Wednesday, November 16, 2011

【台湾游玩记】 So... Taiwan FINALLY!!

Hmm~ :/ I felt a little bored writing entries about Malaysia lately and lack of inspiration because of too much stress I guess, might as well I start my trip to Taiwan in details starting slowly now and then. ;)

I know you love it and I hope my readers would love them. :)

- The mascot family -

Remember I mentioned about Meatball Turtle, Pom Pom, Doggie, Ice Hippo? Few of us brought along all of them as companion during our August trip but :( my sister's friends forgot to bring along once or twice during our tour. Incomplete photo session for mascots. :(

Oh well~ I assumed all of us wake up before 4.00am and prepared ourselves for our exciting trip to Taiwan the other day.

- That's Taiwan from above -

Depart from KKIA Terminal 2 at 6.10am and we reached Tao Yuan Airport (臺灣桃園國際機場) at 9.25am which allow us to stay longer on the ground of Taiwan! :D

- Happy Mascots in a BAG! -

3 hours and 10 minutes which I managed to have short nap during the flight. :D Awake and pointless without doing anything and end up... Acting childish to express our excitement! And I still remember clearly the funniest action by Meatball with her friend's iphone which spinning 360 degree with it. -___-"

After 3 hours plus.....

- Selamat Datang ke TAIWAN! -

Welcome to Taiwan and we safely landed there. 

Can I express myself like the natives in the wall paper at the right? AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

- Mascot at Tao Yuan Airport -

Typical tourist to take photographs with those mascots at the airport after we have landed. Ignoring the driver whom Ice Hippo have booked, we just took a few photographs before leaving to our first destination. :)

- Pom Pom with Mascot -

I only assumed that the front thingy with smiley faces is the famous Taipei 101 with cartoon version.

- Driver -- CHECKED! -

Malaysian drives on the right while Taiwanese drives on the LEFT. And most of us keep forgotten about the door to enter the Van we have charted on our trip.

Our driver was a young Chinese guy with tidy attires that fetched us to and forth from Taipei and Taichung.

 - Buildings, Vehicles, Fast lane and Plantation at the middle of the City? -

 I see nothing but those. Besides, Taiwan's building are quite different from us, they were like... A BOX. Straight without a roof that connect from first floor with the second for double storey buildings. And I'm quite surprised when I saw rice cultivation a.k.a. Paddy Field in the middle of the city and between those flyovers.

It sort of like a new environment and in conclusion, Cultural Shock for a while. The people, the place and whatever.

- Godiva -

Hehehe ;) Godiva been friendly to me during my trip. I had the nicest ice cream from them too while I was visiting Taipei 101, the texture was creamy and smooth. Not to mention, pricey.

Finally after hours of journey from Taipei (台北) to Taichung (台中)...

- The FIRST destination to explore -

Taichung (台中). First impression of Taiwan for me is THOSE MOTORISTS ALL OVER THE PLACES like no bodies business.

We need to be extra careful when we are walking at district like Taichung. They drive like no direction which is freaking scary!

- The mascots were comfortably laid on the bed! -

When you see a bed, means WE HAVE REACHED THE HOTEL! And you know what? The mascots who take over the bed before us! :D

So, what next? 

The next will be for my readers to check it - exploration in Taichung. the foods and interesting places to visit! :P

Till then!

p/s : I had roughly done an overview on TaiChung (click here) and overview on TaiPei (click here) previously. No matter what, just stay updated by reading my blog for foods and trips at Taiwan in details!


  1. What a nice trip! I like dolls! ^ ^

  2. wahh... best oh.. mantap.. err,tapi sawah padi di bandar.. first time dengar oh.. and yeah,I thought it was the banner itself on 4th pix.. skali tengok,ada ko pula.. nasib ko cakap.. Ho ho ho.. ^_^.v..

  3. Malaysia should have a mascot to welcome our arrival at the airport too!!!!

    Haha ALWAYS nothing to take picture at the airpot :(

    I'm born on the year of the ox! Mooo!

  4. I loved the colorful mascots <3

  5. Nana : There's so much of dolls at Taiwan!

    Aki : LOLzz! Ada comment bah! Hahaha I become patung sudah!

    DAniel : I agree!! lolzzz :D I'm a tiger!

  6. nice!!!!!!! xD Ilove it

  7. I spotted the Godiva Choc....hehehehe. What a nice trip you had.

  8. Sylvia: :D

    Tina : hahaha! Yeap! Godivaaa!!!

    Daniel : Mooooo~~~

  9. Lovely trip you had and nice tedies as shown in the first pic. Hoping to come down to KK next week and sure will check out some of makan makan places you have shared.

  10. Wah, you brought along so many 'mascots'! LOL

  11. I love Taiwan!!!! Lol this is so cool! I have to ask, were the stuffed aimals from the hotel or your own, 'cause it'd be SO COOL if they were from the hotel xDD

  12. Nava K : Hehe~ :D Sure! Come down and try them!

    Laura : hahaha ;D No la~ I brought one and each person brought 1 too.

    Punk : neh~ It's ours.

  13. I really wanna go Taiwan, but have to save some cash first! :(

  14. Baboon : yea~ For fashionable people, we need to have much cash to seek for so much cheap goodies!!

  15. Haha. You wrote 'Selamat Datang ke Taiwan', I thought there is 'Selamat Datang ke Taiwan' word in the photo of 'welcome to Taiwan' I was looking on the photo to seek for the word. Haha.

    Well, it's really quite special to put those mascot in airport.