Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hungarian Cuisine at Chilli Vanilla, KK for Afternoon Tea & Anniversary Dinner!

Something new and it is a hot topics among words of mouth in KK here.

Friend were asking whether I heard about the Hungarian cuisine in town. I would say Yes, I read their reviews before and even went there for a couple of times. It is not a huge cafe but sitting in that cozy space, I felt comfortable and a short chit chat session is nice.

First attempt was having afternoon tea with meatball during one Saturday afternoon. What else could I be doing after 3.00pm after working overtime at the office? :)


- Chilli Vanilla -

- Lemon Grass Tea -

Various tea for selection from Earl Grey Tea to some local tea. :) Besides, they do serve coffee too, but I'm not having one for that day. :)

Once a tourist friend tried their Affogato (Espresso with ice cream) which recommended by the owner and he told us that it taste good after he had his sip.

- Chicken Liver Pate -

I kind of like this one! 

Although it's chicken liver, it taste good, the combination of homemade fresh bread and the red vegetable, yes, it taste good indeed.

And we had cake for afternoon tea. How nice?

- Red Velvet Cake *Recommended* -

One of their famous home made cake!

One of my friend was talking about it again and how lucky that I had it during my first visit there. :) We might need to try luck our to see whether the Red Velvet cake is available or not, maybe a phone call to confirm with them is sufficient. ;)

The texture was soft, we could cut the cake without being spoiled and the leftover was all over the places. :)

Very good!

Total spending for our tea : RM32.90

- The Counter -

The do serve wine and beer too. Chilling out with friends for secrets at night should be nice. :) Something caught my eye, those chillies hanging on the wall.

- The Menu -

They served nicely for an individual portion for each dish served.

Second attempt : On the second week, we booked seats at Chilli Vanilla and celebrated our parents' wedding anniversary. :) There's when we had our dinner and making the lady boss feeling stress like we were the food inspectors. (lol) And there's she recognised me and meatball more. ;)

Below are some of our dishes which I managed to try during my parent's anniversary celebration.

- Calamansi Mojito -

I never tried Mojito before and I dislike it on my first attempt. :S

 - The Platter *Recommended* -

I like this one, nice combination with meatballs, fresh baked bread, salad and special sauces. It is a nice selection for finger food.

 - Pumpkin Soup @ RM9.90 -

We were having their "Today Special", fresh pumpkin soup with generous amount of pumpkin fillings. 

- Assorted Mushrooms @ RM9.90 -

Treat this as a snack should be nice. Taste, still okay. As for the bread, yes, we should try them! Its fresh baked daily!

- Couscous with bread -

Served together with Moroccan Inspired Lamb Stew. Couscous is something like rice for us to consume with side dishes.

- Moroccan Inspired Lamb Stew @ RM15.90 -

Lamb stew by them taste so-so, nothing special to shout out about. ;)

I had a bite of my dad Oxtail Assam Pedas too, which I felt like both lamb stew and Oxtail having similar taste in their cooking.

- Chicken Roulade @ RM 14.80 *Recommended* -

Personally, I love this one! My whole family love it! :) Stuffed with cheese and spinach and more.

- Chocolate Cake * Recommended * -

Certified that Chilli Vanilla serve good desserts!

The texture was nice, creamy and surprisingly a hint of chilli powder inside the cake (Something new). Very nice indeed, we won't feel bored and dislike with some much chocolate consumption at one time. :)

On my recent visit there with family's friends, we tried their brownie serving with ice cream. Oh my, brownies combined with the ice cream, taste heavenly.Besides, they do serve Tiramisu too and I heard that their Cheese Cakes are good. :) Might try them out next time.

Another relaxing place for cakes and coffees in town. :)

Restaurant : Served No Pork.
Location : Ground Floor, Lot 35, Jln Haji Saman 88000 K.K., Sabah.
Same row with Little Italy, 7 Eleven and even Moonbell Restaurant or to be exact, opposite KK Emporium/ Wisma Merdeka. Not a huge restaurant, but with a decent main entrance.
Contact No. : 088- 238 098


  1. the Chicken Roulade sure look temptingly good!

  2. You are super fast and the first reader who read this! :D

  3. I have never tried Hungarian food before but have some sort of similar looking ones. That red velvet cake looks so splendid and is inspiring me to want to bake one in the near future.

    Looks like KK has become a food heaven now compared to when I was here three years back. The one place I can still remember doing food venture was the open stall concept, tried out the bamboo prawns and many other seafood.

  4. Woah, this looks like a new cool place to chill...I think I'll go check it out as well. Thanks for writing =)

  5. the way they present the food is very interesting and tempting

  6. wao, the food make me drool :D

  7. Awww. mouth watering food!!!! Im so hungry right now. :-S

  8. Nava: Bake it and share to us the recipe! :) Yup~ So fast of cuisine here.

    Li : ;) Yup~ A really nice one in town.

    De Engineur : yes. nice presentation!

    Jam : lol

    Niccc : :D Its supper time!

  9. i love the red velvet cake and chocolate cake. the oozing cream is just irresistible!

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  10. Fish : Yes. Those were yummy. :)