Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Italian Inspired Rose Garden at Stanley Park, Blackpool, UK (Part 4)

Fourth chapter of journey in Blackpool, UK.

Finally we arrived at the next visiting place after we had walked for about half an hour from the beach area. Our leader lead the way and it is also known as one of the Top 10 must do in Blackpool.

Being one of the well known park in Blackpool - Stanley Park.

And you never know how huge is the park from one end to the other which giving us tiring feet but enjoyable photography session there. :)

- Stanley Park -

Located at Westpark Drive, Blackpool FY3 9QS, United Kingdom.

- Stanley Park - 

The Park has been opened since 2nd October, 1926, which is much older than most of us or maybe all of us who are reading this entry.

As large as 256 acres, Stanley Park being Grade II listed and being awarded the Green Flag Award winning municipal park. Besides, it was designed around the Italian garden and is divided into four main areas: The Eastern quarter, The Northern quarter, The Western quarter and the Southern quarter. - (Sources)

And now, random shots that I love about Stanley Park and what caught my attention.

- The huge green field -

It is rare to see such a huge park in Malaysia with the cold air and trees that are so much greener than ours. Among few friends of us, we did some silly poses to represent our excitement to be there. :D

Furthermore, I saw there were dog owners who brought their pets for a walk at the park too! Was trying to take a photo with one of it but the dog was "excited" and scared us. -_-

- Rose Garden -

It came with different sizes and most of it were larger than the usual we sees. One if it almost as large as my face!

- Roses from Rose Garden -

I love roses and I think most of the female I knew love roses too. :)

- Roses -

All of the blooming roses do look amazing.

- Squirrels in the neighborhood -

Quite a large one as other animals I could see when I was furthering my studies back then. The swans, the ducks and etc. Those were the most daring squirrels I had accoutered, even I walked closely to one of it, it won't ran off and I managed to take photos with it. haha :D 

- Which I look more afraid -

- Relaxing myself on the ground -

It was not my first attempt to sit on the ground when I was studying in UK. I miss that Sun, the green park with all those beautiful surrounding that we sit before. I have posted that photo in my Facebook Page few days ago and I have stated something sound like "Who dare to sit with such a pose in Malaysia?" And one reader replied "He will... but with a mat!" (lol) :D Yes. Reasonable thought.

- He was excited -

A young and adorable boy came forward and found interested in me and friends shooting session, asked him whether we want to take photos with us and he said "YES!" with that cute little face. :)

- Bowling Green -

Such a huge bowling field that we passes by to the other part of the park.

- Outside Parks Art Deco Cafe -

Newly planted roses that look much neater than the grown up one. There is a cafe located nearby, however, we didn't have a drink as our time were limited.

 - The Eastern Quarter : Boating Lake -

The Eastern Quarter of Stanley Park contains the lake which is home to many water birds. Besides, we can hire rowing and motorboats to enjoy the scenery around the lake with your love ones.

- Dogs -

All kind of breeds that we could see when we were there. In short,  it is a norms to see people bringing their pets around. I do like this breed. :) That's pity when I saw his foot having such wound.

- Men best friend - 

Cute don't they? :)

Stanley Park is huge, we didn't managed to walk and visit the whole park which consist of various facilities to the public, such as golf course and others. Despite we took sometime there, it was time for us to leave while drizzling rain falling.

We walked back to the main town while having a rest at Subway and went to the beach while we have some time left before we leave Blackpool.

That's complete the walk at Stanley Park, have a great work day everyone. ;)

And the next - The last summary on my Trip in Blackpool. ;)

 View Stanley Park with larger map

Location : Stanley Park, Blackpool, UK
Source of information : Visit Blackpool and Blackpool-Bed and Breakfast.


  1. wha.. I super like the doggie!!! Cute to the max!! especially the one who carrying the ball with his mouth.. yeah ha.. ^_^.v..

  2. English park is so beautiful! I really wish I get to travel to Europe one day!

    Happy New Year 2012! Lets do all the best for everything this year! woohoo!!!

  3. Parks might not be as popular as other countries in Malaysia but they sure one to visit overseas.

  4. Aki: cute lerrrrr... :D haha. Me too!

    Daniel : Yup. English park is beautiful, but not much ppl like to visit it. Happy New Year to you too!

    Wilson : Yes. Agree.

  5. The rose garden looks simply amazing and beautiful roses all blooming, what more with the many colors. I have to agree with you that we don't have much big parks over here though the only one I used to go during my younger days was the lake garden and it was for jogging.

  6. I not really into roses but I must admit that the roses are pretty amazing and lovely.

    Look at the dogs! There are so adorable and cute. I am dog lover definitely and I did took lots of dogs photo too when in UK. Just can't take off my eye from them.

  7. stanley park so nice! the boy and the dog so cute!!! :D

  8. Nava : Yea~ Different places, different usage, different feelings.

    Diana : Yaya! So many breeds over there! I saw husky at York!

    Henry : hahha :D Cute person oo~