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Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Perfect & the Largest Natural Lake - Loving Lake District, England!

The first sight of Lake District was nothing but beautiful. Loving building, green valley & nice people.

We hopped in to the bus as planned by our University and traveled from Liverpool to Lake District. I can't really remember how long was it but we did took our sweet time on the way too. ;)

- Town Area at Windermere, Lake District -

Upon arriving Windermere, all of us were excited and were cheering all the way. By looking at those beautiful buildings, it makes us looking forward with the place.

From Wiki:
"The Lake District, also commonly known as The Lakes, is a mountainous region in North West England. A popular holiday destination, it is famous not only for its lakes and its mountains (or fells) but also for its associations with the early 19th century poetry and writings of William Wordsworth and the other Lake Poets." - Source

Yes, I can assure you with the beautiful lake, the stream and all other scene that we saw back in Year 2008, no wonder Authors of Poetry often write about the Lakes.


- The Valley -

The bus left us at the parking space that we have took about 15 minutes walk to the place we were headed to. But before that, the Bus was heading to the upper hill with steep and narrow road (that the bus looks like wanted to ran in to the wall next to the bus) to see the most beautiful scene of Lake District. In fact, our Bus Pilot was unable to drive us up to the hill due to some reason. :( Anyway, it was okay (better than risking our safety) and we continued with the next place.

- Elterwater -

After 15 minutes walk over those green grasses, we arrived at a small steep rocks entrance at Elterwater. We walked down and took some photos for remembrance. Besides, we need to be extra careful of our steps that might cause some wounds if we walk on those rocks.

- Random Shot beside the stream -

Had our packed lunch - Sandwich and sitting/ walking here and there for photo shoot. The stream doesn't impress me much, as it looks similar to nature environment in Sabah (i.e. Mesilau/ Poring Hot Spring). However, those photos we took were as beautiful as it seen.


- Calm River Stream -

My friend love the shot I took. :) Feeling much fresher and calm after admired it.

Our duration for visiting to the above were limited, we walked back to the Bus and proceed to the next destination and a really beautiful lake I have seen at Lake District.

- Lake Windermere -

Relaxing stores beside the lake. :) I just love all the shots and we bought mint ice cream which taste so good (the first pic (left) on the banner of this blog).

From Wiki:
"Windermere is the largest natural lake in England. It is a ribbon lake formed in a glacial trough after the retreat of ice at the start of the current interglacial. It has been one of the country’s most popular places for holidays and summer homes since the arrival of the Kendal and Windermere Railway's branch line in 1847. It is in the county of Cumbria and entirely within the Lake District National Park. Windermere has also been the venue for the Great North Swim since 2008." - Source

- Cruising along the lake -

Various cruises (ferry and boat) with different prices that suitable for all. And each of them has a name.

- Queen of the Lake -

- Even the swan and ducks are nice -

Those swans were huge!! It freaks me when I took photos with them.

- The Wishing Well -

Thrown a coin and wished for better future.

- Me and my friends -

The Malaysian way!

- Boat Ride at Lake Windermere -

We had a boat ride that cost us 6 pound for one (1) hour Only. The girls just sat comfortably (although somehow scary between the kayak) by the boys. Switching places between the two guys were dangerous though.

- Enjoying the life as a British -

Majority of British owned a yatch/ a boat/ a movable house (with a car). That's the life with their family. 

Good weather played their part too. Breezy air that comfort the people.

- Lake Windermere -

A precious natural lake in England. ;) Looking forward to see other similar places in other part of the world too. :)

That's all for the day trip to Lake District. Ain't it beautiful?

Official Website : Lake District National Park

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wishing Well - What Do you Wish for?

