Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Taiwan : Nan Tou, TaiChung - YiFuTang, The Oldest Bakery 【台湾游】 台中之南投 : 一福堂老店

Part 1 of Road Trip to Nan Tou (南投), Taiwan.

While we were on our way to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭), Brother Zhang (our driver) brought us to Taiwan well known bakery at Nan Tou area. While I was surfing the internet searching for some information about this bakery, I have found out that there were few other branches which located at Taichung City too! :) However, I think it is not as large as the bakery that we had visited that day.

- The Logo -

The Logo of 一福堂老店 (Yi Fu Tang Lao Dian) which attached outside the building and I bet every tourists/ visitors will sees it while they are on their way to Sun Moon Lake and 九族文化村 (Jiu Ju Cultural Village).

- The Direction signboard -

Next destination was Sun Moon Lake!

Within two hours, I met so many tourists in groups from other Asian countries such as China and Hong Kong, I'm sure their itinerary includes the bakery as one of their visiting place.

- 天下第一酥 -

I assumed that the bakery is the first and oldest on at Taiwan. :) We entered the building and managed to took some photos of what I found it interesting and best seller of cakes. The above is the favourite spot where most/ all of the tourists might want to have their photo shooting with.

- The moulds  -

Various moulding board attached on the wall and all of them are quite interesting of all kinds of patterns, big or small. No, those attached are used 'for decoration purpose and people doesn't walk to the wall and pick whichever they want to use for their next products. :P

-  It's time to choose cakes and cookies! -

One corner of the products being presented and person in charge will introduced all kinds of cakes and cookies to their customers and varieties of tester for us to try! :D

- Their history represented by the frames hanged -

And the next...... Scroll to see more of their famous cakes, cookies, milky sweets and other local snacks to buy!

- Various choices of snacks and cakes as souvenirs to friends and family -

- 鲜奶太阳饼 (Xian Nai Tai Yang Bing) -

Direct translation would be Milky Sun Cookie. It taste soft and filling. It is a good selection as souvenirs to others, which most friends who came back will bring us this. I like this one and I did bought some for the office too, especially for my Boss with nice packaging designed box.

- 招牌柠檬饼 (Zao Pai Ning Mong Bing) -

The "Signature Lemon Cake", the texture of the cake is soft and taste.. still okay with sweet and lemon-ed flavour, combination of cake's texture, the person in charge recommended us to chill it before consuming and keep them inside the refrigerator. The cake would be nice if consume it together with a cup of coffee or tea during the afternoon.  :)

10 of us bought various cakes/ souvenirs and the benefits purchased from 一福堂老店(the bakery), they even have the transportation service of packing and sending the purchased items to our staying place a.k.a. the service apartment that we were living and we don't need to bring our goods through out the day trip.

Time consuming in the end and off we go to the next destination - Sun Moon Lake!

- Our Transportation and one of the building at Sun Moon Lake -

A very short introduction about Sun Moon Lake... I like the scenery and the native people there! However, that place was way to crowded with tourists and I felt miserable when those people were not that friendly and the whole place was NOISY!!! :(

- Cruising at Sun Moon Lake -

码头游艇, 我来咯!!! Lake Cruising, HERE I COME!! :D

And it will be written in the coming Taiwan's entry! Stay updated!

Official Website : 一福堂老店

Location : Sun Moon Lake Branch, Taiwan - 日月潭店:南投縣埔里鎮桃米路23-2號


  1. I also went here with the tour. And I did bought the Signature Lemon Cake. Taste nice but can't last more than a week. I did bought another cake such as Yam Cake. :D

  2. u got a piggy chop on ur hand..
    who bought u ? kekeke


    There are so many moulds. They should use it as well ....

    Seems Taiwan is so fun n nice.. in fact i got 2 uncles staying there.. should give them a visit one day...

  3. am impressive by all the moulds on the wall.

  4. Those cake moulds hanging on the wall are really cool.




  5. Diana : I saw that one, I wanted to buy... but in the end.. no oo~ :(

    Simple perso : haiz... the cruise ppl bought me. hahhaa :D A place to stay while you were there is good! Go and visit Taiwan if possible, although the food not all of us are suitable with.

    Small Kucing : Yup! I like the way it been presented.

    Lady G : hehe :) Yup!

  6. Nice deco esp the attachment of the mould in the cafe and I must wow to the lemon cake. Waiting to see the lake cruising as I did this in Venice and it was awesome.

  7. It sure looks yummy. I guess it was a blessing that they do deliver or else what you bought might be all eaten along the way at Sun Moon Lake. :) It looks like it is hard to resist sinking your teeth into them.

  8. Interesting moulds with various patterns especially those tiny size.....so cool. Can't wait to read your cruising at Sun Moon Lake :-)

  9. Nava K : :) Coming soon!

    Edwin : Yea~ Our gang bought 4 large boxes!! OMG!

    TIna : yup~ Eye catching. :)

  10. I sure wish I'll go there too next time! Bet it's super yummy!

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    Cutebun Twitter

  11. i wish i had a doraemon's door right now & enter it & join you!! heee...
    this is so awesome, babe!

  12. reckon with most of such tourist place, it will be loud and noisy. service will be quite impersonal and hurried so that they can make space for the group of tourist.