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Taiwan : TaiChung - Feng-Chia Night Market - iBUY & iEAT!! 【台湾游】 台中 - 逢甲观光夜市

Part 3 of Feng-Chia, Taichung!

After a short rest at the hotel from our afternoon sight seeing, it's time for another walk at the well known and the largest night market in Feng-Chia. 

Feng-Chia Night Market (逢甲观光夜市)

Over and over again, I have been emphasizing that Taiwan is famous for their small eateries which found most from night markets and non the less, the fashion with reasonably cheap, no wonder clothes sellers love to go Taiwan to purchase their goods (low cost = high income - somehow, they could even earn more than 200% when they bring back to Malaysia) . :)  Moreover, I show online shops that have the actual outlets too!

- The Night Market -

It is a norm to see pets running around, most Taiwanese are pet lovers and I MEANT IT! Both of the dogs were running towards the motorist (which I presume both of it know the man). And mentioned about motorists, OHMYGOSH! I was freak out with their driving method, no left nor right direction, they were all over the places! 0_0

- Random shot at the night market -

The hotel we were staying was above the night market, therefore, it is so near to have a walk around there. Comparison between the day and the night were totally different, more crowds of young and old came to the night market since evening. The crowd behind me were the crowd during 6.00pm, you might not want to know how many people were in the crowds when it is getting late.

- Welcome to Feng-Chia Night Market (逢甲观光夜市) -

The first night we were there walking and shopping in a group, however, we were lost during second night. Blame those shopping and so many interesting stuffs to see that attracts Icehippo's owner! (lol) I think both night we walked until 12.00am and my back was freaking pain and all those sticky sweat during summer night that I have experienced was just bad.

Here are the night market shots taken by me and my sister's friend, Carlos L., do enjoy them and imagine those FOODs I have came across with. :P (I always make people hungry what?) 90% are recommended eateries in Taiwan.

- The crowds -

- Those Korean Fried Cakes were SPICY!!! -

- The famous : Big Sausage cover small sausage (Direct translation of 大肠包小肠) -

Frankly speaking, I do not favour much of oily and fried foods (once in a while can la....) That sausage included bamboo shoots (Taiwanese love them and it was bamboo shoots season) in it, which it is a big NO NO for me. HOWEVER, buy one and try if you visit Taiwan. Sausage is a MUST TRY! :D Doggie's owner ate everyday, she just love sausages!

- The famous : 台湾卤味 (Taiwan Marinade Food) -

It is one of the famous food in Taiwan where we could find it in any night markets. I don't like how it look, but I have tried some of the normal one (which looks normal to me), they taste okay for me.

- I found Malaysia Satay (马来西亚沙爹)-

I wonder did the seller visit Malaysia before. I didn't try the satays though. :) And I saw it says pork? Hmm. :/

- The famous : Salted Chicken (盐水鸡) (Left) -

- The famous : 无骨炸鸡排 (Boneless Chicken Chop) -

I kind of like this one, it is similar size with the chicken pop corn by KFC. Small bites that I didn't felt disgust with.

- The famous : Steam Meat Buns (水蒸包) -

I like this! A normal one that I love. :)

In conclusion, our taste buds and culture are so much different with Taiwanese. That's they lifestyle and not ours, but wait, I didn't say all of us don't like. I'm one of them in minority. :P

- It's shopping time! - 

Fashionable dresses and accessories. :) Imported goods. Wow! It is a shopping heaven in Taiwan. Something you must know, they say shopping from Taichung is cheaper compared to Taipei. I wonder how true is that and IceHippo said she love shopping at Taichung while I'm the opposite, but... I still bought quite a bit at Taichung. ALAMAK! :S

Here's a video about the night market I have been walking along the main road and not at the middle of those crowded streets of foods and more.

- Feng-Chia Night Market (逢甲观光市) -

Yet, people walk and walk and walk. :D That's me with my black and white embroidered dress with green flower hair band.

And yes. I want to say the below...

- 逢甲疯街了!-


So many people over there and every where in Taiwan.

- Most of my shopping hauls with PomPom -

True that we doesn't have to bring many clothes (and shoes) to Taiwan, we could simply choose when we were there. :) Anyway, it is also depends on a person perception towards clothes they saw actually. I didn't try most of the dresses/ tops I have chosen (thought I could fit in in the first place) and it doesn't fit me well and I am selling off at Candy Love Closet. :D So, lesson learned - must try them on!

Well, that's all for Feng-Chia Night Market I have visited.

Have a nice day until my next Taiwan entry for readers who are interested in Taiwan! ;)

View Feng Jia Night Market (Point I) with larger view


  1. well,taiwan does provides food!! And I love to see em.. Ok,next destination would be this!! ^_^.v..

  2. Hahaha. I love the small eats in Taiwan too! I love Taiwan ^ ^

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  4. wah... Taiwan.. so nice ~

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  5. Aki : Remember to learn some chinese!!

    Nana : I love Taipei more. :D

    Henry : Yup! It's a must!!

    Lonely : A nice planning = Nice trip.

  6. Goodness!!! so much of food out in the streets of Taiwan to be tasted and yes, I would enjoy the spicy food too.

  7. Wow, look at all that delicious food. Must have cost a bomb for your trip there.

  8. Nave : Yup! Taiwan is famous for those small eateries. It's everywhere!

    Thristhan : haha :D Yup! So much money used! Oh my!

  9. i sooooo love this post! i've always wanted to go to taiwan. thanks so much for this. i'm sooo excited to reading more of your posts!

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