Hey~~ lack of frequent updates in my blog lately. Hope you won't forget about me. :P Anyway, blog is a casual thing to do, filling up time and what so ever. Passion to blog is good, but too addictive might cause a little... lack of communication with the person next to you and and the worst is living in the virtual world. In fact, I have been learning to stay out of the "Compose" for New Post for the past two/ three weeks and it was hard at first. Now.. Feeling better and girls - MUST SLEEP EARLY. ;) Lack of sleep, might cause so much health and skin problem. -__-

Besides cutting down the new posts (almost daily), I was busy with work and restless huu haa, whatever happening around. HOWEVER!! I'm happy and excited + busy searching information for the upcoming trip. :) Hope everything would be running smoothly later. hehe :)

And by the way, do "like" my page at HERE, so that you could be updated with daily updates. 

- Wishing Well at Lake District, England (UK) -

Phrase of the Day -

"Be careful of what we wish for."

No lar.... I'm just making it sound serious only. (lol)


"What Do YOU Wish for When You bump in to "The Wishing Well" any where?

Mine... I forgot what did I wish for.. I guess. Back then (as a student), nothing much we could wish for besides, good result, good relationship and good health.

So yea~ Short post for the day. Gonna work out for the next post soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taiwan : Sun Moon Lake, TaiChung - Lucky OWLS from Ita Thao Village【台湾游】 台中之日月潭的伊達邵

Part 3 of Road Trip to Nan Tou (南投), Taiwan.

5 minutes (within 10 minutes) ferry ride from SyuenGuang Temple(玄光寺)'s wharf, we arrived at Ita Thao Village (伊達邵)'s wharf. Everyone of us seems excited to visit the village and upon entering, we saw colours and various stores such as souvenir shop, dining restaurants, small eateries and etc along the street at the village.

-  Ita Thao Village (伊達邵)'s wharf -

Interesting building that looks like a large ship.

"Ita Thao is called Barawbaw in thao language. The Han people call it North Cave. It was named Te Hua village after the restoration of Taiwan, and is under the administration of Yuchi.

Barawbaw is the last residence of the thao people at Sun Moon Lake. On account of the continuous stream of tourists, many Han people moved here to go into trade. Therefore, Ita Thao becomes the most populous area around the Sun Moon Lake. There are stores, restaurants, and hotels in the village. Also the thao people establishes the "thao Cultural Village" for tourists to appreciate the traditional culture, songs, and dancing of the thao tribe.

The harvest ceremony, the most important and splendid ceremony among all the others held during the year, is held every year during August in lunar calendar. If you visit Ita Thao during this month, you will have the chance to appreciate the culture of thao people. Barawbaw(Ita Thao) is the entrance to the Shuishe Mountain." - Source

- Local Small Eateries 红茶山竹鸡 "Hong Cha Shan Zhu Ji" (Black Tea Bamboo Chicken) -

- Local Small Eateries 山猪肉香肠 "Shan Zhu Rou Xiang Chang" (Wild Boar Sausage) -

Quite a number of extraordinary eateries that we could find from the village, which... we might not see at the city. We had tried the Wild Boar Sausage and gosh! When we bite the sausages, the oil just burst out! More over, there's sausages that added with Taiwanese local Rice Wine and that's even tastier! Nom Nom Nom. :D

Beside the sausages we tried, we bought a few refreshing drink while sharing it among us for that warm day.


- 阿一小馆 "Ah Yi Xiao Guan" -

Randomly walk in to the restaurant when we saw the world 牛肉面 "Niu Rou Mian" (Beef Noodle)!! Without eating the famous local delicacies recommended by people all over the world, we shall presume that we never visited Taiwan before! :P

Walked in and sat down!

- Beef Noodle Soup -

- Fried Beef Noodle -

Both of the beef noodles taste good, the gravy and the soup were nice and different when compared with our Malaysian style.

- Hot and Red Oil Chilli -

When I sniffed the chilli, I was madly coughing and almost got me chocked. One drop of the chilli oil in the noodle we had was enough and spicy that we could never forgotten. 

Chilli lover must try it if you saw it at any of the restaurant in Taiwan. ;) Dare or not?

- Native Custom -

Who wanna buy one for collection? Different sizes from Children to Older people.

