Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Perhaps Liverpool's National Conservation Centre for a walk.

Back in 2008, students like us will be free especially on Saturday and Sunday and what we might do was to have small trips here and there which far from the city or even walking in to any interesting buildings in local area (Liverpool) that hanging the word "OPEN". ;D

So... I might not able to remember completely streets that I have walked, in that case... Just read la! :P Its photo sharing anyway.

- I love this shot! (In Liverpool) -

Personally, I do love the architectures of buildings and especially those with influence by the Roman art.

- Some building along the street of Liverpool -

And few of us agree to visit Liverpool very owned National Conservation Centre after we passed by over and over again while on our way to classes.

I don't know why, but museums in other countries seems attractive and interesting. Such as Beatles Museums, Spectacle's Museum etc etc. During that period of time, I have learned a little more about art.. perhaps. :D 

- The God of Love -

- Respectful person/ Goddess once before -

- Respectful person/ Goddess once before -

- Miniature of Ship -

- Painting -

- Mummy -

- Clocks -

- One of the Goddess -

We might see more statues around museum here and there. :) A piece of art to remain the past till now.

- One more friend who took our photo -

Well~ Not much interesting facts that I managed to snap that time... Because I never noticed until I started blogging my life in UK once again.

Oh wait! In a glance, the God of Love caught my eye MORE! Lolz

For history of National Conservation Centre of Liverpool, read here for more!

Location : Midland Railway Building, 1 Peter Street, Liverpool, L1 6BL, England.


  1. Whoa.. best oh you.. Hm,I'm carving of LONDONing right now.. Will find the right time then.. Ha ha ha.. for now,Only SABAH play in mind.. :-p

  2. Beautiful pics and the statues looks so historical, I was in Italy a couple of months ago and saw many same type of statues there, mesmerising experience it was.

  3. Wow beautiful pictures! hmmm bila la terpigi oversea ne...

  4. Aki : LOlz. Must go out to see the world!

    NavaK : Yes. Indeed Italy very pretty.

    Vava Voom : :D Pigi pigi!

  5. I love museums! But the rest of my family does not share my fondness for them. No one would go with me *pouts*

    My childhood ambition is to become an archaeologist or museum curator, this dream continues until this day but it doesn't seem like a practical dream...

  6. :( That's sad. I'm not good in history, but I do enjoy looking and understand them in practical.

    LOLZ! Maybe you can be one volunteer! ;)

  7. Hi really nice pictures, i sure love Liverpool the place and the football club, also not forgetting The Beatles and rest of the bands on Merseyside. Sure will go there one sweet day! Pls do read my story, thks:)

  8. This looks lovely! I especially like that last picture.