Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taiwan : TaiChung - Feng Jia in 12 Hours! 【台湾游】 台中之逢甲的十二小时!

Part 2 of Feng Jia, TaiChung!

In previous post, we had a "nice" experience with our brunch at 野澤三 "Ye Ze San" before we explored further about Feng Jia. 

Being the largest and happening destination of TaiChung, we will see and found so much of foods, cheap goodies, cheap fashionable items and whatever you might found interesting to bring home and as in, SO MUCH MONEY to buy ALL the nice tempting goodies!

I would like to describe Taiwan as "Shopping Heaven" in short, suitable for younger generation that favour shopping more.

- Adidas Outlet -

- Adidas Outlet -

FYI, we stayed at Feng Jia area, which we could find designers shoes hereby so much designs that Malaysia could hardy find. Nice to see and I bet the price does not cost cheap too. :S Limited edition some more!

- Arai Cha -

Compared with the beverage and prices with Cha Time of Malaysia (I never tried Gong Cha before), price are much cheaper in Taiwan. RM5.90 for a similar drink in Malaysia, only cost RM3.90 by Arai Cha of Taiwan and same applies to other Taiwan beverage stores/ stalls.

The drink I have shared with Meatball was refreshing with a kind of fruits that is good for digestion and cooling down the body heat.

- Bei Jing Barbeque -

So much food offered while we were happily exploring Taiwan, I found out that Taiwanese just love to eat food like fried, barbeque, noodles and less on rice a.k.a normal meal like us. May I say that they don't really have time for a normal meal, snacks of all kinds made them full (which it was true by referring to a local Taiwanese friend of Doggie's owner.)

- Local University - Feng Jia University -

I saw students walking pass by us at the stall where we were having breakfast on the second day before we leave to explore the tourist destinations! I'm loving Sun Moon Lake of Nan Dao, which I will talk more about it on the later posts.

- Buy all you CAN! -

- Shopping -

Ice Hippo's Owner said she love TaiChung more on their shopping which are much cheaper then Taipei. :P But I LOVE TAIPEI MORE! Oh... I still love the scenery of Taiwan. :)

- Street of Feng Jia -

It might look nothing special during the day, but the night... The whole place is CRAZY and flooded with human sea!!

So there's our after brunch with shopping and a little exploration of day time at Feng Jia before evening (the time we explored the night life), I bought few tops and accessories that I love! Quite happy though but I hate the weather.. It's summer and it was freaking warm when I visited there. :( Not cool at all~

We went back to the room that we have rented and had a short rest before we continue exploring the night life of Feng Jia, one kind of experience which not much of us could see!

- Welcome to Feng-Chia Night Market (逢甲观光夜市) -

Here I comes with a short teaser of my next post of Feng Jia.

- The well known Big Sausage cover Small Sausage (大肠包小肠)-

They love it, but I was not in love with it. -__- And yet, must try ALL FAMOUS LOCAL DELICACIES when we travel and act as if we are the locals too!! I like it feels.

After visiting Feng Jia Night Market.. My conclusion is, freaking awesome with varieties of foods (likes and dislikes), which I found them.... hmm... not much of us would love it. ;) So much of an oily food.

So okay, stop right there and...

Stay tuned for the next! ;)

Location : Feng Jia, TaiChung, Taiwan (台湾)
Photo credit : Most photos took from Carlos (Meatball's friend). :)

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  1. OMIGOSH THE ADIDAS SHOP!!!! My Fav brand ever! Let me know if you go to taiwan again... haha minta kirim kasut xD

  2. Seems like there's so much to do and see in Taiwan though I have not been here before and amazing shopping to do. When I go get to Taiwan, I will make sure I carry enough money for retail therapy.

  3. i saw cheap but chio clothes! OMG *drools* i am a shopping addict, haha


  4. Nava K : Yup! If you love shopping and cheap fashionable clothes. Taiwan is good!

    Fish : haha :D Yea~ Your size for searching clothes are so easy.

  5. Hi, I read that Fengjia is opened after 5pm. The daytime photos taken are after 5 or before?