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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fusion Cuisine by IHOP Cafe @ Lintas Plaza

This is one of the new cafe that is operated since few months ago. I like it there whereby the food served are tasty and acceptable! :)

Went there for a few times with my manager and a colleague of mine, and even Beverly, Charlotte and Calista like their food served.

 - Hawaii Sunset (left) and  Korean Citrus (right) -

Drinks that we had during our first visit. :) I had Korean Citrus and it tasted ordinary which nothing much to shout out about, in fact it only taste like citrus (sweet and sour) and added in with coconut cubes.

- I Hop Cafe -

 - Chicken Chop with Brown Sauce -

Serving portion quite huge that the chicken was not well done (fully cooked) for my manager first trial but at least the restaurant took the initiative to make sure the grilled chicken was fully cooked before serving on the second time.

 - Butter Chicken Rice -

Colleague had this and she said that it is still okay.

- Chicken Fillet Cheese Bake Rice (Black Pepper Sauce) @ RM8.95 -

Aww~ I love their cheese baked rice, it is good to the extend that i had it almost the same cheese bake rice series on every visits. Reasonable priced, portion was enough, fried rice, tasty and smells good as well.

Normally I request for black pepper sauce, but I had pumpkin sauce on my recent visit there and it was good as well!

- Menu -

Browsed through the menu and found out that they serve set lunch during week days, finger foods, tea breaks (sandwiches) and other Asian fusion delights.

Well, this cafe didn't let us down at least for now. I hope that they will maintain their good quality on food preparation and friendly/ attentive services. :)

Location :
Lot 28-1, 1st Floor, Lintas Plaza

Contact No. :
088 -538 816
Facebook : IHOP Cafe

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hong Kong : Central, Hong Kong Island - The Locals at Tsui Wah Restaurant ! 【香港游玩记】 香港岛之中环 - 翠華餐廳

Hong Kong Part 6 -  翠華餐廳 (Tsui Wah Restaurant), Central (中环), Hong Kong Island (香港岛)

After our sight seeing with the antiques and culture at Hollywood Road, we went for afternoon tea at Tsui Wah Restaurant which is commonly known as the must visit restaurant in Hong Kong.

 - 翠華餐廳 (Tsui Wah Restaurant) -

 "Located in the epicenter of Central, this branch of Tsui Wah Restaurant is catered for all aspects of Hong Kong. It was established since 1967, and has developed from a simple and limited menu to a full ranged one. This "Cha Chaan Teng" is opened 24 hours, serving busy office workers to post-LKF party goers at every hour. The combination of fast, causal and full flavoured restaurant is a must-try for ones who haven't been." - Open Rice

 - Hi Tea Set -

Those recommended meal for afternoon tea, ala HK style! Choose one from the menu and complimentary Milky Tea served as well.

- 至朝鱼蛋片头河 · HKD$37 (Fish Balls and Fish Cakes with Rice Noodles in Fish Soup) *Signature* -
Smells good when the fish noodle served. The fish soup flavour just caught my tongue after i had a sip from my uncle's bowl of noodle. Gosh, It tasted real good with all the fishy extracts! (lol)

 - Polo Bun (Pineapple Bun) *Signature* -

Namely pineapple bun, but without the pineapple. Hahaha :D I always wonder about the name. The Polo Bun served by Tsui Wah is HUGE! Almost the size of a human face, the butter on the outer layer of the bun was crunchy when I had it. But first, we must put the cold butter in it and the taste of the whole bun will be complete just like the below!

- Polo Bun -

- HK Style Milky Tea -

With Tsui Wah recognised cup design. I heard about the term "奶茶" from HK movie. And yea... I think I had milky tea almost everyday during Hong Kong trip and each restaurant I went served quite a good tea, just like the tea made by my parent.

It is not necessary to visit Tsui Wah Restaurant at Central Branch, the restaurant can widely found any where in Hong Kong.

So... I told you I had quite a feast during my Hong Kong especially with the parents and relatives. :) Looking forward to share more about the food I had!

