Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chunky Fish Noodle by Tung Fong Sea Food Restaurant (东风海鲜饭店), Inanam, Sabah

The shortest post that I could complete within a day/ hours - Food post. :D

It's been quite a while that I'm putting effort for days to complete a destination posts if you could understand, it wasn't easy to complete a post with so much information to be shared either, drafting those words and what so ever. Indeed I'm serious towards blogging. ;)

Okay, back to one of the pending entries. Before I've visited Tung Fong Sea Food Restaurant, Meatballonline was praising quite a lot about it and I was looking forward to visit it personally.

- Tung Fong Sea Food Restaurant -

It's my turn to have a morning breakfast with my parents and meatballonline during one Saturday morning.

- Braised Fish Fillet (焖鱼)*Recommended* -

The gravy was good, the deep fried fish fillets were chunky and the whole dish served with a hint of chilli flavour and that's really good. I kept eating the gravy with the fish fillets while having my Kon Lou Rice Vermicelli.

- Mixed Fish Soup (鱼杂)*Recommended * -

Such a HUGE bowl for 4 of us and finished it in such a short time, which... I took only a small bowl of it, imagine how it taste with those mixed fish of different part, especially with good fish type. *My Gosh*

I'm hungry while I'm typing this. -_- And I still can feel the texture of the braised fish fillet.

- My Plate of Rice Vermicelli -

FYI, the restaurant do serve other kind of noodles too! :) Which I prefer rice vermicelli in fact. 

That's all for today! :) Taiwan entry should be next... I think. ;)

Location :
From Tuaran/ Inanam towards KK City. Turn left at the junction (before) when we saw a Shell petrol station, there's a signboard beside the road that we could see from the roadside. Drive further, we could see a restaurant which crowded with customers. :)


  1. i really envy sabahans .. plenty of fresh seafood..
    The best thing - the price is very cheap ... Spot Garoupa is only cost RM80/kg OMG ..
    The mixed fish soup is really yummy. i saw some tomato n tofu.. how is the taste? looks like teochew steam fish style..
    must take a trip.. when is the best time to travel to KK?

  2. So much food! Looks delicious!

  3. i see fish food stuff here! but in KL, i dont think i can get them at such low price with all fresh ingredients. sabah is really a heaven of seafood ;)

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  4. Simple Person : Yea~ I came across the same with the Tofu thing. The whoe bowl of mixed fish is AWESOME!!

    You could visit Sabah, anytime as you wish, we have similar tropical weather within Malaysia. :) And we can't really forecast the exact good weather now a days, it's just abnormal. :)

    Nana : Yes! it is delicious!

    Fish : Yes, it depends on restaurant we visited too.

    Daniel : me too!!!!!!

    Nikel : :)

  5. haha...i certainly live up to my blurness.