Tuesday, November 22, 2011

They made me felt LOVED - Crabtree and Evelyn

This time around, there's so much of discounts/ sales happening here and there, especially shopping malls that made us broke in the end if we cant resist those tempting discounted items!

Besides, nothing important to make myself happy and be loved by all of my collection. :) 

- Summer Hill Vanity Case and Rosewater Round Hat Box -

7 Days of Sales (20th Nov, 2011 - last day) for 30% off for members while 20% off for non members. OMG! And I managed to influenced my colleagues! :D 

Varieties of selections from the catalog and all of them were tempting (*relief* luckily I didn't went to the outlet last week, or else I will be broke by now =D), especially with those pretty boxes that I love the most! I would like to buy their Jewellery Box series, so maybe next time. :)

- Summer Hill Vanity Case -

When there's new case added into my collection, I have added all new goodies, similar free bottled gifts of other brands and unused new items into that case (with a zip attached somemore!)! It is nice to see when there's a "home" for my things. :)

- Rosewater Round Hat Box (before being converted) -

My hat box which I have bought sometime around... say May/ June? :/ has been converted into a box for my hair clips, hair bands and some other hair accessories for now. Unexpectedly, my box is FULL! And the box is quite large though. :P

p/s : Happy birthday to my Terence! Happy forever oo ~ ♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧

Till then!


  1. Lovely collection of the boxes and sure nice to store the rest of the what you have inside.

    Seems like its a worth while sale and I used to fancy this brand when I was your age but more I invest in other brands of skin-care though not much into make-up except for occasionally on mascara and lipsticks.

  2. Seems like a girl is full of stuff.. He he he.. My simple sumandak pun got so many things oh.. Meitzeu,I wonder if U bring em all along during your trip?? :-p.. He he he..

  3. Nava : heheh :D Totally worth when they were having sales~

    Aki :Who is your simple girl? lolz :D No la~ Maybe next time I will bring that one! Got mirror oo~ :)

  4. I've always wanted their beautiful cases! But their products are really expensive :(

  5. Stephanie : Buy them when they are having sales! Totally a good deal!! :) Save some money and get it for your birthday! :)

  6. wow! girls really got a lot of things to buy! =D

  7. lolz~ yea~ no wonder girls' money easy to earn from. lolzz

  8. i wanted to get one too! i mean, the boxes.... they are just so pretty..... i've seen some when i went out shopping that day....but, i'll wait for boxing day before i haggle them all :)