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【沙巴游】 丹南 : 沙巴植物公园 Fun in Sabah : Tenom - Sabah Agriculture Park

I still remember that I visited Tenom when I was much younger back then. Once again, sometime around August last year.

First, we have traveled for approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours from Kota Kinabalu to Tenom (bypass Papar Road).

- Taman Pertanian Sabah / Sabah Agriculture Park -

Years ago (during Diploma) I was introduced about it when my friend was presenting about the well known park of his hometown, Tenom.


- The Entrance Fee -

Entrance fee are required as the fees collected will be used to maintain the park for us to enjoy. 

"Taman seluas 200 hektar ini merupakan sebuah "Taman Ilmu" yang menawarkan pendidikan dan aktiviti rekreasi yang dikendalikan oleh Jabatan Pertanian Sabah." - Taman Pertanian Sabah

Translation :
" As large as 200 hectors, the Park is known as the "Park of Knowledge" whereby it offers learning and recreation activities which manage by Sabah Agriculture Departments" - Sabah Agricultural Park

Within 200 hectors, the Park consists of 7 main categories which namely Taman Hiasan (Decorative Garden), Muzium Tanaman (Plant Museum), Taman Haiwan (Animal Park), Taman Model (Module Park), Taman Evolusi (Evolution Garden), Muzium Pusat Lebah (Bee Museum) and Orkid Asli (Wild Orchids Garden).

- The Transportation -

That's how I know about the importance of that transportation after the whole (most of the park division) Park being explored by us in the end. I almost can't felt my feet, we walked so much and the whole park is huge and yet, so much to interesting plants to explore, non the less, they do have some animals and birds there as well!

So here goes some my photos of Sabah Agriculture Park that I've took! ;)

- Decorative Garden -

We didn't hop on to the "train" while it was overload with people earlier and it was such a waste if we were standing there and waited for the next train to arrive. We walked slowly to one of the garden nearby and walked further.

Decorative Garden consists of 21 Gardens in it, such as National Flower Garden, Ixora Flower Garden, Cactus Garden and etc.

- Cactus Garden -

- They called it Sabah Fruit -

Which is non eatable.

- The Lake -

It is one of the recreation place that the public could kayak or paddling at the pond. Besides kayaking, we could rent a bicycle to cycle around the Park. Quite an interesting Park for young and adults.

- Animal Park -

I saw deers, monkeys, peacocks, Ostriches and other animals too. No tigers or Giraffes by the way. :D

- The map - 

- Carnivorous Plant Garden -

Nepenthes plant is one of the carnivorous plant as we could see. Quite a number of Nepenthes species that I saw when I was there. Interesting.

- Hybrid Orchids Garden -

I love Hybrid Orchids Garden which is more colourful compared to others. Orchids were blooming every where!

- Wild Orchids Garden - 

Besides hybrid Orchids, we shall not forget about the origin of its kind. :) 

As referred to the leaflet on my hand now, the Orchids Centre is being qualified as one of the Orchids collection centre in Borneo which actively conserving Orchids species. Approximately 400 species out of 1,500 species  in Borneo can be found in the Orchids Centre which includes some endangered species too. 

How lucky that I could see them personally when I was there. :)

- Man made pond -

They said the leaf could carry a baby on it. :D

We were there for hours and managed to visit most of the Garden there and in the end, we hop on to the train and that's when we ended our Sabah Agriculture Park visit at the main entrance. :) Interesting and gained some knowledge during the visit though. :)

That's all for Tenom entry. Besides the Park which is recommended to be visited, I have been understood that there is a Cultural Village too! FYI, the Origin of Murut tribe was from Tenom. :)

View Kota Kinabalu to Tenom with larger view 
Location : Tenom.
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  1. Been there before..but not able to visit all the plant garden & animal park.Would love to visit again if I get a chance.Haha.

  2. Back to nature...
    i think this year i will start planning on my holidays to these places .. hill, forest, reservoir ... 1 big problem is the mosquito.. they are killing me...

  3. I love the photo of the Decorative Garden. It makes me feels like in Japan during sakura festival. Hahaha

  4. I've been there waktu budak hingusan and that time,most of the place is under construction.. bila tengok skrg, fuhhh, wonderfull ohh..

  5. Very nice place & well captured, Diana.

    I remember we went there in a car-convoy few years back and from this pics they have done few changes and the agriculture park seems greener, fuller and more beautiful now!

  6. arlen : Gogogo!

    Simple Person : Yea~ Mosquitoes is a problem and Leech too!!

    Diana : Yea~

    Aki : Interested to visit again ler~~

    De engeniur : My name is meitzeu oo~~ Yup! So much things to see now!

  7. amazing pics. I know Tenom is famous for the kopi

  8. @meitzeu. Sorry bout that.

    I was reading Diana Diane Teo's entry on other browser window and I must've mixed-up yours with hers.

    BTW, I love reading your travel post, as well as Diana's

    Pls accept my apologies.

  9. Very green environment and peace....FYI I have voted you for thr Bloggers & Social Media Awards 2012 and good luck to you.

  10. Small Kucing : Yea! Couldn't agree with that! :)

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    Tina : Hey Tina! Long time no see! :) Thank uuuuu!! :)

  11. amazed by the huge leaves! would i sink in if i step on them?hehehe

  12. really a nice place. I just thought that fee for pensioners/senr ctzn shld be free? or at least lesser.