Sunday, December 4, 2011

CLOSED - A Cozy Night to be - Christmas Lighting Dinner at Bella Italia, Jln Gaya, KK.

Few more weeks to Christmas and few more days to my birthday. I'm excited about Christmas and maybe  little (or nothing) for my birthday but Hmm :S maybe can't expect too much though. :( In a matter of facts, my Christmas will be so much lonely than ever this year.

Oh well~ Was tagging along with Meatball and her friend to attend the Christmas Lighting Dinner by Bella Italia on Tuesday, 29th November with the invitation by the Chef Leo while Terence was busying with his work.

- Bella Italia, Mediterranean inspired cuisine in Borneo, Jalan Gaya -

It wasn't my first visit to Bella Italia. :) And still, they are having the nice and cozy restaurant as usual with Christmas songs played by pianist at the corner of the restaurant.

Ignore that huge macaron, it's belongs to Meatball friend which she brought there to let us see. :P

- Starter -

Cookies and hot chocolate to start with before our dinner.

The dinner was held with a warmth menu which includes the dishes that Chef Leo would love to introduce and served during the All You Can Eat Dinner at RM65.00 as seen on their Facebook Page for the Christmas Promotion (click) they will be having.

Besides, Christmas Set Menu for 4 - 6 persons was ready for these festive season too. :) And there's one of our plan for our family to celebrate "Winter" season before Chinese New Year.

- Our Christmas Lighting Dinner of the Night -

Christmas Tree, Dinner, Hot Chocolate, Turkey Stuffed, cookies and etc.

Can you see the Ginger Bread Man? :P

- Tomatoes Soup with Bread -

Three of us likes it!

And finally...

- Lighting Ceremony of the Night -

Children who light up the tree for Bella Italia. :)

Great relaxing night indeed and my family has planned to place the Christmas Set Menu home! Can't wait for that night before most of my family members flying off before Christmas. :)

p/s : Was updating my blog consecutively for days. Read my previous posts if you haven't read them. There's Taiwan and meaningful trip within Borneo too. :)

*Dinner with Tropical Holidays Paradise (THP) - 
Click HERE for their official website and HERE for Facebook Page.


  1. Hi Ken! Long time didn't see you drop by! :)

  2. Christmas is here! I just love the atmosphere ^^
    Have a great week ahead Meitzeu!

  3. Christmas spirit is all around so early!

  4. Looking good!
    Bella Italia is operated by/belong to Jesselton Hotel?

  5. Cute Bun : hahahah :D

    Dora : Have a great week to you too!

    Daniel : Yup! X"Mas uis beautiful.

    De Engineur : Hmmm :/ Its operated and belongs to Jesselton Hotel. :)

  6. i can see the christmas feel from your picts :) lovely meal there


  7. Fish : Yea~ The whole point of X'Mas.