Friday, January 20, 2012

Taiwan : Feng Jia, TaiChung - Full Stop Breakfast!【台湾游】 台中之逢甲 - 满点速食早餐!

Part 4 (Last) of Feng Jia-Chia, Taichung. :)

The day which we were going to start our day trip far from Feng Jia to Sun Moon Lake, the well known cake house/ souvenir shops while we were on our way and at the same time, some sight seeing too.

But before we started our day, BREAKFAST will be the first thing we had in mind and we must leave Feng Jia at 10.30am to start our fun trips with the transportation service we had hired! And you know what? There was only one place we could have our breakfast and especially it is located near to the guest room we lived. FYI, restaurants there normally opens later in the afternoon (11.00am as a norms) or in the evening, in fact it's depends on the location too.

- Feng Jia Shoplots -

We met our guest room's owner, Mr. Chiou at the breakfast place and he told us that the breakfast served was okay and okay it may seen. Found some seats and ordered our local breakfast just like others.

- 满点速食早餐 (Direct translation : Full Dots Express Breakfast) -

Where we were having our breakfast at the walk way of operating shops in the evening.

- The Menu of 满点速食早餐 -

The various Sandwiches, Fried Noodles, Beverages, theomelet, Bacon and others for your to fill our hunger before we started our day.

In fact, Taiwanese breakfast consist of high calories, and of course we need to depends on which restaurants/ cafes we visited.

And now, all of these were the breakfast we had!

-Vegetables Theomelet (蔬菜蛋饼)-

I never come across the word "theomelet" before, until I went google-ing in its Chinese words (lol). *geleng kepala*

Their theomelet was okay as I have tried a few pieces and sharing the whole plate with friends too.

- 鲜奶(Fresh Milky Tea) -

Taiwanese Bubble Teas are awesome and as well as theirs! Is a must try when we visit Taiwan. :)

- 炒面蛋 (Fried Noodle with Eggs) -

I finished the whole plate of noodle and it was just nice for an individual portion and most of all - REASONABLE!! Conversion approximately NTD 10 = RM1.00, it's only RM3.80! :)

- Breakfast on the second day -

Since we had breakfast there before, might as well we had another breakfast again at the same place and it was the nearest and easiest spot we could have our breakfast before we leave Feng Jia to Taipei.

And now.... Teaser for the next post. :)

 - Mountains that we saw -

We were on our way to Nantou (南 投), our nice diver - Mr. Zhang told us a short introduction about that mountain whereby the mountain named 100 mountains or 99 mountains which formed after the earthquake years ago, I can't recall it and even I googled ups and downs, I just can't find the name of that mountains and there's a whole long lists of mountains at Taiwan. (OMG).

That's breakfast for us before we start our journey, stay tuned for the next Taiwan entries of mine! :)

Location : Feng Jia, Taichung (逢甲, 台中)

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  1. Fried noodles w egg..... Something common in Malaysia...
    Is d noodles r spaghetti.....

  2. wow! looks macam sedap!! got Halal restaurant ka sana? ;)

  3. how long you been to Taiwan? I must read all your food post before going to Taiwan vacation!

  4. Alamak! If I go there sure end up hungry. Cant read the menu.

  5. All that for Rm3.80? That is certainly cheap!

    hmmm..if food is cheap then this only means more money for shopping. mwahaha...a reason to hit taiwan this year for our getaway!

  6. Simple Person : Yea~ it's common to find similar one in Malaysia - Mamak stall! It seems like spaghetti though. :)

    Nana : Yea~ Nice view and it depends on personal perception too.

    Nowriz : I'm not sure do they have Halal shop or not, but fast food outlets should be halal la. :P

    Shiiteck : Its during August 2011 when I visited Taiwan.

    Small Kucing : ya lor. My Chinese not that good, and I was pening when I was reading those Chinese.

    Missblurkit : No la... RM3.80 for that plate of noodle. haha :D Yea~ You are right! Shopping is good there!

  7. Heard so much about Taiwan and their snacks already.. wanted to go one day! :)

  8. Reanaclaire : You should go and experience it. :)

  9. yay! a domain! haha... the noodles with eggs looks nice :)