Thursday, December 1, 2011

Taiwan : Feng Jia, TaiChung - First Brunch in Taiwan at "Ye Ze San" 【台湾食】 台中之逢甲的野澤三

Part 1 of Feng Jia, Taichung, Taiwan.

After we had settled our do and don't, we left our luggages at the room provided, we waited for our Singaporean friends who came later than us (Malaysian) before we officially started our Feng Jia (逢甲)walkabout.

Singaporean friends reached, luggages in place, rooms okay and the first thing we do is to search for...


*Quite excited before *

- Day time at Feng Jia -

At a place like Feng Jia, it is well known for its night market which normally started during the evening. I was quite surprised when I saw less shops were opened during the day when we were searching for our brunch nearby.

Searching.... for food..... What to eat we were wondering...... Yea~ We found it and most of us were hungry since we have reached Taiwan!

- 野澤三 "Ye Ze San" -

You know what? I was cracking my head to think and searching for the middle Chinese word (the "Ze" and My Chinese a bit sucks in fact) until I've asked for friends to help me with it, luckily they knew the word. :) 

Any way, I could not agree more that Taiwan is 90% and almost 99% are presented all in Chinese words which I have to ask Meatball to help me with "How to read that? How to read this?" and non the less, there's less direct translation or PinYin translation to a more understandable version.

Oh well, there's a noodle shop that caught our eyes and we have went in and have a seat.

- Menu with varieties of selection -

By looking at the menu, I knew how's that felt when a person do not know Chinese language. I do have friends who experienced such and he/ she need a TRANSLATOR to the RESCUE!! :D

Chicken Chop, Pork Chop, Beef Chop served with rice or noodles, Cheese Toasts and other appetizers for selection too.

I was interested in trying Soup and I had a bowl of Beef Noodle Soup which was... Hmm :S "Interesting Enough".

- Century Egg with Tofu -

Interesting appetizer with Century Egg, Cold Tofu and additional of special sauce. Nice Taiwanese appetizer to try with for the first time. Personally, I tried Cold Yellow Tofu with Black Soy Sauce prepared by my uncle, maybe you could prepare it too! Its EASY!

- Pan Fried Beef Noodle -

From the way they have presented, I think they taste nice too! My sister's friend said it taste quite Okay and it is acceptable by us, Malaysian.

- Beef Noodle Soup -

The bowl of noodle I had during my brunch which I couldn't forget. -____- It was extraordinary which I had this kind of cooking for the first time in my life. Beef Noodle with Bamboo Shoot (Its Bamboo Shoots season during that period of time) and it makes the whole soup smells odd and taste odd too! I can't finish my bowl of noodle and Eww~ Unacceptable type of cooking for me.

FYI, for those who were having their period, please do not eat Bamboo Shoot at the period of time. DEFINITELY YOU WILL REGRET!! As for me, I was in that condition during my trip, no wonder my period did not stop even until the 8th day of the trip and even I have returned to K.K. O_O And even pregnant women are not advisable to eat Bamboo Shoot in Chinese philosophy, because its too "Cold" to be consume and it might lead to miscarriage. :(

- Chicken Chop with Noodle Soup -

The usual Chicken Chop which was acceptable by us! As for the noodle.... Could you see the yellowish ingredient next to the large spoon? Its BAMBOO SHOOT again!! Odd smell and flavour as considered.

- 野澤三 "Ye Ze San" -

The main entrance of the restaurant we were having our brunch on the day we have arrived Taiwan. 

Finished our brunch and had a short walk with shopping in outlets nearby. Besides, we had a huge cup of drink with reasonable price (lower than similar outlets like Malaysia's Chatime and whatever) and it taste refreshing. :) No worry, desserts and beverages in Taiwan are amazing, just try whichever interest you much and you would love and never regret about it! =3

- Fashionable goodies with CHEAP PRICE! -

It was a good deal for young generation and stylish people now a days, no wonder I have friends who love to visit Taiwan frequently to purchase their stocks.

No matter how was the shopping I was having (purchased or not), I will look around and I found interesting stuffs that I have came across at Feng Jia...

- "勿丢垃圾, 再丢就翻脸" -

Direct translation of the word directed to the most left with red wordings on the card board - 

"Do not throw rubbish, if throw again, I will be pissed"

Do you dare to throw rubbish to his/ her stall? LOLZ :D

That's complete for my Part 2 of Taiwan trip post. :)

Till then!

Location : Taichung, Taiwan (台中, 台湾)


  1. Ho ho ho.. So me definitely cannot go to Taiwan.. I can't read em.. Ha ha ha.. But the last pix was awesome!! ^_^.v..

  2. waaa no English? how can i read that menu? haha. that beef soup looks very tempting!!!

  3. Aki : You can go Taiwan for sure. At least get a person who speak Chinese with u!

    Aemy: Yea~ hahaha :D maybe need to learn a little Chinese to make u easier to know what are they selling. hehe

  4. I like the century egg with tofu and since we don't eat beef, I am really unable to comment though it also looks good too.

  5. hahas it looks as if you're using mopit to write on the ordering paper. i love the ambience there :D


  6. As much as I'd love to visit Taiwan, I'm phreaked out of not being able to utter out a proper Mandarin phrase to save my life. LOL!

  7. Your food photographs are awesome. Those tofu and noodle w/beef are definitely mouth watering.

    What camera do you use? There is so much details in your shots.

  8. De Engineur : I'm using G12 by Canon. :) ANd tank you for the compliment! :)

  9. Looks really delicious, shouldnt read this now. lol.