Saturday, November 26, 2011

Seeking Mashed Potato Cone at UMS Expo 2011 (28 & 29 Nov)

I wonder how do Mashed Potato serve with crunchy cone taste like. :)

Finally, UMS Expo 2011 is here and in courtesy of helping Hayden, a blogger friend of mine, I hereby present you.....

*drum rolls*



- EVENT : UMS Expo 2011 -

Venue : UMS Library Foyer, UMS
DATE : Monday (It's a Public Holiday) and Tuesday, 28th and 29th November, 2011
TIME : 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
PRICE: Mashed Potato Cone @ RM2.00 and Potato Salad @ RM3.00
Extra : Lucky Draw, Giveaway and PHOTO SHOOTING FOR FREE! (Scroll down to know more!)
 Facebook Page : Mr. Moustache - UMS EXPO 2011

Check out the video presented by Hayden from Hayden Chan (click) (The Sales and Marketing Officer and the blogger) and Aaron (The Director) of Mr. Moustache!

Creativity of a group of students a.k.a Young Entrepreneurs from UMS and since weeks ago they were promoting to public about their products!
Clever~ *Claps claps*

I heard and saw those snap shots of Mashed Potato Cones, it was obviously TEMPTING and made me drooled, I'm in love with potatoes. :P And I do love Potato Salad too! You know what? They prepared the FRESH mashed potato with SPECIAL RECIPE AND SAUCE. Oh my~ Its drooling when the mashed potato served was smooth like hot ice cream! :D

- Animated Mashed Potato Cone -

Who love Potatoes like I do?

Any KK people feeling tempted to have a try? Now is the chance for two days consecutively to visit UMS and have a bite of Mashed Potato Cones!

No worries, map is provided here to search it!

- The Map -

So, besides Potatoes, there will be LUCKY DRAW AND GIVEAWAY!!! YAY!! 

First of all, all of us are entitle to be one of participant in the lucky draw of winning a HAMPER by Nescafe with purchase of as low as RM5.00 from Mr. Moustache! And be early to participate on the Secret giveaway by Breeze Magazine (Only for early birds)! :D

Thus, for such a fun day, Mr. Moustache will be having a FREE MOUSTACHE PHOTOSHOOTING too.  So..... be there early to find out more about it!!

By the way, don't forget to click "LIKE" on their Facebook page (click) as a support and read more about their updates!!

Till then~ As we took a bite on that Mashed Potato Cone! Nyum nyum~~ ;)


  1. It got me slightly curious to try it, I'll try to make it since got plan on Monday. Back to work on Tuesday.

  2. Maslight : Yea~ Took a little time for their Expo, I'm sure we will enjoy our time there. ;)

    Wilson : LOLz :D Creativity and Curiosity.

  3. just leaving my footprint here~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  4. Mashed potatoes served this way is new to me but sure very creative. I am sure its going to be a sell-out soon.