Monday, November 28, 2011

They told us Blackpool was nice - Journey to Blackpool, UK (Part 1)

This the first (1st) part of my journey to Blackpool, UK during the Year of 2008.

They told us that Blackpool was a nice place to visit back then and as a group of students who went to further our studies, we did actually planned and visited there with a long distance transportation (train) early in the morning with a duration of 1 and a half hour journey from Lime Street Station, Liverpool at 9.55am.

- Lime Street Station, Liverpool -

Besides travelling by train, we could opt for travelling by Bus with a duration of 3 HOURS!! Which I don't recommend it, unless you love to enjoy road trip and the scenery around.

Actually we went for the trip that my group of friends have planned, instead of visiting the Chester, where there's the shopping paradise which is much nearer to Liverpool. Clever us. :P

- The Platform -

I can't find a nice photo to share here besides this one with that odd smiling face. Behind is the railway heading to wherever people might be heading to.

And after we had a short photo session with my group of friends, we get a nice seat in the train and wait for the moment to leave Liverpool!

* Excited *

- Peace Sign -

I can tell you that I make that peace sign so often when I was pursuing my studies over there. So yea~ 

V(^_^)V Peace~

Here's some of the snap shots of interesting scenery while we were on our way :

- Nice Weather and Friendly Housing area -

Its just look the same like what I've seen from the television, no gates like usual Malaysian housing areas have. I really admires their lifestyle, the weather and more. But I guess I'm not suitable to be staying there during Winter (which I could imagine of), my nose was bleeding when I first arrived UK while the weather was changing from Spring to Summer and while returning to Malaysia when the weather was changing again from Summer to Autumn.

- The green field with Cows -

- The green field with White Cotton Sheep -

Looking from far away, I was wondering why was the green field was covered by white cottons things or a mixture of black things. :S Only then I knew it was the sheep and cows which laying on the field and doing what they love to so. :D Its fluffy and cute! Wait till you see the real sheep with colour sprayed on them to make it easier to be recognised.

- Welcome to Blackpool North -

Finally we arrived at Blackpool at 11.30am. :) before the rain felt.

- On our way to the coastal area -

While we were walking from the station to the coastal area, we found out that it was quite creepy whereby Blackpool was quite quiet during the day. And guess what? I even saw homosexual as in Gay and Lesbian posters hanging outside the clubs and phone booths. -__- Totally unacceptable by ME! O_O

- Have a ride on the Wagon? -

I saw similar one in Liverpool too . :) However, I didn't have the chance to have a ride on it.

One facts that we should know about Blackpool, it was famous of the homosexual lifestyle and we could see quite a number of similar outlets selling sex toys and sexy lingerie and other than that, its easy to search for entertainment outlets which combines with Casinos!

- I found Yates in Blackpool too! -

I tried the foods served by Yates in Liverpool and I love the green beans UK have, its sweet compared with ours here in Malaysia which normally tasteless after being frozen. Those are few of my friends who I have knew them since my Advanced Diploma course in College. :) Nice and fashionable friends indeed.

Alright, we were heading to the coastal area to "meet"....

- Blackpool Tower -

Yup! Blackpool Tower is one of the trademark of Blackpool. :) And I will talk more about it will on the Part 2 of my journey to Blackpool. ;) So, stay tuned and be prepared to join in the fun reading and browsing through all the photos sharing!

For more information about Blackpool - Read them from Wikipedia (click).

Location : Blackpool, UK.


  1. wahhhh... i wanna go blackpool... must take picture with the sheep! so fluffy! :p

  2. Hahaha :D Yea~ I would love to take pic with those sheep too! :P

  3. I am very sure you have an external hard disk for your pics... ;)

    Oo that Blackpool Tower looks like the Eiffel Tower, except that it's been on a diet so become thin ni. Hahaha.

    Gay and les? How come no pics of them? I'm curious what they look like... do they really wear kinky clothes or whatever? Hahaa.

    Happy Monday, Meitzeu!

  4. Engtau: haha :D

    Arms : yup! I do have and its essential. lolzzz :D Mana boleh oo~ I scare if I took their pic, they will chase me for nothing. haha

  5. I have never step my foot to Europe before. Day one already looks like an adventure. Will be waiting for day two onwards.


  6. Wilson : I'm please to write more about my journey there. :) Happy reading.

  7. Awesome place to visit and those farms really captured my heart, what a great experience. I have not been to UK but sure on my list hopefully next year to visit my nephew. So, I can do some sightseeing and depending how many places I can cover.

  8. Very nice photos and adventure of yours. I truly adore Blackpool and enjoy much of their blackpool hotel with pool too. Where have you booked your stay?

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