Location :
G-2/F, 15-19 Wellington Street, Central

Contact :
+852 2525 6338

Monday, December 24, 2012

White Christmas & Tropical Christmas!!

Here comes the season to be jolly! :)

How was your Christmas Eve or should I say, this holiday season?

Mine was okay, life still goes on even there's part of me falling apart.

- Christmas Eve & Weekend -

Had a light dinner at Japanese Restaurant with petit mari after work. Heavy lunch with colleague at Party Play which in the end, our Boss treat us which we were caught red handed while still having lunch during working hour. :P

On Saturday, catching up with Beverly and had a relax Saturday with body massage and lunch/ tea at two local cafes (with very nice cozy environment). :)


- Photo from Fresh Local and Best -

So... I heard about the news where some province of four season countries are covered with heavy snow, which to the extend of a number of people have sacrificed. :( This is kind of sad news and be safe people. 

Hmm.... I have something in my mind, I wish to visit places that I could feel the snow during winter, I knew that winter is not a good idea for travel, but at least once in a life time if possible. How I wish to experience white Christmas either. Oh... gosh... AND I do wish for "PARTY IN THE USA", just like Miley C sang before. (lol)

Well.. I wish for my dreams to come true some day. Now, I shall plan for a short trip away from K.K. Short trip and affordable one in few months time!

- Christmas Song by Michael Buble -

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy holiday people!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

【沙巴美食】 Damai 富源 Food in Kota Kinabalu - The Local Style Roti Kahwin by Fook Yuen

It's been quite a frequent visit for me to Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen @ Damai lately, for morning breakfast and once in a while chill out session after 5.00pm.

They are well known for their white and soft bread, we normally have "Roti Kahwin" (Home made Coconut Spread with slice of Butter). The ordinary "Roti Biasa" white bread instead of the one which is toasted a.k.a. "Roti Panggang".

It is not an extraordinary situation to search for Roti Kahwin, many coffee shops in town are selling them as well, I guess the brand name "Fook Yuen (富源)" reached quite a number of people, young and old.

- Roti Kahwin -

- Inside Roti Kahwin -

Such a generous amount salted butter in every Roti Kahwin they served.

- Pouched Eggs -

Add in some pepper and soy sauce! A good morning to start with EGGS! I love eggs thou. :D (but too often will made other felt digusting)

- Economic Noodles -

I could not agree more that economic noodle as one of the must have "MALAYSIAN FOOD".

Told you, I love eggs!

Hmm... I guess tomorrow will be having breakfast there again.  :P Have a good day to you!

Location : 
Damai Plaza (main shop), Kolombong, Karamunsing Capital, Asia City and Gaya Street.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

【香港游玩记】 香港岛之中环 Fun In Hong Kong : Central - The Business District

Hong Kong Part 5 - Central (中环), Hong Kong Island (香港岛)

So we had a walk at (銅鑼灣) Causeway Bay and had our Cantonese Dim Sum at 鳳城酒楼 (Fung Shing Restaurant) breakfast before heading to Central (中环).

- MRT -

Very convenient transportation facility provided when I come across big city like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, Malaysia do have MRT service, but.... how come WMn live in big city but the routes are not as convenient enough? Wanted the citizens to go for car pull and public transportation, we might have to think twice. Comparing with Singapore, we totally have to learn from them!!

Waited a few minutes at Causeway Station for the train to come and headed to Central Station!

- Louis Vuitton -

Well, I must say Hong Kong is fascinating, on it's architecture of new sky scarper buildings and old buildings.

There's people every where in Central district, it is a place where all the business and working personnel want to be at! High pay offered, good environment to work at and et. cetera.

- The Alley -

Aunt Rosa wanted to bring us to an antique street and searched for a nice second hand shop at that area, for all of us and a kind remember, WE MUST PREPARE A GOOD PAIR OF SHOES! Non stop walking and definitely good for the us (indirectly daily "exercising" routine).

- Over Head Bridge -

With escalators and still installing new ones. :)

- This interest me -

We still can see the other (old) side of Hong Kong, not only fancy designs of buildings and all of this above represent the real Hong Kong lifestyle. We may see similar at Taiwan as well!

