Monday, December 26, 2011

I met Simpson Family, Spiderman and Stuart Little at Blackpool, UK (Part 3)

 Hey~~ Happy Boxing Day to all. What do you received for this year Christmas present? :D

So today gonna continue with the Third chapter of Day Trip in Blackpool, UK. I'm quite happy that readers love what have I written about Blackpool previously. :)

First of all, I would say shopping in Blackpool was good compared with all those crowds at the outlets in Liverpool City. A calm destination for shopping and shops for quality goodies and non the less the bargain. I bought most of my gifts (clothes/ tops) for my family most of it were from there! Primark, Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins et cetera.

- My newly bought (Back then in Year 2008) Jacket from Miss Selfridge, Blackpool -

I love it and it take care of me when I was studying in UK back then and I still keep them until today... but keep it in my drawer. :P The weather in Malaysia is not suitable for such jacket, anyway I'm gonna take it out before I forget and :D bring it on my next trip in March 2012! :)

Along the street of various outlets, we walked by an animated characters outlet - I didn't noticed the shop's name but those Marvel, Pixar's characters and other interesting characters just caught our eyes. We went in there and asked the nice gentlemen for permission to snap a few photographs and he said YES! :) Never ask, never know ;) All of us was happy and taking photos around and look around.

- Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland" and Sulley from "Monster Inc." -

- King Kong with :/ with Barbie and Superman behind -

- Spiderman -

My head was singing "Spiderman Spiderman... or Spiderpig Spiderpig by the Simpson, if you could recall.

- Stuart from "Stuart  Little" -

- I never come across this character before -

Besides those, I saw character from "Star War", the Baby from "Family Guy" and so much more.

That's all for our little tour inside there. :) And thank you for the nice gentleman to let us snapping photographs there without purchasing anythings! In a matter of facts, I normally found games outlets in Malaysia selling more on Japanese animation say, characters like Arale, Ranma, One Piece, sexy Japanese animation miniatures and others which differentiate with what I have found in UK. Preference counts anyway.

- The Simpson Family -

So yea~ I "met" the Simpson and his family while watching the public walk by (like a TV screen) through the glass window of the outlet. :D Nothing could stop me to take photo with it before we headed to the next visiting place!

- Street for shopping and foods -

Walking between those shops and streets, I'm just loving those people and what I saw. Everything look nice in UK. Anyway, we did bought souvenirs too! I love to collect key chains and fridge magnets to add on to my mom's refrigerator, even until now which my mom bought few from her China trip.

- Next destination -

Drizzling rain went heavier while we were on our way, we did stop by at Subway to grab a drink and continued our walk to the well known Park of Blackpool.

Finally.... after all those walking....

- Stanley Park -

Say "Hello" to Stanley Park!

Finally we arrived happily at Stanley Park after a long walking distance (a really long one) to the recommended park of Black Pool. Way back then, as a students, all the things we could do was to budget ourselves and by foot we walked here and there. Once in a while, I look back all the photographs, they just amazed me with our strong determination towards... travel. :) 

Visiting to Stanley Park will be the next write up on Blackpool. Stay tuned. :) 

Friends who are reading this, how are you lately?

p/s : I was searching for images without me, but not much of such photos in my album. :( So... hopefully you won't get bored with my face. :P *blush*


  1. interesting meet-ups with the Stars, I like the gesture by King Kong here, I think he's like shouting with all his might. The unknown character seems like a genie.

    if you happen to love football, the BPL teams are playing today (Boxing Day). Will definitely watch the Man. United games live 11.00pm Msian time.

    Merry Christmas, have a white one!

  2. Great adventure I can see you had in Blackpool and you know that shopping during travelling can be addictive and drain out your cash too. I have now learned to control spending on too much shopping and prefer to spend on others.

  3. i saw stuart little! :) miss it so much but it seems to be one of the long-forgotten cartoon character..

    Latest: Featured on Magazine!

  4. sully! my favourite!!! are you studying there or on hols?

  5. Aww how nice if I went to blackpool too. I only visited a few places in U.K. Nice pictures by the way, I LOVE CARTOONS.

  6. Hello my best wishes for these dates as indicated
    and for the new year arrives that your wishes are met
    Happy New Year 2012!.
    A hug.

  7. Lucky you :)

    A happy New Year to you :)

  8. The Monster Inc is so cute. Thanks for the great info on Blackpool! Can you write a guest post on my blog?

  9. thanx a lot for your visit. this one looks like toy museum in Penang except that they have more life size figures :D

  10. enjoy reading your blog, full of photos but less words. =)

  11. De Engineur : Merry Christmas! :D Yea~ Meeting with them was fun. :D

    Nava K : Agree! I try to control on my spending with shopping in future travels.

    Fish : Yea~ Its been a while.

    Lily : Studied in UK before.

    Cassy : High five! I love cartoons too!

    Ricardo : Thank you.

    Small Kucing : Happy new year to you too!

    Wilson : Why not? :) I should thank you that you would like me to write a post a guest blogger! :)

    hcvvorld : I see~ I was wondering should I visit Penang for my next Cuti-2 Malaysia trip.

    Shii Teck : Thank you for enjoying them. :) A balance with both of it, that's me. :)

  12. Omg! Looks like you're having a lot of fun! Can't wait to read more about your travels :D

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, Meitzeu.

  13. great pictures and journey! aaaah~i miss Sulley from the Monster Inc. lol~ :p

  14. So sad lah I didn't manage went to Liverpool during study in Sheffield :(..

    Makes me wanna wish for a time machine for this X'mas to turn back time back to year 2008 so I can travel most of the places around UK. Hahaha

  15. nice...reminds me of bandung with all the action figures...chihampelas street if my memory serves me right..anyway, enjoying ur pictures.


  16. Lady G : hehe :) Be sure enjoy yourself!

    Michelle : Me too! Wish for Part 2 movie!

    Diana : Blackpool is it Liverpool you have visited and stayed at my place. haha

    pilothans : really? Wish I could visit those places thru out the world too. :) Thank you for enjoying them! :)