Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sawadee Ka~ Unexpected Night with Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine, Pavilion KL.

Sawadee Ka~

A night of Thai Cuisine for dinner that I never forget about at a city named K.L.

The Tom Yum, the appetizer... Those tasted heavenly with those spices flavouring blended in together.

- Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine -

Meatball dated a friend of hers to dine with us around Pavilion KL, and we never expected we could meet our local people from Sabah at the restaurant, the manager and the staff were nice to us and seems happy to see us dining in there. :)

They introduced the best dishes ever!

- Internal Design -

Well designed with a glimpse of modernised style, it is quite a nice place for dinner and feeling like a "royalty" while having dinner in the restaurant.

- Part of the menu -


- Mieng Kam (RM19.90) -

Interesting Thai styled appetizer. With all the raw and roasted ingredients such as lime, peanuts, onions and etc filled into the betel leaves (Daun Kado) prepared and adding the Thai sauces provided, its quite special and just nice! I ate few and I simply love it. Less spicy dish as a starter for the night.

- Mieng Kam -

Stuffed all those ingredients in to the betel leaf  which we requested the nice Sabahan waitress to teach us.

- Deep Fried Prawn (RM18.90) -

- Thai Iced Tea (RM12.00) -

 I didn't tried this, it was ordered by Meatball's friend. I bet it taste good too!

- Lemon Grass Tea (RM10.00 per pot) -

Awh~ I love this and I like the elephant figured pot too (same with my mom)! =D Refreshing taste of lemon grass flavour, quite smooth to drink with. Besides, perfect drink to soothes the HOT flavoured Thai Cuisine after having them.

- Asparagus with Prawns (RM19.90) and Pineapple Fried Rice (RM17.90) -

- Thick Tom Yum Celadon (RM22.90) -

I totally love this one! It was extremely HOT flavoured Tom Yum and made me mouth numb. So much of ingredients such as Oysters, Scallops, fresh prawn and more. Sad to say that I can't finish it because we ordered so much and if I could finish that Tom Yum, I WILL!

I hope that I could have the second try on my next trip to KL! AND I love Pavilion KL for shopping, Forever 21, Parkson, Tangs, The Loaf.. O_O

- Left below : Mango with Soft Shell Crabs (RM22.90) and most right above : Green Curry Beef (RM25.90) -

- Home made Tofu with Thai Sauce (RM16.90) -

Thai Sauce was HOT!! With the combination of soft Tofu, it was one spicy Tofu to have. WoW~ I did took away the Thai Sauce of the tofu and just took the tofu instead.

- Dessert @ RM11.90 each Coconut -
We shared 3 coconuts among five of us. Its a refreshing Thai styled dessert after our royal dinner! Our dessert combining Coconut Water with milk and filings, Jack fruits, chestnuts and more, it tasted simply refreshing. Not too sweet either, something special consisted in the dessert, the red one although look like watermelon, but it was not. hmm =/ I think it was the chestnut.

Satisfying dinner for five of us will be RM580.00 and we paid less than that after discount. Thanks to the nice manager. :)

One of the best selection for our dinner on our May 2011 trip (KL and Malacca). Didn't regret about it and Celadon Royal Thai Cuisine will be one my favourite in KL.

Location : 4th Floor, Pavilion KL.
Tel : 603-2148 8708


  1. I am hungry looking at the food now! Pavillion sure got many high class place!

    Cutebun FB page

  2. Sawadee-kaa! :)

    uiyoo drooling trus sya o..hehe especially after looking that Thai Iced tea...

  3. Wow~ I love Thai food... yummy!! It's kinda pricey thou but food looks quite good. Haha!! Might try out soon. Thanks for the info. =]

  4. wow the presentation of the good is great, might wanna try it if it tastes good and worths the money :D

    -FiSh :)

  5. :) Yea~ They might be pricey, but worth for the price in overall! :)

  6. Meitzeu.. len kali ko patut singgah midvalley n belanja si Aki.. ha ha ha.. :-p.. di garden mall pun sedap ba dia punya pineapple fried rice.. :-p

  7. Seriously the food looks so yummy and tempting.....wanna try one day :-)

  8. Sawadee ka? I thought it was sawadikap... hahaa.

    Ooo I love the elephant pot. I like the way it sits. :D

    Happy Tuesday, Meitzeu.

  9. AKi : KL banyak sedap!

    Tina : Yea~ Go and try them! :)

    Arms : lolz. Kap is for man, ka is for girl. Happy tuesday to u too! :)

  10. There are faces at the back of the seats! and the elephant teapot is so cool. love this place !

  11. I love to see ppl blog about food.yum yum! LOL