- 中环 (Central) -

"Central District is the central business district of Hong Kong. It is located in Central and Western District, on the north shore of Hong Kong Island, across Victoria Harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui, the southernmost point of Kowloon Peninsula. The area was the heart of Victoria City, although that name is rarely used today." - Wikipedia

- Outside the Second Hand Shop -

Waiting for mom outside the shop and took few snaps for remembrance in Central District.

- Made of Elephant Tusks -

Passed by a shop, window shopped and looked at the designs of jewelries that we are not often seen now a days.

Location :
Here and there in Central.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Few Things - The Birthday, The Wedding, Maybelline & L'occitane

What's happening last week, my birthday was last Friday (7th), friend's wedding few days ago (Sunday) and some shopping goodies that I love.

 - Surprise cake from Manager and Colleague -

Actually I saw the cake in the pretty paper bag that my manager put aside while I was passing by that paper bag. hehe :P 

Thanks them for the cake, it was one of my wish days before. As usual, my birthday celebration for years weren't fancy like some people might celebrate, mine would be having a nice meal and colleagues buy me lunch at Japanese Restaurant while during the night, end up having BKT while the Japanese Restaurant that me and Terence planned to visit was close. p/s : It's impossible not to love Japanese FOOD!!

 - Secondary Classmate Wedding -

Handmade wrist flowers to be tied on us (Ji Mui). Pretty right?

 - Games for the Groom and Brothers - 

I ever read googled information that games for the grooms are to examine the groom before getting the bride/ love of his life. Maybe that's how it begins and where else there's some culture didn't adapt this.

We prepared Sweet (Extreme Honey Drink), Sour (Slices of Lemon), Bitter (Large slice of Bitter gourd)  and Spicy (Fried Rice with Wasabi and/ or Tobasco), Rolling iced eggs beneath shirt, Blow Balloon and sit on it until explode (but didn't succeed, the Brother took advantages of either blowing it till explode or using their cigarette to make it exploded) -_- and respectful games.

We didn't select games that might embarrassed them or us, just simple one will do. :) 

- Our Breakfast (2nd) -

We went to the nearest McD drive thru for our breakfast after the wedding ceremony. Awake before 5am and finally we got to rest after 8.30am. We are quite happy that if there's no special occasions, most of us won't be able to gather for chit chat and "blow water" (吹水):D

After breakfast, continued with some nap.

 - Make Up Goodies -

It's been a while since the last I used Maybelline, bought some new make up goodies and I love all of them. Some of it are my birthday present for this year (^_^). 

The mascara was good that define my eye lashes beautifully and it made my eyelashes super curly and volumise as well! The eye shadow colours are lovely, shimmering pink, purple and fairly pearl, just like what I had from Majolica Majorca before. The white one (far left) is "vitamin" for eyelashes and eyebrows, it could lengthen and strengthen both eyelashes and eyebrow.

What I left is a nice waterproof eyeliner, it wasn't easy to find a good one. I ever come across a eyeliner from my Canadian Aunt, and it was easy to apply and it won't easily dirty our eyes.

- L'occitane Goodies and Nature Republic -

Used my RM120.00 voucher and add on of RM20.00 birthday voucher to buy some of the items from L'occitane, and of course the one that I like the most. Got the comb and mirror as a birthday gift from L'occitane as well.

So, that was my update for today, and have a pleasant Durian season! :)

Photo extracted from my Instagram (meitzeu

 Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Star Cruise (SSG) to Langkawi Island (浮羅交怡)

Part 4 of Star Cruises Trip 2008 with Superstar Gemini (SSG) - Underwater World Langkawi, Black Sand Beach, Kota Mahsuri and "The Eagle", Langkawi Island (浮羅交怡)

We arrived Langkawi after our overnight trip in Phuket and Langkawi was our last destination to visit during our Star Cruise trip back then.

- Langkawi Port -

"Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, some 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia."  - Wikipedia 

Langkawi is a calm and relaxing with it's very "green" environment. :) It was not my first visit to Langkawi, I remember that I was there when I was still a little girl and we revisit the destinations that we visited before.

