Sunday, November 6, 2011

Preloved Treasure Hunt - Me Love shopping, They love shoppings! ;P

:) Finally~ Updated my page with Preloved Treasure Hunt, whereby a mini bazaar gathered small amount of online sellers, family and friends under one roof for quality goods, interesting items with reasonably cheap price for new and preloved fashionable items.

For those who didn't managed to be with us at the Shopping spree, you might want to wait until December 2011 for even more happening shopaholics event by PWD which I have mentioned before!

- Candy Love Closet, Closet Raid together with Charlotte sharing one booth! -

 A nice Vendor aka Charlotte's friend was helping us to sell our goods when we were busying with other Vendors for their interesting selling items. OMG! Totally Pai Seh for letting other people taking care of our stuffs. :P

You know what was the best part of shopping at bazaar? We could search for lovely items at price as low as RM5.00/ RM10.00 for new and pre-loved ones! And I could promise you that pre-loved items sold by us are very NEW and selectively picked from our closet!!

- Part of our beautiful K.K. sea view -

Told you the hall have nice view from above!

And could you see those fishermen ships? That's the nearest spot to our Wet Market a.k.a. Fish Market.

- DIY Name cards -

We did distribute out our DIY name cards to our buyers and people who were interested in our cards! :) Sound interesting and they were surprised when they have received our cards. :)

- Woots! Everyone were busying! -

Friends visited me, customers choosing their pieces to satisfy their fashion must have.

I did bought a NEW leather shoe and I love it so much!! :) Super comfy bought from Beverly. hehe :P

- Nice collection of heels and shoes by Closet Raid owner -

- Handmade Dream catchers, necklaces, interesting camera lens mugs and baby's toys -

All of them look beautiful and necklaces with Owl pattern (bringing good luck myth) look attractive to us!

- Hair Scalp Scanning -

My hair scalp result was not that good. However, the next photo will be the healthier hair scalp if we managed to take care of it with special hair scalping care.

- The skin with healthy collagen and moisture that everyone suppose to have -

It looks horrible, but the best one we scanned was actually on our skin which we always applied lotions (the above shown was on our hand)!

- Beverly, Charlotte and ME! -

Decent appearance of us with nice attires worn. :) Three of us are Bloggers and managed to meet up months ago and NOW, becoming friends like never before! :D I told you I met great people from BLOGGING!! :D

Me like this photo and so are them! How about my readers reading this entry? ;)

Bazaars by PWD are improving one after another, really interesting and I have enjoyed myself one after another. (although quite tiring la!) LOLz! :D 

p/s: For more photographs, check out Preloved Treasure Hunt album in my page! - Click here! (For those who haven't click "like" in my Facebook page, please click "like" if you like my blog! :)


  1. I met Beverly once and she's a nice person. You and I bumped into each other a few months ago during Earth Hour at Bella Italia but back then, we didn't know each other, right. Blogging is fun. And one of the fun things are we can meet new people and be friends with them. Hope to see you soon :)

  2. The hair scalp scanning is weird! Looks interesting though!

  3. Angel : Yes~ We didn't managed to meet up each other face to face back then. :) But, we are still friends in blogging world. ;)

    Nana : Yup! Super weird when I scanned my scalp. lolzzz~ Feel like hairless!

  4. Hopefully I can join the next bazaar because I got many clothes to sell too! Not mine eventually, was my dad duno where he get from. I guess from his friend's daughter after closing down a boutique shop in Lintas.

    I seldom see you go out with your friends one. Mostly I read your blog, you either go out with Meatball and Beverly only all the time. Hehehe..

  5. LoLzz~ :D No need always mention who's my new frens la.. in my blog.

    I do have a life in reality without mentioned all in details right?

    You are not in KK, ofcoz you din see i go out with my friends. :S And I'm quite picky by going out with friends I guess.

    Well, who ever have a blog and I went out with them, I did mentioned them when i update my blog with posts that related to them. :S

  6. Wow looks like a terrific sale, so sad i am too far away this side of the peninsula to be there. I love the pic of the view of the fishing boats in the sea very much. So so beautiful. Pls do drop by for my story, thks:)

  7. *sob sob* I missed out on this :(~ I don't even know about this at all owh

  8. i want to buy the Dream Catcher Necklaces . where did you saw it ? help me please . i love the dream catcher necklaces but i cant find it .