Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prawn Noodles at Red Leaf Restaurant & Cafe, Jln Loke Yew, KL

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Back to the LAST pending post since May 2011... Finally. :P

Before we headed to Malacca, we took a cab from KL for our road trip to Malacca. And while we were on our way to Malacca, Uncle Taxi did brought us and treat us breakfast at the wellknown Prawn Noodles Hawker Stall located at Red Leaf Restaurant & Cafe, Jalan Loke Yew.

And Yes. It is delicious. 

- Prawn Noodles -

The Uncle Taxi talked so much about his past and non the less, praising the prawn noodle that he always brought his customer for a try and also to other hawker stalls around town.

- Prawn Noodles -

With the well done soup base, the whole bowl of prawn noodles was perfect. :) Not too spicy either.

Besides prawn noodles, they do have other hawker stalls serving various Chinese type of breakfast too!

So yea~ We had a short breakfast before we were late to catch up with the traffic jam on our way to Malacca. :)

If you manage to pass by Jalan Loke Yew, I think we should have a try of the prawn noodles. A good one indeed. 

A short trip to further place from town, we could find so much special kind of foods!


  1. and now,I'm hungry.. T_T.v.. Ok,now registering to vote you.. ^_^.v..

  2. sobs.....dun wanna fren you liao....It's my favourite noodle you drooling in the middle of the night liao......*sulks*

  3. That is simply delicious prawn mee and I will not mind even if it was spicy, our kind of food for sure.

  4. the prawn noodles looks good...
    Now I use to eat prawn noodle + loh mee (so called lohhar mee).. it is good..

  5. Looks delicious. Btw, this dish is also known as Penang Hokkien Noodle right?

  6. Aki : haha :D THank u!!!!

    Nava: I see~ I love spicy too!!

    Stella : hehe :P

    Simple : wow~ Sounds yummy!!

    thristhan : No la~ This is not hokkien mee, hokkien mee is black/ chocolate in colour. :)

    That pic is Penang Har Mee! haha :D

  7. i think i usually pass by this restaurant but rarely notice it. hahas will check it out soon coz it's really near :)

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  8. congrats for the nomination! i think u can beat Kenny Sia. hehe. good luck!
    the foods are so delish!!!!

  9. Fish : Go and have a try. I do like it.

    Aemy : thank you! hahaha :D I wish to. haha ;) But he will always be great!