Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon (2012) from :)

Happy Chinese New Year to friends, family and non the less, my readers! :) 

Finally I have bought my Domain name and from now on, this blog will be identified as and no more Say bye bye to, you had served me well for the past few years and you may need to serve me in that name for one or two pending posts later. Thank you.

So the day before first day of CNY, it's CHINESE NEW YEAR EVE!! Yeah! :D

How's your CNY eve? I had my Reunion Dinner around 6.00pm and the whole day was occupied with house chores (as usual Sunday) and dyed my hair with liese, this time is Sweet Almond, online and waited till 12.00 am, which indirectly informing you that this post is a scheduled one! :) Those firecrackers and fireworks at my housing area are like having war, blasting here and day since afternoon, I bet 12.00am, the sky will be so much beautified! :D

So now, sharing the photos I managed to took at house in the evening, the preparation et cetera..

- CNY decoration by my mom at the kitchen -

- Mandarin Oranges -

- Reunion Dinner -

A night when all the family members from near and far gathered together for reunion once in a year. A night for laughter and cherish with them. DO REMEMBER to keep away thattt.... smartphone you are holding, we are too busy with them. haha :D

- The 压岁钱 (Direct translate: New Year's Money)!! -

Me and my sisters received our red packets from our parents on the eve of CNY . :) If you want to know more about the myth of the New Year's money, do google it. ;)

 - My bling-ed nails -

Went for manicure and pedicure the day before CNY eve and the beauty centre was busy since morning which me and meatball need to wait for a while before our turn (even we have pre-booked it). This is my second time went to the saloon for mani and pedi. :P

- Night Market at Lido, Kota Kinabalu -

I only went to Lido and Foh Sang, the town area will be so packed with people. (0_0) It's a norms since earlier days when it is CNY. On the day before CNY eve, the public here will automatically visit to any of/ all the night markets which held around town (Sinsuran, Foh Sang, Lido) to enjoy the crowds and doing that last minute shopping, even the mall will be operating until 12.00am. :) How about Semenanjung? Do they have such?

That's my post for today, may all of you have a great year of abundance, wealth and prosper! Once again, happy CNY to all! :)

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  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you & family :D

  2. Happiii CNY to you...
    Have a good dragon year ahead..
    The FISH IS SO BIG.. c i really envy Sabahans .. always get the best seafood .... LOL

  3. Have a prosperous dragon year! Congrats on ur new domain. Keep blogging! XD

  4. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you all!! And thank you for dropping even it's CNY!! :)

  5. Yay! here also got few places packed with ppl b4 CNY at market

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    Cutebun Twitter

  6. Good good, at least I know other places also got such event. :D

  7. grats on the new domain :) happy chinese new year to you and family! may dragon brings prosperity to all!

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  8. Vibrantkitty : Xin Nian Kuai Le to U too! :D


  9. Fish : Thank u and wishing have a blessed in this year of the Dragon! :)

  10. Wow! Your pomfret sure looks so much bigger than your duck. All looks so yummy :)

  11. who's up for dragon! hehee. omg i love ur nails!! happy CNY :D

  12. Edwin : Yea~ The price is so much expensive too! :P

    Aemy : lolz :D Looks like fireworks right? Happy CNY to you too!

  13. Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family!!

    Wilson Ng

  14. happy chinese new year dear..may god blessing you!=)

  15. gong hei fatt choy. i love the reunion dinner spread:D awesome maximus!

  16. Wilson : Same to you too!

    Azeanthy : :) Thank u!!

    Missblurkit : hahaha :D Yea~ Reunion dinner is great!!

  17. Happy Chinese New Year Meitzeu! Have a prosperous year of the dragon. I hope you win Best Travel Blog!

  18. Happy chinese New Year Meitzeu!! Wish you the best for this coming year~ <3

  19. Happy Chinese New Year, Meitzeu. Hope u had a great start to the year of the dragon.

    About the night market/bazaar, I know in Sinsuran many people go there just to feel the atmosphere and join the crowd, without buying anything particular. Maybe buy some makan2 to get the feel of things.