Thursday, December 22, 2011

I need Votes! :) - X'Mas Special by L'Occitane

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Another one month to CNY, how exciting. :) I had a fest justnow and how was yours? Had your Tang Yuan? :D
So about the VOTES, I have entered a small competition by L'Occitane and would love to request a simple VOTE from all my readers!

My closes friends know I love products with Fragrance. :) And I do love products by L'occitane too. 

PLEASE PLEASE Please vote for me and I wish to win the goodies by them. Pleaseee~~~~ :)

- My Fancy Decorated Tree named "withinmeitzeu"  -

(which I'm not that creative in creating fancy name for my tree)

Please vote for my tree which I have decorated above!! 

The link is HERE!

PLEASE AND MILLION THANK YOU! I'm working out with my new entry tonight, stay excited okay?! :) 

And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY that will be ending tomorrow!!

p/s : You can vote for my pretty tree daily until the X'Mas Special ended (I'm not sure when will be it)!


  1. any direct link to your tree? am lost in the forest. Kept walking cant find your tree

  2. Got! You have to wait a while and it looks the same as my pic show oo~ :),42,1,22352,217155.htm?appParams&lang=my&source=ShareInApp&source=share#/home/view/58816

    Thank you for all the support! :)

  3. done...under small kucing vote too . num 9.

  4. Wahhhh~~~ I got 2 votes from SmallKucing!!! Tones and million of thank you!!!! :)I am very very happy! :D

  5. Done with the voting and best of luck. Will try again tomorrow and if allowed, will vote again.

  6. Voted^^ good luck girl~go go go!!

  7. Why I couldn't see any tree? Perhaps my internet line is slow now? Try it again tomorrow.

  8. Hi Meitzue,
    Couldn't find your tree leh!Will try again. Best of luck to you.


  9. Thank you all!

    That's sad. I can see my tree after I click the link oo~,42,1,22352,217155.htm?appParams&lang=my&source=ShareInApp&source=share#/home/view/58816

    :( Need to load for a while oo~ Ytdy I don't why the website become white colour , only have musc behind. :/