Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One, Two and Three - My Days with CNY Dragon Year!

It means that this post is dedicated for my three days of amazing CNY "honeymoon" enjoying in town.

Seven days in a row, including clearing my leaves, public holidays and forced leave on the third day of CNY are finally over, I just love the holiday where we could just stay at home doing nothing, meeting up friends and others. What a life that most of the working people would like to have and IT IS UNREALISTIC!!

I'm gonna roughly point out a few important issues that I was involved/ managed to experience. :) Here goes...

Day 1 - 23rd Jan, 2012

- Fireworks at 12.00am -

When the clock strike 12.00am, the neighbourhood and other housing areas blew the fireworks and played the firecrackers even exceeded the usual amount which we normally had. It was like fireworks war out there. (O_o)

Besides, my neighbour was playing it for the past four days with unlimited supplies I guess. Somehow, I still heard the fireworks sound even after 1.00am.

- Fireworks -

Amazing view doesn't it? I took those shots infront of my house.

Fireworks beautified the sky, but polluted the air and the environment, recall "the sound pollution"?. :S (FYI, I'M NOT AGAINST FIREWORKS) It was all over Kota Kinabalu and the same applied to other places too. And you know what? The scariest matter is, there was one man aged 26 got his head blew off because of fireworks that he thought was not functioning, and it happended during midnight when his family were happily welcoming the new year. My gosh. :(

- Temple at 9.00am -

We went to the temple at 9.00am and less crowd compared with the later crowd.

- Lion Dance at Temple -

- Lion Dance at Temple -

Not my hand. It's meatballonline's hand!

Day 2

- Long Table -

Mom bought two new tables to extend the existing one from this year CNY and other occasions. Therefore, guests could enjoy my dad/ mom's Hainanese Teh C at the long table comfortably from now on. :)

- Cooperative mom added on her baskets collection to spice up my photo shoots at home -

- First Guests : My cousins family members in the morning -

They even had wine at 10.00am. -__-

Day 3

- Friends Gathering (the second in a day) -

The third day of CNY, it's a norms that gathering will be held during the third day of CNY. Anyway, luckily I was having forced leave from my boss (positive way of thinking :D) It's been a day with friends which most of us might only seeing each other once in a year. Good practice or maybe no?  I have been to two Upperstar branches today, first at Suria Sabah and the second (above) at Lintas.

The end for this CNY of mine, that completes my kind of CNY this year, nothing much to shout out about, it was just a normal one I'm having. :) How about yours? :)

Next, back to work on the fourth day and..... food and travel entries back to normal! :) 


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  1. I love your second fireworks photo. Looks like it time to shift to semi-pro camera. :)

  2. Love the firework shots! Did u shot these with the camera on tripod or handheld?

  3. ho ho ho.. lawa oh tu gambar.. I like!! ^_^.v.. sanda tebalik oh this CNY.. the beer is missing me this year..

  4. OMG I have to come back here to comment/ask.

    I read about the 26yr guy in today's Newspaper. What a tragic incident to happen that day. Condolence to his family. Was he your neighbour?

  5. Happy CNY Meitzeu. Whens ur turn to give out ang pow? ;)

  6. hainanese Teh C .. how is it taste?
    Good? share it next time .. step by step .. LOL

  7. Diana : :) Buy one!!

    De Engeniur : I didn't use tripod, neither handheld. :) I took it with my G12 without the tripod! :)

    Aki : THank you!!! lol

    De Engeniur : Well, he was not my neighbour, his house is at the other taman around my residential area. Everything was tragic for him and his family. :(

    Vibrantkkitty : hahaha :D I wish, but not yet la. :D

    Simple Person : Ofcourse it is good! Every guests come to my house, surely craving for that and it is not sweet! :) Well, cannot share I guess, family recipe. hahaha

  8. very awesome festive 3 days. shame on me..i have yet to put up anything from my 3 extensive days of eating:D

  9. You had a good CNY celebration with a nice photos and nice people surrounded you. Anyhow my condolenced and sympathy to the 26yrs old man family for that tragic accident. May hist soul get blessing from God.RIP.

  10. Happy CNY!!!!

    A very nice entry indeed... btw saya baru aje undi awak di Best Travel Blog!!! all the best..

    sudilah kiranya vote saya kembali blog saya untuk kategory THE WORST BLOG OF THE YEAR @ dan undi

    terima kasihhhh!! =)

  11. 2nd pic of the fireworks OMG. I've never seen that kind before.

    My CNY was fun fun fun hahaa. Went to find buddy bloggers at KL, go open house at Taiping then wall climbing and go to a club at owned by a Sabahan, where a lot of sabahans there. Feel like home. LOL.

    So sad though, didn't get a chance to meet any lions this year :P

    Happy Friday, Meitzeu!

  12. missblurkit : Hahaha :D I will read them once you've updated!

    Adza : Thank you for voting! :)

    Armstrong : Happy Friday Arms! hehe :) Some setting made on my camera and boom! That was nice to know you have fun with buddy bloggers there. :) All the event you went just awesome!!

  13. awesome celebration u had there! =D
    happy chinese new year meitzeu! =D