Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When Sushi meets Pasta at Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley Megamall, KL!

On the second day after we have reached KL from our Malacca trip, mom planned to meet up my cousin, her niece, my nephews, my niece etc. Made you blur not? :D In short, my relatives in KL. :)

My family and I went to Mid Valley after my cousin fetched us from the hotel, we had a walk before we went for our lunch which all/ most of us agreed with - SUSHI & SALMON. The kids totally loving those!

- Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley Megamall -

Nice combination of Japanese cuisine and Italian cuisine that Pasta Zanmai came up with.

It was my first attempt though, some dishes tasted so so and most of them quite interesting. :) The thing I hate the most is the crowd which we have to wait for a longggggg waiting list, especially with a number of people of us. -________-

- Pasta Zanmai -

- The menu -

The usual pricing by Japanese restaurant in KL now-a-days.

- Just showing off my amateur skills -

Can't wait for the food ler...?

So, here's the dishes we had and shared among many of us and Yin Yin from Yin's (my friend in KL) came to join us too! Before she met her friends for movie. :)

I just keeps things short and simple and let the images speak. ;) All of them were nice anyway.

- Sashimi Set -

All sets comes with Salad, Miso Soup and Rice for individual.

- Curry Spaghetti? -

Ling said that the Curry that good!

- Unagi Set -

- Tempura with Cream Pasta -

Prawns were fresh and pasta was creamy! Tasty!

- Fried Rice with Chicken -

I don't really favour rice or fried chicken though. :) I bet it taste good after the kid and their father finished them. :D

- Pizza -

Imma loves this with Unagi, Mushrooms, Scallops all in one!

- Squid Ink Pasta -

Its ugly but taste wonderful!

And present you.......

- Meitzeu from Sketches of Life! -

Hahaha :D Naughty me doing those squirky face again! As usual my friends could see la. :P Ehem~I see flawless skin! :D

Okay la~ Hope tomorrow (7th) will be great! Its my birthday after all! :) Oh wait! I heard Christmas caroling outside my house! ;) Laala ~~

Location :
Sushi Zanmai, Mid Valley Megamall, KL.


  1. I like your title.. Is successfully attract to view your post.. Good job.. hehe

  2. NIkel : Thank u! I like it too! :D

  3. I love Pasta Zanmai! and you should try Sushi Zanmai too (:

    Anyway, happy birthday in advanced :D

  4. Italian meets japanese = pasta zanmai? XD

  5. Happy Birthday Meitzeu!! ^_^.v.. He he he..

  6. I tried Pasta Zanmai also and I love it and yes Sushi Zanmai also sedap! :D

  7. I come here ngam2 on your birthday...Happy Birthday!

  8. Haha~ cute the last pic. Dirty cat!! XD

    Me love sushi zanmai, not so into pasta zanmai but they have lotsa choice, attractive. =]

  9. Thank you to all my readers!! :D

  10. I can't find the comment box on your latest post, just check to see what happen.

    Btw, Happy Belated Birthday and god bless you. Thats a nice way of celebrating with all the great food and seems like the Christmas fever has already started. Its surely nice to feel so and looking forward to Christmas and more food at the same time.

  11. Happy Birthday! I tried pasta zanmai once...didn't like it that much. HAHAHA! Jap food is not my thing. rofl

  12. havent been there since the last time there with u!!