Sunday, February 5, 2012

Experiencing Cruises - Departing with Star Cruise Gemini

Something unexpected happens to be at my house today :), some bloggers were at my house for a nice Hainanese Teh C session! :D So yea...Okay~ Now ->

Part 1 of Star Cruises Trip with Superstar Gemini (SSG).

:) I have mentioned before that I will re-write all those lousy travel entries which I have written before and now, this is one of the trip that I suppose to rewrite. :P

The first trip with Star Cruises - Superstar Gemini (SSG) for 5 Days 4 Nights back in Year 2008, it was also my first visit to other country (ie. Thailand) too. :) Thus, it was the amazing vacation with treatment like princess (VIP) inside SSG. *Awesomeness* And FYI, I would love to take up a cruise vacation again someday! :)

- One of the Star of Star Cruises (Superstar Gemini) - 

Which we went through that 5 days with. Great food and great hospitality.

- The Sticker of SSG -

It was for them to recognise their guests.

- Part of Port Klang (巴生港口)-

- Superstar Gemini -

The cruise ship which we will be on our above sea vacation all the way from Port Klang - Penang - Krabi - Phuket - Krabi - Langkawi and all the way back to Port Klang.

- Our room -

The view outside was so nice whereby I could see the next destination along the sea and that's when we were almost reaching that place ofcourse. ;)

- It was time for buffet dinner -

Various food prepared for guests - sushi, grilled lamb shoulder, desserts and others, the blue cheese was nice with a little portion served with crackers.

- Part of Port Klang -

Leaving the jetty and towards the open sea, we saw various factories along Port Klang.

- Part of Port Klang -

After we had our dinner and shower, we went to the entertainment hall for show and short briefing by the crew for our plan on the next day/ next destination. What was good by attending the briefing was, the crew provided us useful information regarding the cab charges (ie approximate charges to get a cab for free and easy tour) and a few local tours (in group and packages offered by the cruise) that guests would like to took up upon arrival at the next destination and et cetera.

A good night sleep after that whole day and the next day......

- I saw the city when I woke up!! - 

I was excited to see we were getting closer to our next destination... Had my early bath and waa laa!

PENANG - the next destination to be ;)


  1. traveling in cruise ship sounds very interesting. would put this in my travel list as well lah :)

  2. I guess I ever called you before and asking regarding Star Cruise cause my dad desperately want to travel with Star Cruise during CNY only. Haiz! Duno when lah can I travel with Star Cruise.

    Together we rewrite, reupload and repost the old travel post. Wohahaha.. But you more hardworking than me. Until now, belum muncul2 lagi my lousy damn old post :P

  3. oh yakah? u did? didnt remember i ever get any..anyways, i havent been updating much on my travel blog. not even a single old travel entry since..hmm..July last year? I hope i'll get my mojo back after im done with my hk trip this nxt mth.

  4. I very scared to go on cruise. takut Titanic..

  5. wah.. great experiences.. I'm still looking for my next plan!

  6. Wow. Star Cruise is better than what I expected.

  7. i should give it a try. its a not a fear of sea sick but a fear of getting bored:-(

  8. Chegu: Star Cruises trip was wonderful! I always advise my friends to go for it once in a life time!!

    I will read your HK trip when you blog! :)

    Merryn : Choi! Titanic was the largest ship once before, and not Star Cruises eh.

    Nikel : haha :D I'm planning for my next trip too, but... my leave is giving me a headache.

    Luporti : haha :D It's like a 5 Starr hotel!

    Simple person : no la... but a little dizzy will have when its started to leave the jetty.

    MIssblurkit : Gogogo! Just close your eyes when you scare! haha :D

  9. am ok with the sea. won;t be scared. just worried that i will be bored on board.

  10. NO la~ It's totally fun! The cruise has swimming pool, Exercise room, karaoke, theater. etcetc. Even they provide shows for guests at night or in the afternoon (at the middle of the sea) with dancers & guests can join in the fun together! :)


  11. I'm really looking forward to getting into a cruise someday! :)

  12. wow! 5 days! must be expensive too! how much isit ar?

  13. awesome!!! i've been dreaming to get on a cruise!

  14. now googling the price.. haha.. wahh, feel like being a VIP on star cruise huh?? Well, this is a must try then..

    well, your page look more professional now, and your header was awesome.. ^_^.v.. still, don't forget that I still open my last year offer to you.. ^_^.v.. (about the header).. :D

  15. High 5 ! I been to Superstar Gemni cruise on year 2008 too ! And the experience is really awesome and fun ! Would want to go on cruise again if i had the chance . =D

  16. The buffet looks awesome =D

  17. Great outing on the cruise and thats a wonderful spread of food.

  18. Jayren : haha :D During February 2008?

    Houhou Sek : The price will the lower when there's a third person staying in the same room. Range from RM1,500 to RM2,500.00. I can't really remember how much. :P Maybe you need to check with the appointed travel agent about that.

    It is a great to join it if you have a chance, you won't regret it. :)

  19. Wonderful experienced plus spectacular view....cruising will be in my wish list forever but don't know la when can make it...adoi to may place to go hahahaha....

    1. The world with so many countries and regions to be visited. haha :D

  20. wahhh..super long trip and the room's nice! and how's Penang? i'm a Penang kia :D