Thursday, February 2, 2012

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 - 大茄来海鲜餐厅 Food in Kota Kinabalu - Welcome Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant is not a new one in town and I expect most of us already went there for a lunch/ dinner. :)

As for me as well, it was not my first visit to Welcome Seafood Restaurant (大茄来海鲜餐厅), KK main city Branch. Previously, I have visited the main restaurant which located at Penampang twice. The way they prepared their dishes were just similar.

In case you are wondering later, today's photos shared are combination of two different visits to that restaurant.

- Welcome Seafood Restaurant (大茄来海鲜餐厅) -

It's been a trend for us (local KKians and even tourists) that Welcome Seafood Restaurant are serving well in terms of their seafood that are fresh and consumer paid with reasonably cheap compared with other seafood restaurant in town. However, frankly speaking, it is a nice place to have seafood with cheaper price, however I may not completely favour all the dishes they are serving, it's way too commercialize. :/ In facts, too much customer may result overcooking the fresh fishes. FYI, I'm not that picky though, even a friend of mine even have the same thoughts as mine when we talked about the restaurant.

- Lime Juice -

I like this one, with the sweet and sour flavour of the beverage, it's refreshing.

- Fish Mow Soup -

It tasted okay that nothing I could shout out about, if compared with the one I tried from Shangri-la Hotel, Tanjung Aru, the hotel served so much better and of course the price is so much expensive. (Supporting the campaign of "Say NO to Shark Fin!")

- Longevity Noodles (长寿面)-

It taste weird which I don't recommend this one, except for the prawns which look fresh in that image.

- Butter Prawns (奶油虾)-

Quite a good one, with the large prawn and the reasonable salty flavour.

- Mongolian Chicken (蒙古鸡)-

Taste okay as part of the dished we were having that night.

- SABAH Vegetables -

It is a must have if you manage to visit Sabah. :) I like this one with the chunky/ crunchy bites.

- Steamed Prawns -

- Seafood Toufu -

I do love to eat Seafood Toufu. :)

And that's the end of my review about the restaurant. ;)

By the way, today is the 12th Anniversary of Kota Kinabalu been declared as City.  Happy birthday KK! :) Wishing you peace and harmony as always. 

Location : Asia City, Kota Kinabalu

p/s : Last entry to use as watermark. :)


  1. The seafood tofu looks good!!!!

  2. All of that is my fav.. Nice to see it cure my bug.. wakak

  3. There u r....
    Always tempt me with Sabah seafood........
    Bad girl...... Lol
    MAS please reserve 2 ticket 4 me to Sabah........
    Yummy yummy yummy

  4. food looks good. love the look of the prawns. i wish they could jump out of the computer onto my plate now.

  5. singing ~ damn, damn.. damn by avril.. arghhh, ni ba yang sa rindu mo balik sabah.. teliur sa ni tengok.. ha ha ha.. super nice oh.. and I feel it melting in ma mouth.. :D.. ha ha ha..

  6. Junfook : hehe :) My favourite!

    Houhousek : Yea~ Most of it taste okay.

    Nikel : hehe :)

    Simple Person : I think you should come and visit KK one day!!

    Missblurkit : hahha :D Yea~ I was having that feeling too!

    Aki : Come, balik KK makan!!!!

  7. Happy KK day to u too!

    KK is always popular with good and cheap seafood. You must show me around when I'm in KK next time.

  8. Very great choice of food ordered and each one of it sure looks so delicious.

    I have to agree with that seafood in KK are fresh because during my holidays here, I did notice the freshness among all the food I enjoyed. In fact I eat Sabah vege for almost all the meals and like the taste very much.

  9. Awesome place indeed..

    btw i just voted for you for Worlds Bloggers And Social Media Awards 2012.. All the best ya... =)

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  10. hmmm! the one in kk city doesnt impress me! =( in fact its kinda disappointing! perhaps penampang one would be better!

  11. Firstly happy anniversary to us KKians....:-). I just loved the vege and seafood tofu looks so delicious...

  12. the sabah vegetables look like the 'paku' vege here.. is that the same one?

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  13. Looks awesome, I'm so going to get my family to try before I leave KK. Thanks for the sharing~

  14. Wilson : Do come to KK!

    Adza : thanks.

    Henry Tan : We have the same thought.

    Miss Tina : KK will be very happy to know you are wishing it. :D

    Fish : Similar.

    Nath : Be wise on your selection. :)

  15. looks mad delicious ! And woots congrats on the domain ! :P I just got a domain a few days ago too HAHA

  16. Shuwen : thanks! :) Congratz to u too!

    Sherrie : lol! meatball's finger! Thanks oo~

  17. love your blog, I am from KK but didn't know any place to eat in KK. haha

    1. Thank YOu!! :) Maybe you could check out my link here for FOOD! :)