Monday, February 20, 2012

When Western meet Filipino at KalaMatas Resto' Ba, K.K. (Fusion Dinner)

The first time was there for a drink around 10.00pm and the second was for Christmas Exchange Gifts Dinner. 

KalaMatas, a fusion Restaurant with additional Bar concept located at the most convenient area with clubs and it is a new place in town for us to chill out until late night/ early morning as in 5.00AM. From what have I understood, Mano (the partner) told us that they allow football lovers to hang out for a drink while football fever is around the corner. More over, when there are not much of 24 hours restaurant in town, people may visit KalaMatas for supper too (especially when Martabak might not be favour that point of time).

- KalaMatas resto' ba -

Friendly Mano and assistance by friendly workers at the resto' ba.

The fusion mix of Western and Filipino Cuisine at one restaurant. One of a kind of restaurant that KK having now and we could try both cuisine at one particular restaurant accompanying with beers too. ;)

- Mushroom Soup -

The soup I have tried that night was watery. I guess they should blend more mushroom in it instead of the excessive pepper and onions in them. :( I love to drink mushroom soup with more chunky bites in it. 

- Exchanging those gifts later -

I got myself hand cream by L'occitane.

- The Soup -


The design is nice and I do admire liquor though. <3

- Fried Fish -

One of the recommended filipino dish at any filipino restaurant. A nice dish prepared by KalaMatas.

- Beef Burger -

Beef burger patty is the chef recommended dish and it taste good (words by Meatball and her friends). And CREDIT to their delicious burger that tasted like the beef burger by Chili's. KL Chili's... Anyone ring the bell?

- Chicken Chop -

I had the Chicken Chop, taste okay, however, too much of the gravy on it might not be seen nice in presentation while serving guests I guess. 

Overall, food was okay with dishes served more towards Filipino Cuisine that "extra" flavour (spices/ salt) added in it. Reasonable pricing from range RM15.00 (more or less) for the chicken chop I had. Nice to know that we could hang out there until late night or even searching for supper once in a while. ;)

Location :
Api-Api Centre, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
The exact row behind Marina Court.

Contact No. :
088-252 605

Facebook Page : KalaMatas Resto' Ba


  1. I think I'd been here but duno is this one or not. :P

  2. yummy,lovely food...btw its a very nice blog...congrats :)

  3. i haven't heard of kalamatas has fried fish? cool! hehe..
    thx for introducing this restaurant..sure i'll go there some other times ^^

  4. I saw chili in the soup! I want that soup!

  5. Nice place eh! Next time we can hang out there til late night!
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  6. i saw the meal with rice and i'm wondering what is it. is it fish or chicken? :)
    Burgers quality on par with chili's in kl?! that is something i got to try myself too! :)

    1. haha :D I forgot what was that. :P Seems like fish for me.

  7. eh, di Api2.. ok, easy to singgah, then later on, can go la.. kalau balik kk.. :p

  8. yummy the food looks good :D haha I'll be sure to make this a must try place when I go KK in Nov ^^

  9. I am so tempted with the fried fish and the rest are also great. Come over to my blog as gift aways await

    1. :) Had a peek. But.. only applicable for US residence.

  10. The food looks good!!

  11. I like the ambiance, even the name of the restaurant sounds so cool (:

  12. Replies
    1. ;( I'm not sure what fish was that. I know it's a fish fillet. ;)

  13. Kalamatas sounds really unique. The soup catch my attention & it looks yummy!

  14. Replies
    1. :) I'm not sure about that though. MY friend had it.

  15. I passed by the restaurant past 2 days ago but don't have time to drop by. I loved the interior and of course their good food. It is a must to try then :-)