Friday, January 6, 2012

The Different Faces of Blackpool, UK. (Complete)

Finally completed my journey through out Black Pool, UK. :) 

Beside being thankful to readers who take the effort to read all my past Blackpool entries, I would like to thank Wilson from "Places and Foods" who came forward and invited me to write a guest post about Blackpool with regards to what we could do/ visit within a day at Blackpool, in short - "Day Trip to Blackpool" (Hereinafter referred to as *recommended*)

As you all know, a group of us have traveled one (1) and a half (1/2) hour by train from Liverpool to Black Pool for a day trip. Our time was limited and we only managed to visit a few interesting places (by foot) and such places will be shown below with links under each images shown. In addition to places I have visited, I have attach with other interesting places for day trip to Blackpool too.

The amazing scenery that we have experienced while we were on our way to Blackpool from Liverpool. There's always something special that we could experience when we travel by land. Non the less, we could enjoy the beautiful scene outside the window compared with traveling by airplane. :)

I love the beach area which so much interesting outlets from various entertainment centres to a funky photography studios. Besides, the BLACKPOOL TOWER *recommended* behind me is the famous landmark of Blackpool which is still standing proudly for many years. Besides, it is also classified as one of the Top 10 things to do in Blackpool. (Blackpool Tower official website : HERE). I never thought that there are five main attractions beside the external building architecture which inspired by Eiffel Tower of Paris, such as The Eye, The Dungeon, The Circus, The Ballroom and Jungle Jim's Children's Indoor Play.

A random interesting outlet that we managed to drop by and have a look while they caught our eye to have a look inside. 

- Part 4 : Italian Inspired Rose Garden in Stanley Park *recommended* -

Stanley Park, being one of the Top 10 things to do in Blackpool and the largest park in Blackpool. It definitely a place of nature lovers or people who seek for a relaxing/ out from the busy area far from town.

Here are some random photographs of mine from other interesting places in town :

- Blackpool Illuminations a.k.a The Lights (source) *recommended* -

I'm in love with the street along the promenade (although I only experienced it during the day) and from what have I understood, Blackpool Illumination is a light festival which held for 66 days in each year from early September to early November (subject to change). Images from reliable source shows the illuminations of Blackpool are amazing with those neon lights. :)

- Madame Tussauds Blackpool (which replaced former Louis Tussauds Waxworks) -

The home to waxworks in Blackpool which located along the promenade. I might not be interested in this one whereby nothing is more important than enjoying the perfect surrounding of a destination visited.

- The Sunset along the promenade/ beach (As seen in Part 2) *recommended * -

Personally, I do love the Sunset and the low tide view at Blackpool, it is beautiful and a great experience that I ever had. :) Hence, I saw the magnificent Blackpool view from the beach too.

And there goes for my things to do for a day in Blackpool. ;)

Besides places that I have visited and recommended, you may check out the list of Top 10 Things To Do in Blackpool from here, which is quite a useful one for any information about Blackpool from entertainment and visiting places.

- Good bye Blackpool -

A fruitful day trip to Blackpool back then with friends. It's about time that we took the train at 9.55pm back to Lime Street Station, Liverpool. Yes, its almost 10.00pm and the sky were still bright during July 2008 and finally I took my dinner without noticing it was late while we were waiting for the train to depart.

The journey ended when we leaved Blackpool. :)

View the route from Liverpool to Blackpool with larger map

- Route to Blackpool from Liverpool -

So now you know how far did we traveled from Liverpool to Blackpool within one and a half hour. :D Beside by land, travelers could visit Blackpool by taking the domestic flight within UK too.

:) Hope you are enjoying this entry. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. amazing pic. Looks like you had a terrific time there :)

  2. Hope someday I can go there too!

  3. Whenever I see UK's places, all in mind were Football.. ha ha ha..

  4. I think it's a nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing this ;)

  5. I like how you compose your shot on Rose garden. Beautiful view.

    and shots with the sun going further down setting at promenade beach should be amazing too.

  6. Small Kucing : Yea~ I never thought that the whole story combined become memory of the old times.

    Sherrie : GOOGO!

    Aki : hahaha :D Yea~ Blackpool also got team bah!

    Stella : Love to share all of them!

    De engeniur : THank you. :)

  7. For sure it was worth the trip as I can so many wonderful places you have visited and at the same time, enjoying the food here too.

  8. UK is amazing, full with historical buildings.I wish I can step into their land.

  9. Madame Tussauds I visited in 1997, during that time, Arnold and Princess Diana was the featured people there. Probably there are lots more characters there now.