- Underwater World Langkawi -

Interesting underwater world that I love the most, birds were walking freely in there and even pass through us. How cute was that? All the creatures in there are alive, there's swans, mandarin ducks, flamingo and others which usual for us to see them.

- Underwater World Langkawi -

- Penguins at Underwater World Langkawi -

- My Royal Penguin Friend -

- Otter -

I could spend quite some time at Underwater World, we could see so many creatures in there!! 

And we proceed to the next tourist spot.

- Kota Mahsuri - 

"Formerly known as Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri's Mausoleum), Kota Mahsuri was erected in honour of Mahsuri, a fair maiden who was unjustly accused of adultery more than 200 years ago." - Virtual Malaysia

Amazed that the legend still remain till now, the seventh generation of Mahsuri was found and live among us.

- Black Sand Beach -

Just like the name, there's certainly black sand at their beach. However, the black sand was so much lesser than years ago, maybe tourist or the locals collectively took away the black sand which believe could chase the dark spirit away and end up people who came to visit year by year are unable to enjoy the black sandy beach. :(

- Langkawi Landmark : The Eagle -

The last place to visit on a rainy afternoon and off we were back to the port and leaving back to Port Klang.

Good bye Langkawi.

Official Website :
My Langkawi

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hong Kong : Causeway Bay - Authentic Dim Sum at Fung Shing Restaurant 【香港食】 香港岛之銅鑼灣 - 鳳城酒楼

Hong Kong Part 4 - 鳳城酒楼 (Fung Shing Restaurant), Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣), Hong Kong Island (香港岛)

So we had our second round of breakfast with Hong Kong well known Dim Sum at one of the oldest restaurant in Hong Kong.

Did I mentioned before that I could sum up my Hong Kong trip as a food adventure at most of the local famous restaurants? It is a credit and it was GREAT to have Hong Kees relatives to bring us for food and visiting places!!

- 鳳城酒楼 (Fung Shing Restaurant) -

Managed under the wing of Fung Shing Restaurant Group. Aunt Rosa walked us to one of the oldest Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong and what an eye opener to their traditional way of preparing Dim Sum that we never found in Malaysia (unless hire them in Malaysia, I guess). Indeed the restaurant is located at ground and first floor of an old building of Hong Kong. :) It wasn't a fancy restaurant however they do serve typical/ original Dim Sum.

- Part of the Menu -

- 烧肉 "Siu Nyuk" (Roasted Pork) -

It was the best Roasted Pork I had!! Everything I had in HK were good, even the smelly toufu taste good! A thin layer of fats and the size of each piece were almost the same square sized cubes. I am not a fan of roasted pork but this one definitely caught my appetite. Crunchy on the skin and the meat was quite juicy as well.

 - Part of the Dim Sum we had -

Each dish ordered by Aunt were tasty and the vegetables were crunchy and fresh. One of the best thing about Dim Sum in Hong Kong is the Dim Sum are freshly steam and prepared when there's customer place their order. It is to preserve the best quality of real Dim Sum.

- Pork with Yam -

I never came across this dish before until I had it there. It taste quite extraordinary though, Aunt said that this is one of the traditional Dim Sum dish.

- 荔湾艇仔粥 "Lai Wan Teng Zhai Zuk" -

- 四季牛河 "Shi Cap Ngau Ho" (Four Season Beef Noodle) -

It was one of my favourite dish to have since the first time I have been introduced back then, but it was hard to search for the best one in KK and KL as well. For the first time in my life I saw Shi Cap Ngau Ho in such a way that every ingredients were distinctive and such a large piece of beef.

- 黑芝麻流沙包 "Hak Ji Ma Lao Sha Bao" (Black Sesame Ball) -

Such a waste that I didn't manage to try the Custard Lao Sha Bao which originated from Hong Kong, we were too full to stuff in. Gosh! Weather was nice and food was good. :)

- Typical Traditional Chinese Restaurant of Hong Kong -

I love the traditional Dim Sum they served! A great morning on the first day in HK.

Location : 
Paterson Street. 

Contact No. :
2881 7873