Friday, December 16, 2011

I Saw Little Sea Turtles in Kota Kinabalu (Turtle Conservation Campaign 2011)

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I suppose to be at mom's shop on every Saturday (its a norms) but during the first week of this month, Meatball, mom and others went to the train station to experience the North Borneo Railway Steam Train which they have been planned earlier. 

Leave me no choice, but to tag along my eldest sister who got the invitation to attend the Turtle Conservation Campaign by Sabah Park which held at Suria Sabah for the first time in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah before meatball ended her trip!

- Turtle Conservation Campaign 2011 -

First of all, I want to ask how many of my readers are nature lover? I know I am most of the time and I hate people who destroy our lovely environment! Definitely I will nag friends who not supportive in protecting our environment.

Anyway, the event turned out to be a nice and meaningful event that I have attended, especially when we saw all the cute little turtle that have been given their "freedom". :)

- Booths for awareness -

Activities and games for the public to join in addition to the launching of the turtle conservation campaign later.

- Each block contains information about sea turtles -

For sea turtles species, their life cycle from hatching to mating, ways to preserve them, protect them, the news where sea turtles were caught by fishermen for personal gain and others.

- The Main Stage -

The logo of the campaign was a cute with cartooned sea turtle!

Launching ceremony started with invited guests made their speech, some of the speech was time consuming but with a lot of information on protecting our marine life, not only Sea Turtles. ;)

- Goodies Bag -

Environmental friendly recycle bag with cute Sea Turtle logo. I found a thin booklet of conserving the Sea Turtles, similar information like stated on the blocks on earlier photograph, Sticker and others.

- The Authority -

Speech ended and the VIPs whom officially launched the Turtle Conservation Campaign by giving freedom to the turtle and letting them being set free to the "sea" (as in an man made aquarium with sand and sea water).

- So cute! -

I never saw real baby sea turtle that crawled in front of me! They were adorable, not many of us could resist it. :P The funny thing is the turtle was crawling here and there before it swim in the water. I think it was blurred before they being set free.

- Photo Session -

I wanted to touch them, but the aquarium was surrounded with the red belts and NO TOUCHING anymore. :( I saw other people hold them before. :( The turtle can't turn itself over (not moving either) and I thought it was died when I see it closer) -__-

- The crowd to see the baby turtles -

Everyone was excited but do they play a roll in conserving the marine creature?

Cut down those consumption of sea turtle eggs people! Be supportive.

Thus, we need to protect our environment, it's the cycle of this earth. Safe the creatures of this earth, increasing number of them are facing extinction issues, let our children to see this beautiful world with unique living creatures that left until their generation. :)


  1. LOL ! mei tzeu ~ you fly everyday ? @@

  2. Dora : Yea~ They are super cute!

    Eric: no la~ haha :D

  3. Yalo. Turtles are cute. I saw turtles at Segari. The turtles I saw there, some are pity, which bitten by other turtles.

  4. Didn't know they have this in Suria Sabah recently. If i did, I'd definitely bring my two kids there to see the cute little turtles.

  5. Too bad I can't go and watch coz exam time at that moment. I do love to protect our environment and try to recycle all the books, bottle while I can do it.

    Luckily I never ate sea turtle egg in my life. It is so disgusting to eat that. Anyone eat it before? Feel very sinful one leh.

  6. the tiny turtles are so cute! i hope they dont get extinct so quickly :( lets protect them!