Saturday, December 24, 2011

Malaysia Guide : Melaka/ Malacca (V.1) : 2 Days 1 Nights 【马六甲游】

Hey~ It's Christmas eve, how's everyone doing? :D My day should be okay hopefully, guess will be chilling with my Haagen Dazs green tea ice cream later in the afternoon. :P

I knew that I have written an Overview on my Malacca trip during September and FINALLY, I'm finishing my complete list of foods and visiting places now with all links in a row!! Yeah~

I hereby present you...

FOODS that I have attempted and INTERESTING PLACES that I have visited in Malacca! Just click on those linked words below each photograph to read about my reviews!

Highly recommended restaurant from my personal experience and friends around!

Antiques and many more items that we could personally see.

It is not the best Chicken Rice shop in Malacca although there's many people having chicken rice from that shop. I must say it was over-rated with all the crowds in and outside of the shop. :(

Its all about the history. :) I heard it when I was still a primary school student studying history.

The tradition and I'm loving hand made items. :) Its symbolised the decent way of the Nyonya.

It's another kind of experience during the night. I felt like walking in to another world (the older world).

Highly recommended by local people. I like it there.

- Our Stay at Historical Puri Hotel -

My friends/ readers said that the REAL antiques are there. And FYI, it was my first time writing a review about hotel I was staying, which apparently I found it quite meaningful and worthy for a write up.

That's all for my Malacca Trip 2011 and do enjoy reading all of them. 

Have a great holidays for two to three days in a row!



Lets jingle jangle all the way. :D


  1. nice compilation.. i like the photo with the beaded shoes :)

  2. Merry X'mas to you too, Mei Tzeu :D
    Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.

  3. i love the pair of nyonya beaded shoes :) you bought it? how much?

    btw merry christmas and happy new year in advance! :)


  4. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

    Chicken rice ball! I wish to eat it for a long time already.

  5. You post brings back memories of my trip to Malacca about 1 month ago, and yes wonderful food and amazing places to visit.

  6. Merry Christmas all!

    The shoe belongs to my mom, is from the local friends of hers.

    Haha :D Go Malacca again!

  7. The beaded shoe is so vintage! <3 LOVE

  8. I Love Malaysia

  9. the food seems delicious especially the ice!! gonna try it when i'm going malacca next time.


  10. Do u realize this? You won't get bored going to Melaka and visit the same place again and again. I always enjoy blogpost on Melaka as it shows everyone's different experience and perspective view on it. I never came across some of the interesting thing you posted here. Probably when you come to KL next time, we should really meet up.


  11. i always love the chendol there...taste is really no.1...TFS

  12. I would like to imagine how peaceful it would be at blackpool compared to the hustle and bustle of london.

  13. Malacca certainly looks like a great place to visit and reconnect with my Peranakan roots.