Sunday, December 25, 2011

Survival on Christmas 2011 for me. Speechless.

 Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho~

Hope I'm not late to write a post for my kind of Christmas this year. :) Merry Christmas to all my awesome readers and amazing bloggers who I met personally through events and chill out session. Without you all, my blog won't be expanding until now. :)

My kind of Christmas this year was speechless, didn't had a fest like most of you had. Listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album as my last solution. Sigh... I do miss Christmas carols and KL so badly, especially when I read blogposts about Christmas and friend who flew to KL and other amazing places to celebrate (fml).

Parents and two of mine and both elder sisters were not in town since the day before Christmas Eve (23rd) for wedding dinner at Sarawak and only be back on 25th's.... NIGHT, which leave me no choice but to survive on my own, find my own activities and so on. Maybe some will be asking about Chloe, yea~ She have a plan for herself, never get bored. :P

Terence? A work to complete on Christmas season. :( Oh well~

- Breakfast : Instant Cappuccino and cookies - 

As you all know, what do Coffee Addicts will do normally. :D The Pineapple tart were good! All the way from K.L. :)

 - Lunch/ Brunch : Instant Noodles and HAAGEN-DAZS! -

I think I never left unaccompanied at home for days before. I was frustrated with things to be cared at home and giving that "Black Face" to Terence.  Bought ice cream to make me happy, at least chilled down my mixed feeling of anxious and what so ever. Instant noodle (so lame) to survive for lunch and the sad thing is I even over-cooked them with that microwave. ;'(

Going out for lunch was way jam in town, I'm a house worm :P.

 - Belated birthday Gift -

Received gift the day before Eve from Meatball's friend who knew me for a long time. :) At least something to be happy about these days.

 - Afternoon : ZenQ for Chill Out Session -

Dated Beverly but she was busy on Christmas Eve and met up with my cousin who was back for holiday from Singapore and FYI, he is a new blogger in town for last minute chill out session at ZenQ which newly operated since last week.

So, now I know how important friends are.

Edwin love photography, maybe you should visit his blog HERE!

- ZenQ, Lintas Square -

So, how about my Christmas Eve Dinner? Eating Double Mushroom Swiss Set and munching infront of Terence. (lolz) Watching movie from the 90's and went home for next #EssentialDailyDo - Online and countdown with movies again infront of my laptop. Sighhhhh..... And Twitter made me happy during midnight with all those awesome greetings from friends and bloggers.
That's my survival of unhealthiness of foods on this two days. -____- At least I'm still alive and felt like puking over the instant noodle.
And today, Its Christmas, still sitting here infront of my laptop, had Instant noodle for brunch with coffee (:S) and hopefully Terence will call me out for a drink in the afternoon.
In conclusion, Fast food is the last solutions to stay at home. #foreveralone. :P

Happy Christmas ya'all. :)


  1. eee....pineapple tarts...i love

    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. My Christmas was sending my family off at the airport and stay in the whole day, had a simple dinner and that's all. So I guess I survived Christmas as well xD

  3. Small Kucing : Yaya! The tart taste so good.

    Hilda Milda :
    Haha :D

  4. Merry Christmas to you and eveyone at home and sorry for the late greetings as I have been unwell and feel slightly better today.

  5. Over here Chatime is getting pretty popular! Hope you had a good Christmas!