Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taiwan : Sun Moon Lake, TaiChung - Lucky OWLS from Ita Thao Village【台湾游】 台中之日月潭的伊達邵

Part 3 of Road Trip to Nan Tou (南投), Taiwan.

5 minutes (within 10 minutes) ferry ride from SyuenGuang Temple(玄光寺)'s wharf, we arrived at Ita Thao Village (伊達邵)'s wharf. Everyone of us seems excited to visit the village and upon entering, we saw colours and various stores such as souvenir shop, dining restaurants, small eateries and etc along the street at the village.

-  Ita Thao Village (伊達邵)'s wharf -

Interesting building that looks like a large ship.

"Ita Thao is called Barawbaw in thao language. The Han people call it North Cave. It was named Te Hua village after the restoration of Taiwan, and is under the administration of Yuchi.

Barawbaw is the last residence of the thao people at Sun Moon Lake. On account of the continuous stream of tourists, many Han people moved here to go into trade. Therefore, Ita Thao becomes the most populous area around the Sun Moon Lake. There are stores, restaurants, and hotels in the village. Also the thao people establishes the "thao Cultural Village" for tourists to appreciate the traditional culture, songs, and dancing of the thao tribe.

The harvest ceremony, the most important and splendid ceremony among all the others held during the year, is held every year during August in lunar calendar. If you visit Ita Thao during this month, you will have the chance to appreciate the culture of thao people. Barawbaw(Ita Thao) is the entrance to the Shuishe Mountain." - Source

- Local Small Eateries 红茶山竹鸡 "Hong Cha Shan Zhu Ji" (Black Tea Bamboo Chicken) -

- Local Small Eateries 山猪肉香肠 "Shan Zhu Rou Xiang Chang" (Wild Boar Sausage) -

Quite a number of extraordinary eateries that we could find from the village, which... we might not see at the city. We had tried the Wild Boar Sausage and gosh! When we bite the sausages, the oil just burst out! More over, there's sausages that added with Taiwanese local Rice Wine and that's even tastier! Nom Nom Nom. :D

Beside the sausages we tried, we bought a few refreshing drink while sharing it among us for that warm day.


- 阿一小馆 "Ah Yi Xiao Guan" -

Randomly walk in to the restaurant when we saw the world 牛肉面 "Niu Rou Mian" (Beef Noodle)!! Without eating the famous local delicacies recommended by people all over the world, we shall presume that we never visited Taiwan before! :P

Walked in and sat down!

- Beef Noodle Soup -

- Fried Beef Noodle -

Both of the beef noodles taste good, the gravy and the soup were nice and different when compared with our Malaysian style.

- Hot and Red Oil Chilli -

When I sniffed the chilli, I was madly coughing and almost got me chocked. One drop of the chilli oil in the noodle we had was enough and spicy that we could never forgotten. 

Chilli lover must try it if you saw it at any of the restaurant in Taiwan. ;) Dare or not?

- Native Custom -

Who wanna buy one for collection? Different sizes from Children to Older people.

- Fukurou/ Owls -

At Sun Moon Lake/ Taiwan, the owl symbolised guardian, protection and believing good lucks that Fukurou will bring to the local. Even the pilots at the ferry that we went for the cruise are very keen to sell the lucky necklaces to all the tourists in the ferry too.

- Taiwan Spirit 台湾原色 "Taiwan Yuan She" -

- Taiwan Spirit 台湾原色 "Taiwan Yuan She" -

When we traveled from town to town/ place to place, some souvenirs bringing back as collection at home is a must have. Reasonable pricing with tempting offers that we couldn't have enough. Those key chains and fridge magnets, I love and a bunch of them (collection from other places too) keep inside my drawer and attached on the fridge at home.

- Local Wine -

Nice packaging attracted meatball's friends and I wonder, do they drink them?

Anyway, we walked back to the wharf together with other tourists after a short walk at the village, it was quite late as our nice Brother Zhang was waiting for us at Shuishe Pier (水社码头).

- Bye Ita Thao Village -

We shall meet again some day. :)

- Street Artist -

Before we leave Sun Moon Lake, I saw live guitarist. Nice to know there's people who did that at Sun Moon Lake! :)

Good bye Sun Moon Lake, you had treat us well.

View Ita Thao Village with larger view


  1. awesome!! the food look delish...the owls are so cute!! ^^

    1. Food tasted okay though. :) Yes! Those owls are so so cute!

  2. I don't eat beef but those you have shared looks so good and lovely photo shots.

  3. ha ha ha.. i tot u were one of the Taiwan Yuan She.. :p.. the Wild Boar Sausage make me droollllllll.. :p

    1. haha :D Yea~ I even been recognised as Japanese that day.

  4. Replies
    1. yup! Wait till u visit there. The whole town are full of owllllsss!

  5. I love owls! Hehe. I wanna go Taiwan again~~~

  6. I haven't been here, miss Taiwan T_T

  7. If I smell chili my head will b it hy.....
    D Taiwanese sausage is very popular ya...
    Wild boar... Any difference? D meat is more tender?

  8. your taiwan ever famous beef noodle lures me :P

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  9. The red hot oil really looks spicy!

    Don't dare to try, scared cant sleep at night.

  10. You are so lucky to be able to travel! Wow, I want to go too!

  11. Hi, love your travel blog :)
    May I know how many hours did it took to visit Sun Moon Lake? The entire journey time from Fengjia - Sun Moon Lake - Fengjia?