Saturday, December 10, 2011

Walk to Petaling Street (茨厂街) & Sze Ngan Chai (四眼仔) Roasted Duck, KL!

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It is no more a new tourist spot for all during our visit to KL.

The China Town of Malaysia - Petaling Street (Jalan Petaling).

Chinatown at UK and other places such as Toronto, Canada, do have similar architectural when it comes to building the billboard like below with Chinese words and local words to represent the place.

Somehow I still remember a bit bit of my childhood memory with family for KL trip for the first time when I visit this place now. 


- Petaling Street, KL -

The place have upgraded (facelift) since the first time I have visited KL back in the 90's.

- Low cost seller? -

HELL NO!@ Not an advisable spot for people like us to visit here, which out of the compound of the Street Billboard. I heard drug addicts and thefts are there to sell off those items (eg. phones, old things) they have stolen! That's really scary.

And here....

- Sze Ngan Chai (四眼仔) Roasted Duck -

Years after years since her parents were there selling the roasted ducks, while my parents love buying their roasted ducks since young (say, back in 80's/ 90's). Every time when my parents visited them over the year and each time to KL, the nice lady do remember/ recognises my parents. 

Their roasted ducks are the most tastiest roasted duck that I have ever tried! The whole duck is fat with meat! Satisfying our taste buds!

Loving it so much!

- 鸭脚包 (Direct translation : Duck Feet Bun) -

It looks like a bun, but it is not made of flour. Since my colleague told me that it was tasty, so I bought one to try it immediately (my dad bought back to KL before, and he made it hot again, it taste bad), originally taste good, but too much of the huge liver, I felt worst with it and I need to finish it. My gosh! 

Meatball was there, had some bites and she was dizzy during the night, too much cholesterol for her age she said. Once or twice should be fine, too much.... NO!

- Sze Ngan Chai (四眼仔) Roasted Duck -

- The Roasted Ducks -

And this morning, my mom was counting how many fat ducks she will be buying during January 2012 when she will be visiting KL and Malacca again, giving those ducks to my relatives, uncles, aunties as one of the Chinese tradition this year! It a norms during festive season. :) 

So, how your parents celebrating CNY for next year?

- Fruits Stall at Petaling Street -

We could find fruits, nice Malaysian delicacies like Char Kway Teow and Teh C (Milk Tea), fake branded goodies and more cheap and interesting goodies! Anyway, just see for yourself when you visit there! During the night will be more happening! (Which I never been there during that time.)

Read more about Petaling Street HERE (by Virtual!

Location : Petaling Street, No. 46.


  1. I am craving for the duck! Omigosh its really delicious.... I really need to go and find it! :D

  2. Better place your order early coz this CNY most ppl will start balik kampung on Friday.

    Every year I also borong ducks from her to go back hometown.

  3. I use to frequent this place so often during my younger days but since I have moved away further, have not been here for a long time. Yes, yes, this place that I call "PS Boutique" for all the imitation branded products sure has the best roasted duck and the mata kucing/longan drink, that one famous stall with plenty of people standing and enjoying the drink

  4. My grandma loves the duck from See Ngan Chee too! But Petaling Street is quite dangerous nowadays. Only chinese who works there will go that area.

  5. I grew up having that duck feet thingy. I still loved it. Maybe it is time for me to pay them a visit. =)