Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Evening Tea at Muffinz Deli Cafe, Sutera Habour, K.K., Sabah

Evening Tea before attending the Christmas Lighting by Sutera Habour last month. 

The event haven started when we arrived at Magellan, Sutera Habour, me and Meatball-Online went to Muffinz for a cup of coffee before the event started. Without Meatball leading the way, I think I will be lost at the hotel compound. -_-

- The Christmas Decoration : Cookies House - 

It was located next to the counter for us to take photographs. Those packaged cookies interest me much.

 - Various Cakes for selection - 

Meatball-Online requested Chocolate Moist Cake which was.... extremely sweet for me which doesn't suit my taste bud.

 - Muffinz Deli Cafe -

The interior design of Muffinz looks interesting with colourful wallpaper. Besides, it also offer pool table and other board games for children and adults too.

 - Chocolate Moist and Cappuccino -

 The cake I have mentioned before. Cappuccino taste still okay.

As for the price, for both of that is cost RM26.00+ in total, which is normal to be cost similar for tea at the hotel in town without a hotel membership card.

 - The Counter -

Nice environment to chill once in a while. My first visit wasn't that good, maybe I should try the muffins instead on my next visit (if I have one in the future) ;) They told us the muffins was good.

Cakes and coffee... I loving indulgence.

Location : Magellan Sutera Habour, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. sa tia pernah singgah sana tu.. but hey, the price was good la.. ^_^.v..

  2. looks like a luxury indulgence eh..hehe a cup of latte and tiramisu make a perfect combo!
    Happy new year to you!

  3. Hi there,

    Well, cakes are desserts but sometimes ppl tend to have sweet tooth. I hate sweet cakes too sometimes.


  4. The deco of how the cakes were wrapped to for Christmas theme looks amazing and thumbs up for the creativity. Ah!!!!! cappuccino is all my fav because I am such a big coffee drinker and whenever I have a chance, its this drink I go for.

  5. Small Kucing : Yup. It is. :)

    Aki : Only 1 coffee and cake worrrr....

    hcvvorld : Agree! But, i din saw Tiramisu that day. :(

    Wilson : Nooooo~~ Too sweet cant finish later. :P

    Nava : Yea~ Creativity of the 5 Star hotel. :)

  6. wow the muffins stacked up there looks nice!