Saturday, December 3, 2011

MeatballOnline Experiencing North Borneo Railway Steam Train of K.K.

So.. Meatball have imported her Blog to a WHOLE NEW LINK from today onwards.

For readers who read my blog often, they will definitely notice that Meatball is my elder sister and as for new readers, feel free to visit her Blog and say "HI" to her okay?

- Passport (A booklet with history notes) of North Borneo Railway Steam Train -

This morning, Meatball and THP's crew woke up early to attend the wonderful trip with our local North Borneo Railway Steam Train from Tanjung Aru (KK) - Putatan - Kinarut - Kawang - Papar and back to again to KK.

I browsed through Meatball's and another THP crew's photographs, all of it looks wonderful and so much FUN! Which made me ENVY about the trip they have joined. :( Yer~ I wanna join too! -__-

- The Steam Train -

- Attires during the British Colonial Time -

- Breakfast prepared -

Meatball had updated her post on the Train - 


I wish I was there and YES! I will be going for that trip SOON with Meatball and she wanted to join again for the second! I just can't wait for my turn! :)

North Borneo Railway. Its just revealing the history of Borneo and letting us travel back to the Memory Lane of Sabah. :)

Photo credit to Meatball and Sandra! :)
About North Borneo Railway - Read HERE!
Meatball's trip with Tropical Holidays Paradise (THP) - Click HERE for their official website and HERE for Facebook Page.


  1. at first i thought its meatball the food. haha :P anyway, the breakfast looks delish and i always wanted to go visit borneo :(

  2. Awwwhh~~~

    Come Sabah for a visit in future!!

  3. Very sweet of you to introduce your sis's blog here. I am away in Thailand for a week, when I am back, I will for sure check out meatball.

    Its difficult to enjoy my holiday and blog at times but am trying in between the time.

  4. How much per pax? I ever ride twice for the normal train to papar when in primary school and secondary school. Plan to go for a ride on the new train with my mom and boyfie before going to KL but that time, too much with other activities.

  5. Nava K : Sure! Anytime. Enjoy your trip!! :)

    Diana : Its RM250 for us. :)I wanna go tooo!!!

  6. this is great railway journey. love to try!

  7. Wow, I didn't know they had this service there. Missed it during my trip to KK

  8. I better make sure I get the chance to give this a try when I went back to Sabah next time :D

  9. Jom : Yea! Me too!!

    Tristhan : Visit KK again!!

    Daniel : haha :D I make you felt envy!

  10. wow there is still steam train operating nowadays? nice experience there! :D


  11. wow there is still steam train operating nowadays? nice experience there! :D


  12. Fish : Got! After all those re-generating, all those checking. Finally. Its just a selling point for tourism here. :)

  13. the price kinna high ley... hhm.. gonna save up a bit. wait the next time i'm back bring MrG there :p