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Wishing Well - What Do you Wish for?

Hey~~ lack of frequent updates in my blog lately. Hope you won't forget about me. :P Anyway, blog is a casual thing to do, filling up time and what so ever. Passion to blog is good, but too addictive might cause a little... lack of communication with the person next to you and and the worst is living in the virtual world. In fact, I have been learning to stay out of the "Compose" for New Post for the past two/ three weeks and it was hard at first. Now.. Feeling better and girls - MUST SLEEP EARLY. ;) Lack of sleep, might cause so much health and skin problem. -__-

Besides cutting down the new posts (almost daily), I was busy with work and restless huu haa, whatever happening around. HOWEVER!! I'm happy and excited + busy searching information for the upcoming trip. :) Hope everything would be running smoothly later. hehe :)

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- Wishing Well at Lake District, England (UK) -

Phrase of the Day -

"Be careful of what we wish for."

No lar.... I'm just making it sound serious only. (lol)


"What Do YOU Wish for When You bump in to "The Wishing Well" any where?

Mine... I forgot what did I wish for.. I guess. Back then (as a student), nothing much we could wish for besides, good result, good relationship and good health.

So yea~ Short post for the day. Gonna work out for the next post soon!


Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!


  1. wow! u've been to so many places!! so nice

    1. I can't say number of places I went are very very high but enjoying and go on a holiday once in a while is essential! :)

  2. I wish I can fly anywhere I like hehehe...

  3. Wow! I want to see a real life well too! Haha, I wish to be skinny!

  4. i love wishing wells! its just teh fun of wishing that makes wishing wells so endearing:D

  5. i wish i will get married with my dream boy & held a wedding on a cruise & sail to France & Italy for honeymoon :p
    im serious


    1. haha :D Save money and your wish will come true!

  6. I was once told by a VERY wise man that good health is the most important thing in life. With that in mind, I wish for good health for myself and others. With the daily tasks that we are always faced with it is easy to forget about the basics that really matter. I feel that with good health there is no limit to what we can dream and achieve. In contrast, without the fundamental happiness and security of good health, so many of life's routines that we may now take for granted would most likely be much more of a struggle. I hope that life brings all of us good health, thereby facilitating happiness!

  7. I wish to find a suitable job and travel around the world!

  8. Wow. Wishing well ya. I wish I will do well in my investment. Haha.