Friday, February 17, 2012

【沙巴玩】 丹巴罗里 - 婆罗洲之 颠倒屋 Fun in Sabah : Tamparuli - Rumah Terbalik (Upside Down House) in Borneo (First in SEA)!

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Hello~ :) Been MIA for the past few days with piles of work in the office and restless nights, moreover I'm down with flu! Maybe I should less updating my blog and get more rest. :D

So now... Do you ever visit Upside Down House before?

It has been a hot topic lately, whereby from February 2012 onward, we will be having our very own Malaysian version of "Upside Down House". Everyone has been talking and interested to go there for a visit. :)

Last week, before going to Gaya Street for tea and the remarkable event - Bonding with Gaya Street, we went to the outskirt area of Sabah and headed to Tamparuli to visit the Upside Down House. It is located beside the road while on the way to Mt. Kinabalu and it's such an easy house to be found!

- Upside Down House -

It is the FIRST Upside Down House in SOUTH EAST ASIA. For the time being, there's only 5 upside down house in the whole world, 3 located at Europe, 1 in Japan and 1 in Sabah, Borneo!

Scroll further for other photos shared here. ;)

- Ticket -

Ticket cost RM18.00 for Adult while RM10.00 for MYKad Holder. RM5.00 for Child and Free of Charge for Below 2 years old.

The operation time is from 8.00am to 8.00pm.

Upside down house looks interesting for most of us and once in a life time experience is a must have. FYI, we are not allowed to take photographs inside the house so that everyone are tempted to visit there personally. ;) Shh... I wanted to describe the interior design to you, but... I will keep it a secret and make you feel tempted. (lol)

- Upside Down House -

 - Welcome to Upside Down House -

- Items are well fixed upside down -

A short visit inside and we went to the souvenirs shop at the small hut across.

- Souvenirs -

Souvenirs for remembrance anyone?

- Cafe -

The bakery seems nice to me. :) We didn't sit down and have a drink there, however, we drove all the way to Tuaran to eat the saliva drooling Soto as brunch! Yummy!

- Upside Down House and CAR -

The Kancil hanged upside down. 0_0 Good way to attract more people to take photo with it.

- Upside Down .... ME! -

Now the car is back to usual and I'm upside down. :P

And final words..

From now on, besides the well known Tamparuli Bridge. ;) Here's ANOTHER INTERESTING PLACE TO VISIT AT TAMPARULI!!

Happy weekend all! ;)

Location :
Kg. Telibong, Batu 21, Jalan Telibong Tamparuli,, 89208 Tuaran Sabah.

Official Website : Rumah Terbalik - The Upside Down House in Borneo
Facebook : Rumah Terbalik - The Upside Down House in Borneo


  1. The last photo bah! Makes my head terbalik too! Hahaha..

  2. Hi,
    health comes first before blogging though I must admit I can be obsess with blogging too at times but have learned to take it easy. Just like you job becomes priority and then family also for me. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

    Btw, quite a discovery it is for me on the upside down issue and wonder how did the last pic become possible, very interesting and intriguing post.

    1. Aw~~ Thank you Nava. Yea~ I agree with you about obsessing with blogging, I should learn to take it easy and I'm learning it now. :) Good bloggers friends around me are so good. :)

      hehhee :P The last pic.... I turned it over. :P

      p/s : I can't stand upside down.

  3. I wanna goooooo TwT I shall be ninja if I get to go. haha

  4. goshhh! the last time i went takda this also! TT
    even car also upside down! niceeee weyyyy!

  5. Sure looks like a cool house to be in. I guess I would certainly get disorientated but sure is fun. I might just go pop in there the next time I'm in KK

  6. haha the last picture is so cool! yeah i've heard about this place many times but i still havent got the time to does look awesome! i'll be there soon!!! ^^

  7. wow! That car is from JOHOR!

    This House is Movable? #justasking

    1. hahaha :D I'm not sure about the car though.

      I think those are not movable. :)

  8. Upside down house. Interesting tourist attraction (and gimmick).

    Hehehe when I saw your pic with the Kancil and in my usual blur self, I wondered " come she's standing on the ceiling like a lizard". LOL. Then it hit me that you rotated the picture. I am so super blur. Sigh.

  9. Ok, i will make it a point to go and visit the place soon. The last pic is awesome!

  10. Hahahaha, this place looks really interesting :D

  11. omg, your photos are so clear and nice. Thanks for sharing this really unique house. :)

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  12. Hi,

    What an amazing concept for tourism. Trust me this place will be a big hit if it is marketed properly!

    You really want me to visit you girls in Sabah?


    1. I agreed with you regarding the marketing strategy to promote this place!.

  13. upside down huh? that's really interesting! but i havent been to borneo before thou

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  14. haha.. paksa pusing kepala tengok the last picture.. ^_^.v..

    1. hahaha :D Sorry for troublesoming u guys! :P

  15. until my notebook also terbalik balik... LOL..
    a good one..

  16. Something interesting....I am very sure these upside down house gonna boom as a new attractions in Sabah especially in Tamparuli.Aramaitee.