" thou. haha :D

So here we went after explored a little bit of Taiwanese lifestyle -

 - 日出土凤梨酥 (DawnCake) -

Getting closer back to our suite and we did bought nice cheese cakes from there too. IT IS VERYVERY MAD CHEESY AND CREAM, melted in the mouth kind of cheese cake. :)

They have one of the most beautiful packaging that I have seen so far, attractive and meaningful packaging with Chinese culture. Brother Zhang even told us that, tourists from near and far just love to go to Dawn Cake over and over again.

- Cakes for Souvenirs -

- Vintage Typewriter -


- Uplifted Vintage Lamp/ Fire Extinguisher -

- The Price List -

- All those are cheese cakes -

It has to be refrigerated, so that we could eat it while it is chill and in its best condition.

- Pineapple Tarts -

In facts, pineapple tarts divided into two (2) types which are SOUR and SWEET. We must take note of it to prevent from purchasing wrongly.

- Buy Buy Buy -

Meatball-Online bought some, Doggie bought some, IceHippo bought some, Singaporean friends bought some too. :) And in addition, Cheese Cakes for supper too!! :)

Official Website : 日出土凤梨酥 (DawnCake) Location : 台中市西区五权西三号街
No. 43, Wǔquán West 3rd Street, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan 403.

 That's all for TaiChung. Good bye TaiChung.

And next - Days at TAIPEI!!! I LOVE TAIPEI! 我爱台北!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

【沙巴游】 亚庇 : 菲律宾夜市 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Filipino Night Market

They often say that you never visit KK if you didn't visit KK very own Filipino market. :) 

Previously, I've blogged about Sunday Walk with Filipino Market (The Day version) and this time, it's about the random meet up with KK awesome bloggers by a casual date of three - together with Ah Bing (the handsome food blogger #ahem and #Inoticedthat) and Hayden a.k.a Chan (the Health Conscious Buddy).

- Well Organised Division Stalls of Daily Products -

First of all, I would like to clarify that my prejudgement about the Filipino Market of how it is dirty and dangerous to be visited are all wrong, and do noticed that, no matter where we are, we are suppose to be careful. ;)

A short walking distance from Warisan Square to Filipino Night Market and we arrived there - The well known Filipino Market, it was an eye opener when I personally saw the neat and well organised by local authority namely DBKK, the market has been divided into a few division from Dry Foods, Fruits and Vegetables, Poultry, Barbeque of Seafood and all time favourite by many of you - the Chicken Wings, Stalls of freshly prepared Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles) and more!

And here is some outcomes of our exploration before we had our dinner there : -

- Baby Lobsters and Tiger Prawns -

Gosh! The tiger prawns were HUGE which cost RM10.00 each while in other hand, I can't recall how much was each baby lobster cost. However, I'm sure it is much cheaper we could afford if compared with high class restaurants in town and serving the same quality of taste.

- Barbeque Seafood -

It was hard to imagine when the lady boss told us that, every stick (maybe left one or two) they were selling will be finished before the closing time of the night market each night. No left over for second day... means fresh seafood served daily. :)

- Meet Ah Bing for the first time -

Three words to describe - Gentleman, Funny and Smart.

O_O Wa Lau... your shirt Ah Bing..... -_- I didn't noticed that until I'm describing you here. Luckily you are not standing beside Chan. :D

- Local Delicacies -

- Dried Sea Horse for medication -

It was a random snap after we saw both of the sea horse lying at one of the stall.

- Meet Hayden -

Understandable and nice blogger which you will often find us tagging around in KK with other mutual bloggers/ friends.

- Makan-makan (Eating) Division/ Seats Division -

Have a seat, order your food and eat! Same goes to us, we found a nice breezy space for three of us and did what others have done.