- Fukurou/ Owls -

At Sun Moon Lake/ Taiwan, the owl symbolised guardian, protection and believing good lucks that Fukurou will bring to the local. Even the pilots at the ferry that we went for the cruise are very keen to sell the lucky necklaces to all the tourists in the ferry too.

- Taiwan Spirit 台湾原色 "Taiwan Yuan She" -

- Taiwan Spirit 台湾原色 "Taiwan Yuan She" -

When we traveled from town to town/ place to place, some souvenirs bringing back as collection at home is a must have. Reasonable pricing with tempting offers that we couldn't have enough. Those key chains and fridge magnets, I love and a bunch of them (collection from other places too) keep inside my drawer and attached on the fridge at home.

- Local Wine -

Nice packaging attracted meatball's friends and I wonder, do they drink them?

Anyway, we walked back to the wharf together with other tourists after a short walk at the village, it was quite late as our nice Brother Zhang was waiting for us at Shuishe Pier (水社码头).

- Bye Ita Thao Village -

We shall meet again some day. :)

- Street Artist -

Before we leave Sun Moon Lake, I saw live guitarist. Nice to know there's people who did that at Sun Moon Lake! :)

Good bye Sun Moon Lake, you had treat us well.

View Ita Thao Village with larger view

Monday, February 20, 2012

When Western meet Filipino at KalaMatas Resto' Ba, K.K. (Fusion Dinner)

The first time was there for a drink around 10.00pm and the second was for Christmas Exchange Gifts Dinner. 

KalaMatas, a fusion Restaurant with additional Bar concept located at the most convenient area with clubs and it is a new place in town for us to chill out until late night/ early morning as in 5.00AM. From what have I understood, Mano (the partner) told us that they allow football lovers to hang out for a drink while football fever is around the corner. More over, when there are not much of 24 hours restaurant in town, people may visit KalaMatas for supper too (especially when Martabak might not be favour that point of time).

- KalaMatas resto' ba -

Friendly Mano and assistance by friendly workers at the resto' ba.

The fusion mix of Western and Filipino Cuisine at one restaurant. One of a kind of restaurant that KK having now and we could try both cuisine at one particular restaurant accompanying with beers too. ;)

- Mushroom Soup -

The soup I have tried that night was watery. I guess they should blend more mushroom in it instead of the excessive pepper and onions in them. :( I love to drink mushroom soup with more chunky bites in it. 

- Exchanging those gifts later -

I got myself hand cream by L'occitane.

- The Soup -


The design is nice and I do admire liquor though. <3

- Fried Fish -

One of the recommended filipino dish at any filipino restaurant. A nice dish prepared by KalaMatas.

- Beef Burger -

Beef burger patty is the chef recommended dish and it taste good (words by Meatball and her friends). And CREDIT to their delicious burger that tasted like the beef burger by Chili's. KL Chili's... Anyone ring the bell?

- Chicken Chop -

I had the Chicken Chop, taste okay, however, too much of the gravy on it might not be seen nice in presentation while serving guests I guess. 

Overall, food was okay with dishes served more towards Filipino Cuisine that "extra" flavour (spices/ salt) added in it. Reasonable pricing from range RM15.00 (more or less) for the chicken chop I had. Nice to know that we could hang out there until late night or even searching for supper once in a while. ;)

Location :
Api-Api Centre, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
The exact row behind Marina Court.

Contact No. :
088-252 605

Facebook Page : KalaMatas Resto' Ba

Friday, February 17, 2012

【沙巴玩】 丹巴罗里 - 婆罗洲之 颠倒屋 Fun in Sabah : Tamparuli - Rumah Terbalik (Upside Down House) in Borneo (First in SEA)!

**Trip with THP (Website/ Fanpage).

Hello~ :) Been MIA for the past few days with piles of work in the office and restless nights, moreover I'm down with flu! Maybe I should less updating my blog and get more rest. :D

So now... Do you ever visit Upside Down House before?

