Friday, December 30, 2011

【博客分享记】My Favorite Bloggers Friends!

 Less than 30 hours and it's the beginning of another great year (or otherwise?) - Year 2012

To sum up my blogging Year 2011, I shall write a post to remind myself for today. In this period of time (for the year 2011), I met awesome bloggers who eventually become my friends after sometime. 

Indeed they are nice, funny, smart and we do have those "clicks" with each others. :)

Some of them featured me at their blogs and now it the time for PAYBACK! lolz :D No la... I really appreciate our friendship okay? :)

- Beverly and Charlotte -

Both are bubbly in person! Beverly (left) from "Take Another Step" and Charlotte (right) from "It's that Blogger Charlotte Fong!" (Nice Blogname Charlotte!) ;)

First, Beverly found my blog and I met her at her old working place - Boutique Cupcakes to collect my giveaway that I have won from her blog, After, we were much knowing each other after few times of tea session and indoor rock climbing which she would die for it. (My Gosh!). 

While Charlotte, I read her blog once or twice before I met her in person along with Beverly who asked Charlotte out for a short lunch discussion. With all those extra activities like Hennessy Artistry 2011 and Pretty Wild Diva's events, we talked, we laughed. :) (In hearing of partner in crime?)

- Hayden from "Hayden Chan" -

Quite a gentleman in person, once in a while catching up with each other in events (normally just coincidence bumping into him).... which I will be attending them once in a blue moon. :D Both of us do share and helping each other through blogging. ;) An inspiring blogger indeed... with words shared.


 - Henry from "CleverMunkey" -

My first Sifu at blogging but he doesn't really agreed with that statement I presume. Once he was back in Sabah and managed to drop by in KK, me and Chloe meet up with him at our famous Yoyo Cafe for a drink. And yea.... A little chit chat and what a small world after all (with mutual friends) and he did shared some tips to gain traffics too! :D Which are super useful! 

 - Sherrie (right) from "Cutebun" -

Commented each others blog and finally meet up with her personally at Hennessy Artistry 2011. She is one happening blogger in Sarawak and she love lomography!

 - Thanis from "Cookie Monster" -

A food blogger from Brunei which I managed to know him through Twitter before we keep in touch more at social network. He came to Kota Kinabalu this month (December 2011) and he was so nice that he baked cookies for all of his friends in Sabah which included ME too! It was crunchy and scrumptious cookies. :) I like it and same goes to my parents who I have gave them for a try.

- Wilson (left) from "Places and Foods" -

One of my new friend who met through blogging. Never meet him in person but we do keep in touch once in a while through social network, he sure is one of the inspiring blogger who visited quite a lot of places and non the less, the foods which he have attempted to. I could only see those photos shared but can't eat. -_-

So yea~ Through out the year with all those comments, opinions and tips shared by them and readers through out the year(s), I think my blog is getting better and better each month, never the less, style of our own is a must have to represent the uniqueness of an individual :). Thanks to them by sharing their thoughts and tips about blogging. (Once I heard, a good blogger wouldn't mind sharing their thoughts and tips to others about blogging - Words by @CleverMunkey.) Thus, I still remember it and I do have friends who asked me about blogging too. :) You know who you are. :P

Meeting with them make me realised that I still have a life of my own within the virtual world and reality. haha :D

p/s 1 : I hope some of you won't hate me after I have posted this entry. (Yaiks!) No matter how far does this blog goes, anyone could be my friends too. :).... "Ello!"

p/s 2 : Resolution for my blog next year - Be happening and sharing informative "resources" here! :) How about you?


  1. Before this I was guessing is it Beverly working in Boutique cupcake before? I bumped into a beautiful lady with gorgeous eye when I went there in Lintas that time to order a cupcake for my boyfie. Then I saw her again in Hobbycon. Now I know my guessing is correct.

  2. You are fast! :) Yup! All your guessing is correct! :D

  3. Thank you Mei Tzeu! Weee.... I'm so happy to be featured!

  4. It was also great to have met you via blogging and hope our friendship will continue forever. Happy New Year to you and everyone at home. All the best and may the new year bring you more happiness, joy, success and peace. Keep in touch.

  5. kalau ko ada pigi tu gathering tu ari, juta mangkali gambar ko buli post tau.. :-p