- Bakso (Javanese BeeHun Soup) and Mee Goreng -

Me and Hayden tried Bakso while Ah Bing tried their Fried Noodle. :) Fried noodles smell and tasted good like Indo Mee Goreng, however, it was otherwise for the Bakso that we had. Beef broth taste like normal beef soup with additional beef meatballs and rice vermicelli was not cooked (it was hard to bite). Besides, it was not tasted like the Javanese Bakso that I once had from my dad ex-colleague's wife that consist of various ingredients which were well mixed together. Oh my~

- Cendol and ABC Mango -

Like Ah Bing's said, 3/10 for this one. The dessert stall we sat at was disappointing, we didn't finish it and it reminded me the best juice and ABC I had from Stall No. 6 at Tanjung Aru. :D

- Meet the Gang! -

Nice meet up with both of you! Till we meet again on next exploration! ;) Luckily, my tummy wasn't upset on the next day! :D

So now, check out Hayden's version and the epic version of Ah Bing's (as usual happy go lucky) Filipino Night Market exploration! :D

Location :

Opposite Le Meridien Hotel or simply ask people around, they certainly know about that tourist spot! 

**For more tour inquiries - Please find Tropical Holidays Paradise.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Life Still Goes On After a Long HOLIDAY!

So yea~ It was hard to suit ourselves after a long break from trips at Oversea (HK, Hainan & Macau).

Back in KK and it was good (although it was tiring), had treated colleagues with nice cookies from that trip too! :)

- Random -

- YumYum -

:) Saw that Toufu? It was the well known Smelly Toufu from Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

Finally took my guts to try that and it turned out to be a nice one. :)

That's all for this post. Super tired. ;)

Till we meet again in next post!

p/s : Click "Like" to stay updated with my photos from my Facebook Page.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Imma in Macau for Day Trip! :)

Hello! I'm in Macau now for a short day trip. :)

Beautiful place to visit and Tina, our Hongkee relative bringing us visiting around :)

The smell of Portugal cookies are good and we gonna have a try of the next yummy Milk in Macau. :D

That's all for the update for now and would be the last to update for this 10 days trip.

Bye! :)

Meitzeu blogging from 大三巴牌坊,Macau.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

【生活点滴】 Hey! Back in Hong Kong from Hainan. :)

Finally back in HK yesterday, and tomorrow I will be going Macau tomorrow. :)

Awesome aunts and uncles and relatives that treat us wonderfully, treat us awesome Dim Sum and Hong Kong cuisine. MY GOSH! HK is HEAVEN!

Hainan is so mad disgusting, long story to tell. :( I only had my best food (Hainanese Chicken and Coffee) from a Petrol Station, which @meatballonline took the pic (like a #boss for me). My aunt and uncle even quarrel with the tourist guide, which you never wanna know. 

Okay, back to HK, Imma very happy. I'm gonna share some snap shots via BB phone. :) 


Meitzeu blogged from HK. ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello, Imma at Hainan (海南), China now. ;)

 Hey... Updating my blog from Xin Loong (兴隆), Hainan.

Hope everyone are fine and I'm way not that "good" here... Well, most important - I'm not comfortable with the lifestyle here. Yea.. And we did some local shopping too, good for their economy but too much of it that we had visited. -_- *mad*

The washroom at public places are sucks. And so do the five star hotel here, although 5 Star sound grand, but there's so much difference (they have their own grade rating as referred to their local lifestyle) with our Malaysian/ other European or other country. This is my first time experience 5 Star hotel with nasty smell, food that are not that nice. Aiyo.. There's so much improvement that they need to learn from other countries.

Sigh.. One and a half day to go with Hainan trip. I hope it will be better soon. Gonna visit Hai Kou (海口):) Can't wait to go back Hong Kong! I need that clean and nice smell of Hong Kong and STARBUCKS!!

That's all for the updates tonight. ;)

See you soon and btw, get my updates from My Facebook Page too! :)

Meitzeu sign off from Xin Loong, Hainan, China.

Friday, March 9, 2012

【生活点滴】 To Hainan, China (海南,中国)Balik Kampung!

Going back to the place which my Grandfather originated.

Waiting for departure here at waiting hall with family, including meatballonline and other relatives.

Anyway, every thing were fine for the past few days in Hong Kong, the food (typical Dim Sum) and its shopping paradise here. :)

Till we meet again in ;)


Meitzeu blogged from HK airport.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

【生活点滴】 Hello from Hong Kong!

Finally I can online here in Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Stupid hotel internet is not functioning with Blackberry!

Hah! Anyway, updates you all for some of the pictures here in HK!

And, finally sit down here in Starbucks. :)

Bye! See you soon! :D

Meitzeu blogged from Times Square, Causeway Bay.