Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's MyDay Today and Yesterday was Christmas Lighting at Sutera Harbour!

Combining two subjects in one post because I'm way too "efficient" that I could not finish my pending posts that piled since weeks ago and it is after all - DECEMBER! It's the busiest month of a year!

 - Sneak Peek on My Gifts -

From colleague, friend and family member! Was eyeing on Vera Wang Fragrance which freaking expensive since long and finally! :D Crabtree & Evelyn Jewellery Box from a friend of my mom which arrived all the way from KL just on time for my birthday! :D I love all my gifts! :)


It's a simple birthday which I had for today, a lunch with dearest colleagues and a dinner with Terence and now, at home writing this entry. ;P


 - Invited Guest of Christmas Lighting at Magellan Sutera Harbour -

So yea~ Another Christmas Lighting that I have attended last night with Meatball-Online. Mom told me that I will be replacing her to attend the event directly after work from the office and we have to wear red theme attires too! :)

- There's cocktail served before and Buffet Dinner served later -

Guests will be chit chatting while having cocktail before the Ceremony started.
It's time...

 - Lighting our Candle hold by Children of Desa Pukak Hostel -

 - My sister and my Candle held in hand! -

Every guests will be given one, lighten it and hold it through out the ceremony.

- Guest of Honour -

 Datuk Yee Moh Chai and wife were there to light up the tree!

And we heard angelic voices singing after the whole tree was lighted.

 - Level by level the Christmas Tree was lighted -

 Completed the lighting of the tree and children from Desa Pukak Hostel were there to entertain us with their angelic voice. Impressed indeed and all of us were having fun listening to the caroling! FYI, short Kadazan/ Dusun language was added in one of the songs too. :D NICE!

- Photo Session of theirs -

Caroling ended and its time for me and my sister to leave and continue my night at home and dinner for her. :)

Awhh~ I'm loving Christmas Season. :')

And that completes my Wednesday, 7th December, 2011.


  1. There are quite a number of decorations in KL but not so much of caroling yet. It will be coming soon, I think.

  2. haha :D For sure will be coming up real soon!!

  3. argghh... missing the caroling there >.<