Monday, November 7, 2011

【马六甲吃】 Jonker Street - 娘惹美食 Melaka - Nyonya Cuisine at Nancy's Kitchen

After all the shopping and visiting around Jonker Street and nearby, we went to one of the recommended Nyonya Restaurant at the street behind Puri Hotel.  Luckily we did tried local Nyonya cuisine, if not, there's something missing in our Malacca 2D1N trip. :) And it was actually our lunch before leaving that historical state. ;)

Interesting taste of Nyonya-ish cuisine. Yummy!

- Nancy's Kitchen -

Varieties of Nyonya eateries selection for us. Personally, I like to eat Pai Tee, the crunchy skin with chunky ingredients taste nice. :) But.... I didn't manage to try one during my trip at Malacca. :P

- Nancy's Kitchen -

Located at 15, Jalan Hang Lekir, housed in the old China Cafe. Serving excellent, authentic Nyonya food classics such as "Chicken Candlenut Curry". Besides, small range of local cakes and biscuits are also available for sale! (as referred to Puri Hotel's food lists)

Surprisingly, the style of Nyonya cuisine being served/ cook ARE SIMILAR TO MY DAD'S STYLE OF COOKING! However, Nyonya cuisine is much sweeter in term of the sugar added in their meal. :) That's make me smile and both of my parents while we were having lunch  at the restaurant. :D

- Nyonyas in the early 1930s -

Dressed in the timeless sarong-kebaya. Nyonya is the term for the ladies while the gentlemen will be called as the "Baba". Both of it are terms that represent the ethnics Chinese population in Malaya during earlier days while being influence and adopted the local communities' custom. For well defined about Peranakan Chinese, read more from here (click).

Here comes the NYONYA DISHES!

- Spring Rolls a.k.a. Popiah -

Served with Fried Pork Oil was something different and being served HOT was additional points to it! :)

- Right : Assam Fish Fillet -

OMG! My dad prepared Assam Fish like that too! But with not much sugar added one.

- Pork Pong Teh -

I could not agree more with my dad's cooking of his style of Babi Pong Teh. OMG! Anyway, my dad added Red Carrots in it. ;)

Sedap! (Tasty!)

- Chicken Candlenut Curry -

It was recommended by the friendly person in charge and I didn't expect the dish was recommended in Puri Hotel's list of food as stated before! :) Luckily we did ordered it when we were there.

Beside those dishes, we had Kangkung Belacan too! Nice selection of local vegetables dish.

- Local Cakes -

After we finished out lunch, we headed downstair to settle our bill and there's so much cakes to select and we were chocked when the spices were all over the places. Chocked with the smell of spices, how was that? :D Smells great no matter what.

Before I headed to Malacca (while I'm in KL had a tea session at Nyonya Colours, Mid Valley), I thought I could find local cakes every where in Malacca or places I will be visiting and it turned out to be Nancy's Kitchen selling more around Jonker Street. However, no worry! I had another tea session at Nyonya Colours again in KL later! :) So, wait for the updates!

- So cheap!! -

Good food with reasonably cheaper compared with our similar lunch or dinner in KK. We had our lunch there, with all those dishes by paying RM67.75 Only. :)

Satisfying lunch we had before going back KL on our Malacca trip and I will always remember my dad's style of cooking (learned from his mother a.k.a my grandmother)! :)

Guess, one nice Nyonya Cuisine in the list for my mom and others on their trip next year. ;)


  1. Terima kasih kerana membuatkan sa lapar dan balik2 telan air liur hehehehe

  2. Haha Kangkung belacan so expensive ah? After following your blog for quite awhile now... you really inspire me to go travel :D

  3. Va va Voom : LOLzz! I always love making ppl saliva drooled!

    Daniel : Yup! Travels inspired! GOGOGO!!! It such an eye opener!

    Nana: hehe :)

  4. mmmmmm everything looks good!! yummy!!! ^^

  5. Lovely curries and plenty of spicy taste oozing out.

  6. Aemy: Yup!

    Nava K: yes! Indeed! The spices smell good and foods are scrumptious. :)

  7. Wow..drooling! Membuat saya lapar hihihi

  8. All the food looks good. Is your dad of a Baba-Nyonya ethnicity?

  9. oh my! malaccan food! can't wait visit melacca maself.

  10. yums! malaccan food! :D