Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've Experienced the Lunar Eclipse on 10.12.2011 from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Happened last night, approximately starting from 8.45pm when the Moon was covered a bit of its corner.

I thought it was the cloud covered it, but its getting darker from a corner of the Moon after a while.

At first, I was foreseeing the eclipse since 7.45pm (which has been told earlier), I was a little disappointed but after an hour later after my short Yum Cha session, I saw the Moon slowly eclipsed.

It was amazing and the thick and cloudy sky did not stop me from shooting the ECLIPSE!

 - Approximately 8.55pm -

Everything went wrong with my G12, I took it without setting the right mode, I've forget which setting that I suppose to shoot it with while I was at my house's garage shooting it.

Warm weather turned off me, I almost forgo the chance of experiencing the lunar eclipse and after I had a look outside my bedroom window and the Moon was at the correct spot! And there goes my eclipse photos shooting again. :) A few attempts with my G12 setting, everything were getting better and better. 



I'm quite lucky that I managed to shoot photos of it while friends around might not experienced it like I do. 

Yes. Indeed the cloud last night was so think and we could hardly see the Moon in clear vision, especially when the cloud was moving.




- Approximately 9.30pm -

The moon almost "disappeared" by that time and I had my rest too. :)

It simply a beau last night but I wonder why I didn't see the Moon became red? :/ I wonder. I took a peep around 11.30pm and I saw a bit of the moonlight, it was on top of my house's roof, which I can't view it like before. :(

Anyway, it just AMAZING! How was your night hunting with the Moon?

More similar photographs was shared in my page HERE last night! Thus, do click like on my page too! :)


  1. Wow! You manage to see and take photo of it.

  2. wah ! nice shots ! bet u using mahal punya camera de. =P

  3. omg after reading your blog, i realise that i have missed it T_T i wonder when would the next eclipse be.


  4. Wow, great shots! I witnessed it from my balcony in Singapore, and saw it red/brown! It was beautiful but my camera wasnt good enuf to take shots.. =(

  5. nice photo eh..yeah I'm at my hometoen that day..I saw it until it was hilang

  6. *auuuu* sound of wolves in the air.

  7. Actually those are really nice pictures. The joke was I totally forgot about it so I had to see pictures online like yours. It is amazing G12 can take such pictures. At a glance, I thought u took it with a DSLR.

  8. Thank you everyone. I'm using G12, is a semi pro as you can see. :)