It has been a hot topic lately, whereby from February 2012 onward, we will be having our very own Malaysian version of "Upside Down House". Everyone has been talking and interested to go there for a visit. :)

Last week, before going to Gaya Street for tea and the remarkable event - Bonding with Gaya Street, we went to the outskirt area of Sabah and headed to Tamparuli to visit the Upside Down House. It is located beside the road while on the way to Mt. Kinabalu and it's such an easy house to be found!

- Upside Down House -

It is the FIRST Upside Down House in SOUTH EAST ASIA. For the time being, there's only 5 upside down house in the whole world, 3 located at Europe, 1 in Japan and 1 in Sabah, Borneo!

Scroll further for other photos shared here. ;)

- Ticket -

Ticket cost RM18.00 for Adult while RM10.00 for MYKad Holder. RM5.00 for Child and Free of Charge for Below 2 years old.

The operation time is from 8.00am to 8.00pm.

Upside down house looks interesting for most of us and once in a life time experience is a must have. FYI, we are not allowed to take photographs inside the house so that everyone are tempted to visit there personally. ;) Shh... I wanted to describe the interior design to you, but... I will keep it a secret and make you feel tempted. (lol)

- Upside Down House -

 - Welcome to Upside Down House -

- Items are well fixed upside down -

A short visit inside and we went to the souvenirs shop at the small hut across.

- Souvenirs -

Souvenirs for remembrance anyone?

- Cafe -

The bakery seems nice to me. :) We didn't sit down and have a drink there, however, we drove all the way to Tuaran to eat the saliva drooling Soto as brunch! Yummy!

- Upside Down House and CAR -

The Kancil hanged upside down. 0_0 Good way to attract more people to take photo with it.

- Upside Down .... ME! -

Now the car is back to usual and I'm upside down. :P

And final words..

From now on, besides the well known Tamparuli Bridge. ;) Here's ANOTHER INTERESTING PLACE TO VISIT AT TAMPARULI!!

Happy weekend all! ;)

Location :
Kg. Telibong, Batu 21, Jalan Telibong Tamparuli,, 89208 Tuaran Sabah.

Official Website : Rumah Terbalik - The Upside Down House in Borneo
Facebook : Rumah Terbalik - The Upside Down House in Borneo

Monday, February 13, 2012

There's Memories Behind : Bonding with Gaya Street, KK :)

On and off I read the term "Bonding with Gaya Street" weeks before the event held, however I did not have any interest towards "Bonding with Gaya Street" until I actually did. :)

One evening, while I was reading the Sabah's magazine in meatball's car, I saw the advertisement about "Bonding with Gaya Street" and read further on the short description stated, and that's how I understood more about the interesting and yet remarkable event for young generation and non the less a memory for the old. It was held from 10th February - 12th February, 2012 at Gaya Street and Lintasan Deasoka.

And here are photos that I have captured on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Sunday (12th)

An unexpected visit at Gaya Street after our road trip from Tuaran/ Tamparuli, we brought friends from WM for afternoon tea at Kak Tini's and before that we visited the happening event at Lintasan Deasoka and Gaya Street. I saw majority of elderies from the 50's or earlier, my parents' friends and others were there reading the timeline presented. Various stories I heard from my dad, mom and even the uncles I've met at Gaya Street and listened a short story pointed with some of the images shown.

- The Timeline : Year 1657 - Year 2012 -

Well organised by participated organisations and volunteers.

From there, we read the timeline of Pre and Post British Colony Era, whereby Sabah still being called as North Borneo.

- Api - Api/ Jesselton/ Kota Kinabalu back in those days -

 - The former Cinema -

国泰戏院 "Guo Tai Xi Yuan" (Middle top) which once located at current ground of Horizon Hotel. I saw the movie title named "The Ten Commandments". And you know what? Mom told us that they were once enjoying their movies at outdoor before and before Milimewa Superstore was there, that was where the dry and wet market was there before. Furthermore, my dad even shared that he went to the market with my late grandfather to sell the fresh fishes after they came back from fish catching.

