Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Tea Session with Santola Bar Cafe, K.K.

Another tea session by Meitzeu. :)

It has been such a long time I didn't update about my tea session around places I went right? Just the same old reason with so much events and things to blog about. :P

Previously, I had read about reviews and went through friends photographs and found out that Santola Bar serving quality coffee and additional ala cart for cakes and Nasi Lemak. Well, my manager went to the place and found it quite interesting with their interior design with the cafe and the building. So, that's interest me more to visit it with my family on that Saturday.

- Santola Bar Cafe -

Located in the same building together with Cap Kuda, our local Coffee Brand here in Kota Kinabalu. 

At my first sight when I reached the cafe, I was a little surprised that the building actually is only a normal white building with the brand "Cap Kuda" from the main entrance. Look closely, we found the name "Santola Bar". :)

Get ourselves started, meatball, mom and Chloe sat down, "surveyed" the menu.

- The Bar -

Well equipped bar for coffee making, cakes and Sandwiches. That's really good. Surprisingly, it's so much different from the outside of the building.

-Coffee + Toast Combo Set at RM5.00 -

Reasonable for a simple breakfast during the day. We had two sets of it, black coffee drank by my mom and meatball. Coffee tasted well with pure coffee flavour.

 - Cappuccino -

 Amused me, I FOUND COFFEE ART!!


 - The Toast with their Santola Bar sign -

 - Cheese Cake -   

A nice cup of coffee and a slice of cheese cake, taste heavenly. :)

- Nasi Kuning -

Meatball had it and it was GOOD! Nasi Kuning smells good with it fragrant and I have tried it for one or two bite. However, it was quite a small portion for an individual to have it.

- Main entrance of Santola Bar Cafe -

That's conclude my short morning tea session. OH! No, suppose to be morning coffee session. :P A nice place to chill from the city. :) Nice selection of venue which many of us do not noticed that Kolombong have such a nice place for coffee. 

Kolombong Industrial area, same building as Cap Kuda.


  1. I HAVE NOT FOUND IT YET! arghhhh it looks so good!

  2. Am drooling at everything excet for the nasi kuning...hmmmmm....they shouldnt present to the customer like that. AT least put in a proper plate lah.

  3. woahhh... finally u found a cafe with coffee art! cool! bring me there next time. Btw, the price for coffee combo was really cheap! Hope to see more of this type of cafe in kk soon! :)

  4. Good find, Meitzeu. Reasonably priced and the coffee&sandwich is quite a signature.

  5. Charlotte : Ngek ngek ngek~ One day we tag around!

    Small Kucing : Agree with u!

    Henry: Okay bah! Inform me only!

    De engineur : :)

  6. Coffee with cheesecake, what better way to enjoy when it's drizzling outside.

  7. I want the coffee your mum tasted and the nasi kuning.

  8. Quirky : Yes. I love it that way too. :)

    Nava : haha :D Come KK!