Monday, December 12, 2011

A Kiss and a Walk at Coastal Area of Blackpool, UK (Part 2)

Second chapter of Blackpool and First chapter is HERE!

Walking along the streets, enjoying the scenery of buildings, I do like it and after a while we reached the coastal area of Blackpool. Second chapter is all about the Coastal area. :) Enjoy.

- #1 Approximately 12.00pm -

Rough sea with sea water covered the sand. And never knew it will become the other way when the day getting darker. What I meant is for the last few photos shared. :)

Don't get anxious, just enjoy reading my words and photos one by one to the end.

- The Sea View of Blackpool -

- Street along Coastal area -

It is an interesting part of Black Pool whereby the authority beautified it into an entertainment place for tourists and locals. And after years till now, I saw juniors who visited Blackpool had great fun with all the great entertainments there with all the games, activities and entertainers.

- The Blackpool Tower -

Where we could see it from almost every corner of Blackpool's main City.

The first part of exploring the Coastal area while it was raining, without further delay we went to shopping, lunch and explore the City of Blackpool. We went to Stanley Park and one of the interesting outlet in town and further in depth story will be updated in the future. :)

Beautiful flowers, naughty pet dogs and etc. Quite an interesting experience that we actually WENT TO THE GREEN PARK where flowers and trees were there. :D Old times. :') Walked so far from the town to Stanley Park and its raining. I don't know how I did that.

-  Coral Island (Entertainment Centre) -

Its almost time to return to Liverpool and our train will be departing at 9.55pm. We do have a little spare of time and we walked slowly along the coastal area, visit the jetty and took awesome photographs with friends for remembrance. 

And I do remember the Coral Island, where I have lose my 1 pound (About RM7.00 during Year 2008) on the "gambling machine", I called it the machine for non gambler (lol).

- Beach of Blackpool (The Coastal area at 8.00PM) -

By looking at these photos, I'm sure that it's impossible to make you believe that it was approximately 8.00pm. And I, myself never knew I had my dinner at 10.00pm when it was STILL BRIGHT (like evening here in Malaysia).

Remember the #1 (picture) I have shared? It's actually the same coastal area during the evening and it was Blackpool beach! Unbelievable! They told me that during the evening/ night, they will be using it for entertainment usage for events and others. Creative concept ei~ :) Definitely the concept is ready now since I took the photos years ago.

- Low Tide of the Sea -

I think I saw couple walking, people jogging when there's low tide.

- Low tide until that extend -

That was my first time to experience such a low tide in my whole life. And becoming the beach in the evening is interesting. :)

- Eye on Black Pool -

It's a Merry-Go-Round which is an usual activities around UK. Places like London and Manchester do have it, especially in the main City. Hmm~ I wonder Liverpool have it or not? I didn't came across with it when I was there on that period of time.

- Breathing -

One of my favourite piece of photograph took by my friend Eunice. :)

- Sunlight and Smile -

The Sunlight, the Sandy "beach" and of course, my smile. :P

If only my camera (Sony W55) have the correct setting (I didn't realised that my setting was wrong until I was returning to Liverpool).

- Beautiful Blackpool City -

By comparing with Malaysia or Borneo, UK just different with their unique ways. :) Every shoot I took, its like a postcard, unbelievable scene.

- Having fun with Blackpool Tower -

- Loving this photo -

Quite a calm destination to visit there.

- The air certainly looks fresher after the rain -

It's time to get us a dinner and especially IT WAS 8.00pm ++.

And off we go to the train station and that's how we say Bye to Blackpool.

Bye Bye Blackpool. ;)

- Blackpool Sea -

Its difficult to imagine, feels and know how was Blackpool Sea with all those photos sharing right? 

I have never shared these videos since years ago, it is the amateur videos of mine that I wanted to save it for myself at the fist place, but... so what if I kept it for myself and never share to others. So here's the edited one I have done! ;) 

p/s : I'm not good in public speaking back then as compared with now, I guess. :P and I felt horrible with my Chinese language, not that convincing. (Youtube : Meitzeu's Channel)


  1. I feel dizzy after watching ur video. @_@ But I like ur cute voice.

  2. Wow! such a nice experience with seeing all the found at Black Pool, nice and beautiful, esp the low tide pic.

  3. Black pool indeed is a very nice place to visit... i remember one of the picture use to be ur header right? it's nice :)

  4. hi, this is my 1st comment/visit here...nice pictures of blackpool..n the tide..woah..btw, what is the tractor doing there in one of ur pics? hmm...

  5. cutebun: Likewise!

    CC : :) Thank u. *blush blush*

    Nava K : yup! low tide is beautiful there.

    Munkey: You're such a clever munkey!

    pilothans : haha :D I don't know why it was there too. ;)

  6. I find the town is quite interesting, fun and colourful. Love it when you show so many pictures of the place, makes me drooling to go to Blackpool.

  7. Yea~ lolz :D For day trip to there will be wonderful. :)

  8. Blackpool looks like a really relaxing city.

  9. must.go.there........someday..... haha :)