- I saw Elderies - 

Shall I say most of them are older than me and not much of young generation that interested with it like I do. The uncles both in white and checkered ones seems reading wisely when I saw them.

 - Vintage Photographs -

Artists once lived and some of them still living in KK. More over, some of them were recognised by my parents too.

 - Vintage Car and Malaysia Monument -

Malaysia Monument is to commemorate the Independence of Sabah and the joining of the Federation of Malaysia on 16th September, 1963. In short - Remarked the Year 1963 when North Borneo joined Malaya and formed - Malaysia.

Back in the 60's, when both of my  parents were studying secondary education, they have attended the most historical event of the era to remember the independence day of Sabah.

- A fruitful day at Bonding with Gaya Street -

I took an Art Catalogue for collection and bought a book with a discount by the author and the book also been signed by the author - Tina Kisil. I will read that book for sure! :) The long art piece by local artist is beautiful and it shows the current faces of Gaya Street.

Saturday (11th)

The rain was drizzling on and off since morning. No matter what, the drizzling rain can't stop us to pass by the venue with A CAR that day! :D We drive through Gaya Street from the entrance of that large pillar with Chinese words hanged on it opposite Lintas Deasoka.

 - North Borneo War Memorial -

I managed to take some quality photo while stood out from the car in the middle of the rain and fortunately there were no vehicles behind. :)

North Borneo War Memorial - the former location of the war memorial and currently moved to a park opposite City Council. It was to commemorate the 13 soldiers who lose their lives our of the 79 from North Borneo who enlisted in the British Forces during World War I.

 - North Borneo War Memorial Replica  -

The handmade North Borneo War Memorial replica made of bamboo which participated party located it at the actual ground where the original pillar was located previously.

And you know what? My mom (as the second generation since her father as the first who came from China) ever told us that, when she was a young girl guild back then, they will visit the war memorial on yearly basis in memory of those who lost and told us other interesting stories too. Hence, it caught my attention since I never been to/ was not born during the Jesselton Era before.

 - Old Shop along Gaya Street -

With photographs that collected from kind people in town, those were attached at the glasses of outlets along Gaya Street. *The car was moving and I can't take a clear picture of it. :(

From what I have understood, there were only 2 rows of shops which located at Bond Street/ Dunlop Street (currently named as Gaya Street) back in those days and those photos I shared here are actually the shop lots. :) FYI, my mom's dad (my late grandfather)'s tailor shop (Chu Chu Tailor) was once located at one of the shop at Gaya Street before they moved to Kg. Air. ;)

 - Street Arts on the surface of Sun shields -

Another way to show others how talented are Sabahan artists are! :D Hand in hand, artists, volunteers, organisation, authorities and other person in charge made it happened. I bet the event was a success and great job to all. :)

 - Photography of Spectacles advertisement back then -

 - Before (canvas) and now -

  - Before (canvas) and now -

 - Street Arts on the surface of Sun shields -

 - Street Arts on the surface of Sun shields -

I felt happy that I managed to witness part of the event yet a remarkable one which.....

I know more about the origin of Kota Kinabalu. I could share my "stories" regards to my hometown "Kota Kinabalu" to readers, the history, the foods and non the less, the interesting places which we could visit here in Sabah. :) That's how I love my City. :) I would like to share all my photos here, but it would too much, click the link at the bottom to view them.

Anyway, besides what I saw, through their Twitter I read their updates one by one and such an enjoyable on going programs held in Kota Kinabalu today. It was a bless to have such event in town to all.

To remember and to share about the past to others and the most important, the young generation of our future and their future. :) 

Hope this post of the day won't bored you. Good day all! ;)

Official Website : Bonding with Gaya Street
About Bonding with Gaya Street - About BGWS
More photos from my page - Bonding with Gaya Street, #KKCity.