Thursday, December 8, 2011

#GIVEAWAY 2 - FASHIONABLE NECKLACE & It's Ringing before Christmas!

So.. Christmas is coming and 2011 is almost the end.

How's everyone lately? Hope everyone was great with PARTIES around!

Finally, I'm having my SECOND GIVEAWAY before the end of Year 2011 while having a number of increment with my loyal readers here in 

Thank you for the all the support from my dearest readers, friends and family, inspiring bloggers that I managed to catch up with. :)

AND now... ;)

- There's the GIVEAWAY ITEM -

There's a FASHION NECKLACE on the Christmas Tree.

Girls should like it. As for boys, you might win it for your girl too! :D

- Its a phone figured fashion necklace -

Its a Pre-loved one for two or three times. :) Anyway, its still new and all the blings still on it. ;) No worry!

- Pretty not? -

Looks nice right? :P Anyone (for fun or just the sack of winning it) do check out the TO DOs below!


1. You have to be my FOLLOWER (publicly followed) on Google Friend Connect to eligible yourself in participating this giveaway. 

2. Leave a COMMENT on anything about my blog (ie. Love/ Hate and WHY?) Anyway, I prefer genuine comments, so remember to have a glance of my blog (click) first for new readers here!)

3. State down your NAME, BLOG URL and your EMAIL ADDRESS!!

4. It's a CREDIT for those who do so! : Do follow my Social Network below and SHARE/ BLOG about this giveaway to all readers/ bloggers around too!

Facebook Page : Meitzeu's Blog - Sketches of Life    Twitter : @meitzeu     Youtube : Meitzeu's Channel

The giveaways is open to ALL of my followers (New and Existing), locally and internationally. So yea~ Bloggers from any part of the world! :D

**Note that all spammers will be disqualified.**

The winner will be drawn on Friday, 23rd December, 2011!


And Good Luck to everyone who participated!!!

Till then!


  1. Hello dear!

    Yes I so am entering this ^^ I love your blog and I envy you because you can travel to many places to gain experience and fun! I love the facts that you always put picture in your blog post because I am s visual person beside having picture makes it more clear ^^ Maybe you can change the layout a bit but all in all it is great!

    Name: Eudora Priscilla
    Blog's Url:
    Email: dorapriscilla

  2. This is a nice giveaway. Such beautiful necklace too :)

    P/s : dont count me in for the giveaway for I admire it very much but dont wear . It will be wasted on me.

  3. There should be a at the end of my email ^^"


    hope there are many more people joining :D

  4. I love all your Travel post before the Food. I do still love food but I really love your adventures inside or outside Malaysia. <3

    I'm honoured to have met you in person this September, it's really awesome and blessing! <3

    Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance and more importantly to be recognize for your effort in blogging!
    Cutebun FB
    Cutebun Twitter

  5. lol! really a good way to reward your readers ya! =D

    too bad I can't use it! haha

  6. wey Henry,if you win that,you can make yourelf Giveawat later la.. :-p.. ha ha ha..

    Okay Meitzeu, this is my truly honest comment for you.. Ha ha ha.. I mean,your blog content is damn good already.. You've done well with your words.. It's just, the look or I mean the template of yours,plus your font doesn't really suit to your type, the personal traveller blogger.. The colour was good,but the font was a bit unprofessional.. Err, this is my only two cent.. Change it to more matured,and you'll be a tip top.. :-p

  7. hm,really want to put up ka this?? Ha ha ha.. Ok2..

    Name : Rexs Leornard J Madan
    Url :
    email :

  8. Travel, travel and travel!
    Next year go where ah?

  9. omg omg.. she's again having another giveaway..
    Loving her blog as she has lots of travel ideal and promo!

    URL&EMAIL: you know liao :p

  10. (1) Done - Maxloon120 Ban Leong

    (2) Done - The necklace looks perfect especially with it's bing bing..attracting the prince out there! With this on neck, surely looks nice on the dress and won't look so empty right? & im ur new follower here, which accidently found this blog post from Nuffnang's Innit :D

    (3) Done
    Name : Maxloon120 Ban Leong
    Blog ://
    Email :

    (4) Done
    Facebook - Fan no 250 @Maxloon Pui
    Twitter - Follower 320 @Maxloon120
    Share this through Twitter also XP

  11. Meitzeu Meitzeu,
    Hello to you.

    Frankly I say, your blog's awesome.
    You showed us all there's more out there.
    Places plus foods, that's your sum.
    And all I can do in on your blog is stare.

    But that is enough for me though,
    Cuz' I enjoy all of your posts, so,
    Will I ever stop reading your blog? The answer is a definite "No."

    Hahaaha. Enjoy my submission? ;D

    Name: Armstrong
    Blog URL:
    Email add:

  12. Hi meitzeu :)

    I followed your blog because we shared the same passion, passion towards photography.I love your pictures, You've been in so many places (i'm a little bit jealous, just a little bit only XD) but yeah, i wish I can travel to so many places soon *crossing fingers*
    keep updating ur blog with ur experience, I love to read it :)

    Name: Viviane Vincy Rozer
    Blog URL: