Thursday, January 12, 2012

VOTE for withinmeitzeu @ First World Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012!!!

It is an honour that I have been nominated as the "Best Travel Blog" by a friend/ blogger/ reader of mine. :) The first reaction when I received an email from the relevant party was :/ "What the heck is this?" And finally I've understand more when I read further. (lol) Thank you Cutebun. :)

 And now..... *grin smile* :)

A little favour that I would like you as a friend, as a reader, as a new comer to this blog - Sketches of Life, to VOTE for me for the first Worlds Bloggers and Social Media Awards 2012 that will be held at PWTC on 16th February, 2012.

If you love my blog, do VOTE for me as an encouragement to blog further and make Withinmeitzeu a place that everyone feel happy with. :)

Although I may not be classifying myself as the best travel blog or blogger who travels frequent such as other famous travel bloggers who most of us know, at least I try my best to make withinmeitzeu a good place to "chill" during a nice weekdays or weekends. :D For TRAVEL AND FOOD!

As for blogging, I do enjoy it and well... at least I have awesome readers and friends who love and enjoying themselves while reading my blog. Somehow or rather, I do wish that Sabahan bloggers to be recognised by people in the eye of the world. :) As in "Made in Sabah"/ Blog from Sabah and whatever terms that relates :P Moreover, one of my wish is to make Sabahan bloggers IN SABAH to be treated as good as other bloggers from other places. That's a vote which NOT TO GAIN POPULARITY but to allow others to know how good SABAHAN BLOGGERS are!!

About the voting, so here is it!!

Do look for to vote. :)

Dateline for online voting : 28 January, 2012. 

Before you could cast a vote for it, a simple registration (Sign up) on the website is needed, username & passwords and some other easy boxes to fill in. Besides voting for my blog, you might also nominate/ vote for other blogs too!

For those who voted for me, I really appreciate it and thank you! :)

No matter what's the result will be one month later, I will always be happy that my readers and friends support me for the Awards 2012! :)



  1. Well, I've vote and share em to my page.. ^_^.v..

  2. hi meitzeu! i will surely vote for your wonderful blog. i'm sooo following you! i can't wait to reading more of your posts. i do hope i can visit kota kinabalu soon. i soo love KL too! have a good day!

  3. Hello hello and wish passed
    happy weekend.
    a hug.

  4. All the best ya? :) Voted for you already.

  5. Amer : Thank you!!

    Aki : Thank you!!!

    Timeless : hehe :) Thank you blogger from Philippine! I do appreciate your vote. :) haha :D Sure~ I hope you won't get bored when I blogged too much. :P

    Ricardo : Hello!

    Thristhan : Thank you!! Voted for u too!

  6. Done and best of luck. I really don't like the login and all the particular being asked for but for your sake, I did not. Hope they don't use the contact no for database purposes bc these are P&C details.

  7. Nava : yea~ I found it weird too when it asked me to fill in my phone no. :) Thank U for your support! :D

  8. i'm the 50th voter and you're leading by far!!! :)

  9. support you le....I go Sabah last year and it really a nice place..

  10. Good luck n write more good stuff...

  11. Voted for you already.

    Never know Sabah has such a great park!

  12. Just voted for you! 71st voter! Good luck babe! =D

  13. I voted for you Meitzeu! Can you do me a small favor for voting me back? I'm under the Upcoming Blogger of the Year. Please...