Thursday, November 24, 2011

Taste of Unexpected Nyonya Colors at The Gardens Mid Valley, KL

When there's KL trip with family, we can't run away from shopping at Mid Valley!

And had a walk through the linkage at the basement between The Gardens and Mid Valley, my dad caught his eye at Nyonya Colours. =D While I was looking for some accessories at the stalls outside that cafe/ restaurant. *My dad just love to EAT!*

- Nyonya Colours -

Dad selected some local cakes from Nyonya Colours without noticed by me and my mom and shared those among three of us and found it.... Mmm~ Not bad actually. (My first trial)

And during the official visit there (sit inside the restaurant for Kopi O session), we selected  few local cakes for our tea session and ordered their coffee.

- Nyonya Kiuh (cakes) -

- Nyonya Kiuh (cakes) -

From the prices stated there, it is reasonable to have such at such a high class area. =) And although the so much cakes were there when I took photographs, people keeps coming in for take away and add on for their coffee, the cakes just sold off in a bit.


- Nyonya Kiuh (cakes) - 

We tried their local delicacies and like it much, the ingredients added (say evaporate milk ie Ideal Milk or added with Coconut Milk) made those cakes having smooth texture while munching them.

Besides, I heard their Laksa was nice too! Didn't have the chance to try it during my last visit. :( Next time should be in my list of must eat :P)

- Nyonya inspired Chair with patterns -

- The Coffees -

Both of them look unattractive with their colours on the first sight, and after I have tried (and my dad too). Our eyes goes O_O!! Unpredictable ZOMG, the coffee taste so bitter, although the colour of their drinks seen thin! In short, Coffees were GOOD! (For those who like thick coffee flavour). ;)

- Nyonya inspired Chair with patterns -

- Glutinous Rice with Sambal -

Sambal taste were good by having that spicy flavour, just like those we could find at Pasar Malam. :P

- Sambal -

The special ingredients to make Malaysian food taste good! =D So cheap and nicely packed! 

Overall impression were well designed with Nyonya inspiration with those chair, tables and internal appearance. Well done for them! :)

Might check them out again soon!

Official website : Little Cravings


  1. stega.. sa limpas2 ni ari2.. tia pula pigi cuba.. he he he.. nanti la pigi tengok2.. :-p.. murah2 juga tu..

  2. Yup, they hv really nice Nyonya kuih. And Nyonya kuih are really good! Oh I miss the place :(

  3. Aki : Pergi laaa

    Ashley : now i reminds u~ then go go go! :D

  4. I have not been to this one at Mid-Valley but the one at Empire Subang. We had nasi lemak and curry noodles and just one or two of the kuih-muih only.

    Not too bad experience it was for us.

  5. Reading ur food post at this hour again. Gosh, i am hungry. I didnt spot this shop wherever I went Mid Valley. Guess it is in the hidden spot.

  6. hi to all withinmeitzeu.blogspot.comers this is my first post and thought i would say hello to you all -
    regards speak again soon
    g moore

  7. Tried their Teh Tarik long time ago wonder if it still taste the same. Hahahaha!! TIme to try their kuih nyonya. =]

  8. Nava : Yea! ^^

    Diana : Lollzzzz! :D U this night owl, surely u felt hungry after reading my food reviews. haha :D Neh! THe restaurant can be spotted easily!

    Maslight : :)

    Bendan : Go Go GO!!

  9. a nice place to sit and chill after a long day of shopping :)


  10. Believe it or not, my wife Rachel is an admirer of this restaurant. Even sometimes my mom loves to eat here. The desserts here are worth a mention.


  11. Fish : Yes. indeed.

    Wilson : haha :D I'm sure both of your wife and mom have quite a taste buds! :) Will try their desserts next time when i visit KL.